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    Chapter 1.2: This iLac better be free!


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    Chapter 1.2: This iLac better be free! Empty Chapter 1.2: This iLac better be free!

    Post by Rainer on 10th February 2020, 2:04 am

    It seemed like everywhere he went to get a job encouraged him to be accessible. Apparently that meant he needed to get one of these iLac doodads. Rainer had been very resistant to the idea until he was informed they were free, he only had to travel to receive one. It still wasn't high on his list, but today was the day he had a little time. A trip to the Neutral Grounds was in order.

    He'd never been to such a place. How there could be anywhere that disabled all manner of magic stumped his mind. His magic was natural to him as breathing, so the instant the train crossed into the area, the sensation was grim. The spikey head grimaced, then settled into a deep scowl. To him, it felt like his blood had turned to sludge in his veins, but he didn't seem to be harmed, so he'd just go with it. No piece of trash better try to attack him.

    Rainer hated the feeling of being powerless. "I'll make this quick. Get there, get the thing, get out," he thought to himself, jamming his hands deep into his pockets as he plodded along. While his destructive forces might be muted from his body, his attitude could never be quenched. Beady red eyes dared anyone to try and approach him. With no hassle at all he reached the facility, then impatiently waited in line. "How long does it take to pick up a stupid phone?" he thought irritably, jingling change in his pocket and tapping a single foot.

    Finally, the slowpokes got their butts out of the way and it was his turn to approach the peddler of free goods. Rainer wasn't as trusting as the others. "This better be free," he growled as the attendant set a box in front of him. Piercing eyes intimidated the poor man at the counter. "I assure you they are--" "No hidden fees?" "N-no-" "No tracking devices?" "Sir, it's just a free--" "Will it spy on me?" "No! Just a free device for people to try!"

    As the iLac employee panted, Rainer continued to frown, eyes darting almost in a confused way between the dude and the box. He was suspicious of any handout. No one gave away anything for free. Not really free. There was always a string to be pulled. A motive hidden somewhere. Somebody gained something from this. Logic snapped through the soft tissue of his brain beneath the surprisingly soft to the touch hair spikes. AH! There it was. "So the real motive is to get people used to this free thing, then charge a crap ton of jewel for the newer and better version!" he accused triumphantly, and from there on, it didn't matter what the blustering dummy at the counter said. No one would change Rainer's mind. He snatched the box and muttered a brief thanks out of obligation, trudging off with it. He would not be snared by this little scheme. He'd use this free one until it died, then never get the new one. He'd not be manipulated in such a way. He didn't like being accessible all the time anyway, and he was absolutely sure he wouldn't waste his jewel on such a stupid item. His money had more important places to be.



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