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    Cherry's Entertainment Services!


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    Completed Cherry's Entertainment Services!

    Post by Cherry 5th April 2019, 6:32 am

    When Cherry got the news of a job entertaining little kids in a hospital, she gladly jumped at the opportunity. She had the perfect magic for the job. And it was here in Magnolia as well! It was the perfect job for her. She got out of bed that morning and got dressed, making sure her hair was done right. Then, she set out for her journey, walking to the hospital and arriving just before the scheduled time. She told the woman at the reception desk who she was and what she was here for, and was guided to the children’s ward. She was shown to the play room and grinned.

    Hey guys! My name is Cherry. I’m here to entertain you!” she said. “Say, do you guys like cats?” she asked. When they all nodded, she grinned. “Animal Soul! Cat!” she shouted, turning into her cat transformation. However, this was a bad idea, as she was bombarded by the children and her tail and ears were yanked and grabbed, she was tossed and pulled, pushed to and fro… She turned back into her human form, huffing. “Stop that! I’m a human being! I can just turn into a cat! Don’t be so rough with me! Is this how you treat all animals!?” she scolded them. It was one thing to pull and grab at a human, but it was another to pull and grab at an animal that didn’t really know what was going on.

    She huffed and sat down, electing to read them a book for a while instead, and telling them about her adventures, and educating them on animals. After a while, she turned into her cheetah form and let the kids pet her. She endured more torture from them in the form of grabbing and pulling, before she turned into a unicorn and gave them all rides up and down the hall. They seemed to like that. She continued giving them rides and letting them do what they pleased with her.

    After lunch, she told the kids more stories and drew pictures with them, giving them drawing tips. Later on, the nurse guided her to the rooms of the children who weren’t allowed to leave their room yet due to their conditions. She entertained each one of them, on a personal level, leaving each kid happy and joyful that she had visited. It wasn’t much, but it was honest work. When she was finally finished, one of the kind nurses treated all her scratches and bruises and bandaged them up for her. “Thank you,” she said. “Those children are really rough with animals… I hope they never have pets.” she sighed. Today was a rough day and she couldn’t wait for it to be over.

    As Cherry trudged out of the hospital, beat and exhausted, she looked up to the window of the childrens ward and smiled. Maybe she’d pay another visit sometime. She turned back towards her destination and walked back to the inn, tired and ready for sleep. “Man, I’m beat… Today was so exhausting.” she sighed, closing her eyes and plopping on her bed, quickly falling asleep.

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