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    Boil and Bubble; Toil and Trouble

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    Boil and Bubble; Toil and Trouble Empty Boil and Bubble; Toil and Trouble

    Post by Digit v2 on January 17th 2020, 5:47 pm

    In the weeks that had passed, despite the harsh winter, Levinia felt very happy. Most of the time, she had a foul mood during the coldest season of the year, only made worse by the pain her old wounds inflicted on her as a result of the cold. This time was different, however. True, her wounds remained, but she had experienced a series of events that gave her hope and cheer.

    First, she had met with a powerful mage, who, unlike most of the other people she interacted with, did not consider her to be some freak of nature that was to be driven from the habitations of men; on the contrary, this wonderful woman (who had introduced herself as Beira) had offered to train her to be stronger. But that was not the best part. They had parted ways for a bit, agreeing to rendezvous at the famous city of Magnolia on a later date, and Levinia had found an acquaintance of her former mentor, another wonderful soul in the person of a grizzled hunter named Andhaft.

    Andhaft had informed her that he was also considered to be a freak, but of his own making, which caused people, when they noticed his silver eyes, to shun him. He had informed her that it was natural for humans to fear, but when they met with a benefactor they couldn't do without, or one who they were indebted to, over time, they could find it in their hearts to love and respect the person. Thus, she had a lot of hope as far as being accepted was concerned. And still, that was not the best part.

    On discussing extensively with the elder hunter, he had revealed that part of his job entailed the concoction of potions, which he had used to modify himself a long time ago. It was needless to say that he was an expert on creating all sorts of curatives and poisons. And he believed that her condition could somehow be cured. It was likely a sort of curse, and such curses which inflicted physical debilitations on the body could be countered through physical means. They just had to work up something strong enough to purge the contaminations from her body, but weak enough to keep her alive till the end of the treatment.

    Today, she had been tasked to find some local herbs that would help with Andhaft's alchemy. They were not difficult to find, and with some help from an illustrated journal, Levinia had found this job to be quite easy to accomplish. As she returned to Andhaft's base, a little fortress hidden in the Mysterious Canyon, she had never felt so optimistic... and this optimism was rather dangerous. For, being tired of her condition, Levinia was resolved to attempt whatever treatment she could find, even if it ended up killing her.

    As she skipped through the courtyard, she noticed someone fixing her with an acidic look. She smiled behind her mask, despite the hostile glare, and waved. That was Merise, who for some reason, did not like her at all. It was forgivable, because at least, she hadn't tried chasing Levinia away physically. Levie, for her part, knew that it was only because of Andhaft that merise tolerated her, for she had overheard Andhaft berating Merise for being a hypocrite: if the both of them, being freaks, had been looked at suspiciously by others, then she ought to be sympathetic to the cause of someone else who experienced such. Merise obviously hated her, but kept those thoughts to herself. Levinia was not going to persist at the Mysterious Canyons for too long after she had found her healing... assuming everything worked according to plan. She would pay occasional visits to check on Andhaft, though.

    Pushing open the double doors that led to Andhaft's laboratory, she waved the basket of herbs she had procured happily. "I got them to the last one, Andhaft!" she said triumphantly. The elderly man, who was studying a drop of her blood beneath a strange contraption, looked up and smiled slowly. Levinia was sure that the device he used was meant to study things more accurately on a magnified level.

    "And I've got good news, myself. It's not much, but it's a start." He stood to his feet and wiped his hands on an apron he wore. "Most of my theories are correct. Still, they are theories, but at least, we can expect a higher success rate with these concoctions." Using a cork stopper to seal a vial that contained Levinia's rust colored blood, he placed it in a rack that was out of the way of sunlight.

    "It will take some time to get everything ready, say about a month. Dorn should return about that time, and he should arrive with our last, rare ingredient, which you needn't bother yourself with."

    "A month? Won't the blood sample I donated for this be denatured after that time?" Andhaft shook his head, and pointed at a beaker containing a blue-green solution. "That's a powerful... preserver. It's useful for biological samples, plant or animal. Don't worry; with that sample amply treated, it can last three months. And by that time, you'll be rid of this curse... hopefully."

    "Definitely!" Levinia protested. "Not hopefully, definitely! Where's your sense of hope in all this?"

    The elderly man chuckled with another shake of the head. "We old people tend to hope for the best, but expect every worst possible outcome."

    "I'm sure of this one, Andhaft," Levinia said confidently, as the two of them left the room, engaging in conversation that switched to how far Levinia had gone in her training with swords.

    Merise watched them as they left, then looked at the doors. The creature had to leave. It was manipulating Andhaft somehow, and, bleeding heart that he was, he had fallen for it. She couldn't try to show him the errors of his ways directly; he would only chide her again. She had to do something to rescue him, all of them, in the fortress. She was doing the right thing. There was no other way.

    And Merise believed, without a doubt, that those were her own thoughts.

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