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    Road of the Tarot


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    Road of the Tarot Empty Road of the Tarot

    Post by Temperance 31st January 2020, 11:02 am



    Temperance was having a hard time adjusting to the new life of Elysium. While the guild allowed her all the freedom she wanted, she was struggling to be motivated. For the most part, she would spend what time she had doing divinations with her cards. Her lack of a challenge had sapped her interest of late. She needed to do a job to get her back into the game. There was much to do and she still needed to prepare for it.

    As she sat at the table where her cards were spread up-- movement caught her surprise as she found her friend, Hex, jump up on the table. The Black Exceed with the Witch's hat purred as she saw Temperance. "Mmrrroww... Selina, you been looking at your cards forever. I get more entertainment chasing my own tail-- oh god, I'm becoming Free... that's a scary thought.  " the cat meowed, frowning a bit at the mental image that her hat sunk a bit over her eyes.

    "I'm sorry, Hex," Temperance replied, "Honestly, my motivation has been a bit stifled. Trying to find the right... inspiration somewhere to find my muse again. At least to act as part of Elysium now."

    Just as she was about to put her cards away-- she found something odd. She had recently had made new cards, her starry background with the Elysium emblem on the cards as her trade mark-- however, one card was not her's that just appeared in the mess of them. "What the-- I didn't put this in here...?" she said as she pulled out the card, being a checkered back that had an odd, ominous feel to it as she held it.

    If she was looking for inspiration to strike her, that was a good sign. Maybe.

    With a narrow gaze, she flipped the card-- revealing "The Fool" card. The card was a classic depiction of a joker as in the oldest, most traditional of cards. Nothing special beyond its winding road and whimsical appearance, but the eyes of the joker were black and lifeless. Something felt off as she held the card. She had no idea where it came from, or how did it get into her washed cards.

    The more she looked at it, the more she could sense a hidden sense of it. Almost like, a malevolence to it. A bad omen she wanted to throw the card away. All the while, Hex looked at her, seeing her focused on the card. "Lina? Ello?" the cat meowed, trying to see what she had in her hand. The cat hopped up to her back and peered over her shoulder to see the Fool card.

    Out of anyone who would of laughed-- she didn't. She knew what the Fool meant. A fresh beginning and infinite possibilities. A wild card with unpredictable results.

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    Road of the Tarot Empty Re: Road of the Tarot

    Post by Kit Kerrington 13th February 2020, 11:01 pm

    Janet would be slowly walking around the guild hall. It had felt so empty though they had members though, that would come with time and the members they had showed great promise.   Speaking of members Janet walked by seeing Temperance sitting at a table. Janet didn't know much about her since she was one of the newer members to join there ranks though there was something… different about her.  However none of that mattered as Janet saw her looking down at something very intensely, a card. Janet couldn't make out more than that from the position she was at. Her curiosity had been peaked, not just about the card but her as well.  Janet would start to walk over. Janet didn't bother hiding her dragon like features in her guild hall as her tail swayed slightly looking at her as she walked over.  

    "Hello you two, how are you two today?"

    She would give a sweet genuine smile also making sure to acknowledge the cat in the witch hat as she was also in the guild. Janet would then turn her attention to the the card.  She could now see it was a tarot card, specifically the fool card. Tarot cards will not one of Janet's area of expertise. She knew very little about these objects singing cards and Creations. At least compared to the guildmate she was with right now. She probably had a vast more knowledge in the dragon sorceress did. She Would examine the card a little further.

    "What are you guys doing? That's the fool arcana correct?"

    Janet said it as she may look back at the card, however in even though she didn't know much about the subject for about the car and they were holding even Janet could tell something was weird about it. Not just from a magical that point but as if her fight or flight Instinct some crazy Dragon Heritage were kicking in telling her that something was really off about it. Janet would examine the card in a little bit further go as she did she could swear she was here in the face sound of laughter.  At first she chalked it up to nothing but then it got a little louder. She looked Ask her guildmates to see if it was them. Upon seeing it Wasn't her instincts are to kick in a little bit more. 

    "Do you two hear laughing…"

    She would say this hesitantly as she looked at them seeing no one else was in the room, but and them getting a little more Erie now, but keeping a call. I'm looking composure not wanting to feed out them if they were. Hearing the same thing.

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