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    Entertainment for the Kids

    Morgana Primrose
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    Entertainment for the Kids Empty Entertainment for the Kids

    Post by Morgana Primrose 1st January 2020, 5:08 pm

    The scent of sterilization hung in the air of the hospital while Bryn made her way towards the front desk. This mission was slightly different though a bit more engaging of her. "Yes, I am here to help with the children." She said to the nurse sitting up front. The mission board had explained the ongoing need for those inclined to help keep the children's ward entertained. The little ones who were recovering from an illness or surgery or what have you. Bryn was led down the hall by the nurse while passing a few more stations in the back with doctors and nurses stepping about. The whole place made her feel uneasy, mostly how clean and just...empty it felt. It brought back memories of the place she had awoken in all those months ago before being found. Surgical equipment would be strewn about a cleaning rack as Bryn's eyes wandered. Her breath became shaky while she suddenly would begin to worry. Flashes of images from the past came to her mind. The horrible sensation of knives cutting into her hands. The left balled out of instinct while she felt something fall upon her right shoulder.

    "Miss? Are you alright?"

    It came from the front desk employee near the front, whom Bryn managed to look at after her heart would finally calm down. "Sorry. I am okay now..." She said, continuing behind the woman again before a door on the right was opened for her. Children inside, mainly between the ages of 7 to around 12 or so, would be playing in different groups. "Alright, children!" The woman said, with all the kids looking towards her expectantly. "This is Miss Bryn. She's here to play with everyone, so make sure to help her feel welcome!"

    All the little pairs of eyes scanned over her as if she was some kind of machine. Bryn let out a soft smile and would offer a wave to the kids surrounding her. "Hello." she said in a fairly soft tone. One that almost was a beacon for her anxious nature. "Are you a mage?" asked one child in the back. "Yeah! Can you do magic?" another near the front blurted out. Bryn would search her mind for an acceptable answer, casting a glance to the secretary just in time to see the door closing. There goes her lifeline.

    "Er, yes. I am a mage. But I'm not a part of a guild. A-At least not yet." Bryn explained. "It is very complicated." She rubbed the back of her neck while making a plan in her mind. "Would you like to see my magic?"

    The children gathered closer at the mention of a demonstration while Bryn would gently unwrap the medical wrapping on her arm. With a bit of magic, she willed a thin sliver of blood, forming into a medium sized orb as the kids looked on it awe. "It is blood." she explained. "My magic involves taking blood, mine or somebody else's, and healing them with it." She twisted and contorted the blood into different shapes and would continue to field questions for a few hours until the woman came back in.

    "Alright, kids. Miss Bryn needs to go now. Say thank you and goodbye." The children wished Bryn goodbye and she offered them another small wave. Content with the mission, Bryn turned in at the front desk for her reward in money and would walk out of the hospital, excited for the next duty.

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