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    Captain's Log #2: Voyage to Underwater Kingdom [Part 1]

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    Captain's Log #2: Voyage to Underwater Kingdom [Part 1] Empty Captain's Log #2: Voyage to Underwater Kingdom [Part 1]

    Post by Prince Chaos 3rd December 2019, 1:37 pm

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    The heavens above the ocean were a beautiful blue with only a few scattered white cotton-candy clouds dotted across it; a few white seagulls cried out as they flew overhead into the horizon. The small curling waves of the Cloud Sea hit the side of Cap’n Erik’s vessel - gently rocking it to and fro. The relative calmness of the ocean was a stark contrast to the brief battle that occurred a couple of hours ago and the argument happening on the boat. “You have soiled the bosom of a Merloan princess once again in your heated lust…” Arcelia complained to the captain of the ship while she used a towel to clean herself off once more. “I did tell you that I was going to take all for myself that included you and all of the items on that ship, lass.” Cap’n Erik replied before he pulled out another cigar out of his jacket and lit. He placed it in his mouth and looked out to the ever-expanding sea before his eyes. Erik exhaled a stream of smoke into the open air. He winced a bit from the pain that occasionally would surge from the wounds he had received in the earlier fight. However, the amount of rum he had drunk was keeping him from feeling the full impact of his battle.

    Cap’n Erik pulled the cigar from his mouth and looked over at the mermaid that was on his vessel. “Oi, lass, I am hungry. So, I am going to fix myself some grub with the provisions I plundered off that ship. You are welcomed to join me or sit there and starve.” Erik told her. He pushed the lit end of the cigar against the wooden side of the ship - snuffing it out. “My name isn’t lass, land-walker. It is Princess Arcelia and… I am not hungry…” She said to him. “I will call you by your name when ya learn to stop calling me land-walker. Now, lass, I am going to go and eat while the weather is still calm.” Cap’n Erik went off to create him something to eat and have some rum to pour down his gullet. He knew already from his life on the open sea that the sea was a harsh mistress - always changing.

    A low sigh escaped from Arcelia’s lips before she just waved him off dismissively. His attitude was something she did not see in many other creatures when she mentioned she was Merloan royalty. “He is just a greedy barbaric land-walker, but it is quite interesting to see a creature driven by nothing else than their desires.” With that, the princess crawled over to the bow of the ship to look at the sea - ensuring the ship was headed toward her beloved kingdom. Cap’n Erik had found himself some salted cured beef, a couple of oranges, loaves of bread, and decided to make these odd assortments of morsels into his lunch. He placed them onto a tray and carried them up to his quarters. Before he took his seat at the desk, Erik placed the tray on to his desk and knelt near it - pulling out a bottle of rum that he had pillaged with his mentor a few months back. “It is a better time than ever.” He muttered to himself while he placed the bottle next to the rest of his food. Erik sat down at his desk and started to eat his meal - wondering still what had happened to that other man. It didn’t sit quite right with him. After Cap’n Erik finished his modest meal, he felt his eyelids start to feel a bit heavy - all of the events of the day were catching up with him. A yawn escaped his lips before turned around in his chair to face the window behind him. The auburn-haired captain of this vessel thought the weather would hold a bit longer until they reached their destination, wherever that was. So, he would shut his eyes for a bit.

    Several hours would pass since Cap’n Erik had fallen asleep from his battle exhaustion - his body attempting to recover somewhat from his injuries. A familiar nagging voice would stir Cap’n Erik from his slumber; Arcelia was calling out to him from the deck. “Land-walker! Land-walker! We are here!” She screamed out over and over until Erik had to wake up. He attempted to push himself up from his chair, however, he felt a sharp pain resonate through his arm. “Damn… I am gonna need some more liquor… It looks like my buzz is wearing off.” He mumbled to himself while he worked his way to his feet and walked to the deck of the ship where merperson was screaming. “Oi! Lass! I can hear you so you can stop your screaming.” Erik told her looking around the surrounding area, but his gaze was not met with a single building. “Is this some kind of joke? I don’t see any fancy kingdom of mermaids, lass. Just stretches of the beautiful sea.” Cap’n Erik was about to pull out one of his pistols and end this game. If she wouldn’t give him the treasure he sought and she promised him, he would just kill her and sell her body off to some scholar. “Of course not, I thought you would have figured that Merlora is underwater, land-walker, at least a thousand or so leagues down,” Arcelia said not knowing the danger that she was about to be in since her words calmed Cap’n Erik down before he pulled the gun out at her. The auburn-haired man’s hands stopped right on the grip before he released them and shook his head. He wasn’t disappointed in himself for wanting to kill the mermaid if she was lying, rather he was more annoyed at himself that he allowed himself resort to that. After all, a mermaid was always more useful alive than dead.

