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    A Free iLac

    Illya Pegasus
    Illya Pegasus

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    A Free iLac Empty A Free iLac

    Post by Illya Pegasus on 19th October 2019, 7:20 am

    Looking over her passport as the last track in her playlist finished, looping the seven-song list her music storage lacrima held, Illya was, to say the least, excited to get an iLac, especially one for free. Fans of hers would often attempt to give her iLacs following her concerts, but staff members insisted that it was a danger to accept them and always turned them away. Patrons attempted the same, with bosses now refusing the gifts. While it admittedly irked her some, she understood the concerns and now could get the latest model for free as a part of Fairy Tail. Her coworkers thought it strange that she never got an iLac herself, but she had no money to buy one herself. Her house was expensive enough as-is, and body care finished off the rest of her funds. Even on reaching Fairy Tail, the iLac was one of the first things she saw. It was an every-day boon, and Illya desired it, especially for free.

    The train stopped, announcing the closest stop to the iLac factory, Illya's stop. She slowly got up, slightly unsettled by the fact that she was the only one exiting at this stop. The train steamed ahead, leaving Illya all alone. She slowly walked into the Neutral Ground, immediately feeling immensely weak, especially in the right side of her body. Pain fired into her entire body, stemming from her eye. She fell to a knee, weakened.

    "Need help, miss?" a well-dressed man asked.

    Illya looked up and nodded. "Sorry for this. I just need to grab an iLac from the factory. I'm part of a guild, see. I've just got some magical implants, so Neutral Ground doesn't do well with me."

    The man smiled and nodded. "Of course. We have problems with the Neutral Grounds at times with this. It's just something that happens on occasion. Looks like none of the designated helpers are here, so I'll just have to help out. I'm Cristobal, and I actually work for iLac. I'm not in the factory, mind, just accounting, but it's whatever. Let me help you out. What's your name?"

    "I-Illya Pegasus, sir," she weakly muttered.

    "That name sounds familiar. You're that Magnolia songstress, right? I got a cousin in Magnolia. He write me a bunch about a load of things. Festivals, Fairy Tail, pretty much anything. Your name has popped up once or twice. He says you're a mainstay in the festivals. Though, I guess you'll have to lay off of that now that you're a part of a guild. Fairy Tail, I assume?"

    Illya nodded. "Yep! It's every Magnolia kid's dream to join Fairy Tail, so of course I did!"

    Cristobal laughed, smiling. "That's what my cousin always says about his kids. They wanna join Fairy Tail when they get older. Though, no one in my family has ever been able to use magic, so I don't know how likely that is to happen. What about you? What's your magic?"

    Illya smiled as Cristobal grabbed the iLac from the factory hand-out line. "I'm not really a hundred percent sure what it is. Something about Sound or something like that. I haven't really used it, so I'm dunno how it works."

    "Fair enough, Miss Pegasus. I'll make sure you get out of here in as good a condition as we can."

    Following Cristobal's promise, she was led outside the Neutral Ground, where her power was instantly restored. Smiling, she waved good-bye to him, promising to say hello to his cousin should she meet him as she returned back home to Magnolia.

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