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    Paterna Spiritus


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    Paterna Spiritus Empty Paterna Spiritus

    Post by Danny 16th February 2020, 9:08 pm

    Paterna Spiritus LPheG4R
    Magic Name: Paterna Spiritus
    Magic Type: Solitary Apocalyptic - + 75% to HP and MP. Character can use 5 Partial Take Over spells per Full Take Over.
    Description: As ghosts come out and float around people, they seem to be attracted to them. Sometimes ghosts and other phantoms tend to stick around. Regardless if they're direct or not, these ghosts are ancestors and usually willingly give efforts to the caster to assist them. Paterna Spiritus means ancestors spirits.

    Like some older generations, the sprits will take over their hosts body at will, at the cost of their magic. Some spirits will give the host their abilities, or they'll let their appearance take full control of the physical body. The host has 100% no control of their body when these spooky spooks take over.

    Lineage Extras:
    ۞ Warrior of Catastrophe
    ❈❈ 4 additional advanced spell slots; 2 up to H+ and the other 2 up S+
    ❈❈ 2 additional signature spells that rank with them up to S for one of their magics
    ❈❈ 5 additional user rank spell slots for one of their magics that rank with them up to S,
    ❈❈❈ If any of these additional spell slots are used to create a take over type spell, the take over in question gains an additional ability equal to spell rank.
    ۞ Armageddon
    ❈❈ 1 spell slot of H++ rank. This spell slot can be used for an offensive spell only and only by mages that are at least H rank or higher. In contrast to other H++ spells, this spell, however, is not classed as a guild spell, and must be made and reviewed in one of the user's magic apps and graded like a regular spell.

    Unique Abilities:
    D - Gemino Ductu: With Arminius, Daniel is able to have more health to help him get by.
    B - Curro: Speed is in Daniel's veins practically giving him a speed buff.
    S - Manes Errantia: With ghosts constantly around Daniel, he constantly is bombarded by calls from them, making him have to buck up and have a bit of strength to him.

    Plot Abilities:
    Spiritus Garrire - Any ghosts around the area, Danny is able to communicate with them easily, and see them as clear as day. Sometimes they can even take over Danny just to speak. (OOC permission needed to talk to spirits that other characters have around them.)
    Signature spells:
    B spells:
    A spells:


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