    Cap’n Erik crossed his arms and looked out at the water then back at the mermaid princess before he shook his head. He was an impressive swimmer since he spent the majority of his life on the open seas, but he wasn’t a fish or a merperson. A thousand leagues under the seas… even if he was able to hold his breath for that long which was impossible too, he knew the pressure would kill him before he made it. “So, lass, are you telling me to sprout gills and a tail then swim to your underwater kingdom?” Erik asked her. “Land-walker. Land-walker. Do you think that a princess isn’t more than equipped to deal with situations like these when they arrive? You aren’t the first of your kind to visit Melora. Ta-da.” Arcelia said as she reached around her neck and handed Erik the necklace that had rested on it. “This is a Tailsman of Okeanos. It will give you the blessing of the sea and allow you to breathe underwater, see in the murkiest of depths, and not be affected by the water pressure like a merperson.” Erik held the necklace in his hand - looking over it. It was a normal silver necklace until he looked down at the talisman which had a variety of runes inscribed on a blue gem - possibly sapphire. He wasn’t too knowledgable about magical relics since he mainly stole things that looked valuable to him.

    “So, this necklace will allow me to swim underwater like you?” If this was true, Cap’n Erik knew that a whole new world had just opened up to him just from receiving this item. He smirked a bit as he was pleased with this result. “Of course, land-walker, you will be able to brave the depths of the ocean and explore areas that others of your kind dream to travel. But, this only the first of your rewards since you decided to help royalty. You may kneel before me and praise me.” Arcelia said with a pleased closed mouth smile - looking to see Erik get on his knees. Cap’n Erik lifted his hand and moved it toward the mermaid’s forehead and flicked it. “Don’t get full of yourself, lassie. I know the value of this item you are giving me, but don’t think I will bow myself in front of a princess. I am Cap’n Erik, a pirate.” He told her before he flicked her forehead again. “Just be happy that you got a ride home and I killed the men trying to abduct you.” Arcelia flailed her arms in the air being taken back a bit from being randomly flicked by a human - not only once but twice. She reached out and grabbed his arm. “Make sure you follow your advice, land-walker.” The princess replied - staring daggers at the captain of the ship while she pulled him down a bit to make him look her in the eye. “I am Arcelia, the third princess of Merlora. Make sure you remember that.” Cap’n Erik couldn’t exactly explain why, but he felt a bit of fear now. No, it wasn’t fear. It was more a realization like he was being shocked by lighting and now he was stunned. Something had clicked. However, he wasn’t exactly sure what it was yet as he attempted to pull his arm back. But he was surprised she was stronger than she looked. “Lass, let go of my arm, or I will…”

    Cap’n Erik began to threaten her as he reached for his pistol with his free arm. “Now, there is no need to get violent, land-walker. I thought I would repay your kindness with a bit of my advice.” Arcelia let his arm go and smirked a bit. “We should be happy though. I get to go home finally, and you will get your treasure. But, you might want to do something about your arm. It seems you are starting to bleed a bit more from your wounds.” Cap’n Erik pulled off his jacket and looked at his arm seeing the wraps he had used turning a bright crimson. The struggling had opened up his makeshift stitches and he was starting to bleed again. “Don’t worry, we have a great healer in the kingdom, land-walker. I will be sure to set you up with her later.” Arcelia told him. Erik stared at her annoyed, but he knew full well than to swim in any ocean bleeding. If he did that, he would end up summoning one of the terrors of the sea - the giant silver sharks. Without speaking a word, the captain walked back to his quarters to deal with his wounds - both the physical and mental. He wouldn’t say it to her, but he had lost that staredown.

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