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    Captain's Log #3: Into The Underwater Kingdom [Part 1]

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    Captain's Log #3: Into The Underwater Kingdom [Part 1] Empty Captain's Log #3: Into The Underwater Kingdom [Part 1]

    Post by Prince Chaos 20th April 2020, 8:25 pm

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    Descending further and further into the murky depths of the infamous Cloud Sea, Erik and Arcelia continued on their trek to the underwater kingdom of Merlora without a single hitch in their plans occurring. In time, the duo had made it to the bottom of the seafloor. Towering before them was an enormous metal gate. There was a pair of mermen floating at attention - armed with spears. One merman’s sharp gaze met with the auburn-haired pirate’s for a moment. Sparks flew from this momentary meeting - the two knew they despised each other with every fiber of their respective being.

    “Men!” Arcelia spoke in an authoritative tone, a style that matched her position as a princess of this kingdom. “Stand down, this land-walker assisted me in my time of need, so I will not have you killing each other in my presence unless I demand it. Am I understood? Now open the gates and herald the return of Merlora’s third princess.” With those words, the men raised their weapons and brought their hands to their heads. “Yes, my princess!” They said unison before they shouted, “Open the gate and inform the citizens that Princess Arcelia has returned.” The metal gate creaked open, allowing both Erik and Arcelia into the kingdom. They passed through the gate and a thin layer of film.

    Upon entering the inside of the kingdom, the familiar sensation of warm air brushing against his skin greeted the pirate captain as his lungs filled with oxygen as normal once again. It took him back.  Mermen and mermaids using bubbles wrapped around their waists like belts floated just above the paved ground and moved through the air. The streets were bustling around him. If it wasn’t for the mermaids, mermen, and other ocean folks around him, the auburn-haired pirate could have sworn he was back on land and in a normal city. Above his head, scattered bubbles that looked to house odd creatures floated around in the air. They emitted light from these bubbles, so Erik took it as that being the reason for the surrounding brightness.

    “Are you surprised, land-walker? The glorious kingdom of Merlora welcomes any visitors with open arms, so my father made it possible for those who live on land to move around with no problem.” A proud Arcelia chimed while she extended her hand out toward the kingdom in front of them. A mermaid with light blue hair came out with an odd contraption in her hand. It resembled an octopus. A bubble came forth from its mouth and wrapped around Arcelia’s waist, which lifted her into the air.

    “It is wonderful to have you back, my princess. Your royal retainer, Ava, is here to serve you in any capacity.” She said with a bow before she looked over at the human who had come into the kingdom with her princess. She wore a simple maid outfit that was darker than her hair. “He is… big, princess…” She said noticing his height at once before she floated and came over towards them. “And his body…” Her hands went around his arms and gave them a squeeze. “Oh….” Then she lifted his shirt to examine the pirate even more. “Oh my goddess, you could cut meat on those things! Impressive! So Princess, is this human?”

    For once, the pirate captain was at a loss for words - not sure to reprimand the new mermaid or to encourage her advances. It was not rare for a woman to desire him, but she had appeared out of thin air and caressed his body with her fingers. The auburn-haired man winced in pain when she felt on one of his arms. His wound from his earlier fight with the opposing sea-faring captain and his crew. He still did not completely understand why they were chasing Arcelia. However, given her status as a princess of Merlora, he had figured it might have dealt with that instead of his earlier thought of her being a valuable item on the market among scholars and other shady individuals. But this random thought which went through his head did not matter. He was dealing with a random mermaid now, feeling on his abs and admiring his body.

    “Lass, I don’t mind it when a lovely woman like yourself wants to check out a body forged by the churning tides of the seas. But…” Captain Erik grabbed her hand. He smirked a bit before he spoke again. “My name is Cap’n Erik. Not human or land-walker as the lass over there will tell you. Now, the introductions are out of the way, lass. How about you escort me to your chambers?” He said until he heard a familiar bit of annoying coughing coming from his side - coughing that demanded his attention.

    “No, Ava, this land-walker is not my mate or is he my property as you were thinking. He is my guest - a term I use loosely, mind you. During my trek outside of the kingdom, a group of land-walkers pursued me and had captured me in a net until by luck their grip slipped. The land-walker here discovered me and woke up a princess in the rudest of fashions. It hurt like bloody hell, I tell you.” Arcelia chimed in and gave Erik an impish look. She knew using the term land-walker was annoying him, but it was only fair since he didn’t use her name.

    “But…” Arcelia folded her arms and tapped her finger against her arm. “Where is my parade, Ava? I told the guards to make sure they announced my homecoming for all the kingdom to hear and acknowledge.” She wanted to prove to the land-walker next to her how important of an individual she was to the kingdom, and he was to show her some respect. Erik had released the grip he had on Ava’s hand. Arcelia had spoiled the mood, and he would save his flirting with her attendant for a later point. This might be his chance to bed a mermaid. However, he was still not sure how any of it would work out.

    “I apologize, Princess Arcelia. It will take some time for all the preparations to reach completion. I would not have been here if I was not shopping for your sister - the second princess.”. She said, bowing her head. “I must thank you, Captain Erik, for your service to the crown by assisting Princess Arcelia in her return to the kingdom. I am sure our princess has told you we will reward you, but I am sure the king will end up throwing a feast in your honor.”

    For a moment, Erik found himself annoyed by the formality of all this now. While he enjoyed the fact this mermaid was addressing him by his name instead of the title of land-walker, he did not enjoy the rest of this. Being thanked for his service to the crown was something unfitting for his self-image as a dashing rogue of the sea. However, the word feast had stuck out to the auburn-haired pirate and brought an elated smile to his face.

    “Feast, lass? High-end meats, exotic cheeses, fancy drinks, etc?” He replied. Cap’n Erik could feel his tongue starting to salivate in his mouth at the thought of the wonderful food and drinks at the banquet. For either drink, fine women, food, or treasure, Cap'n Erik could always put his dislike of royalty to the back-burner for some high-end royal vittles.

    “Yes, my father enjoys throwing lavish banquets and parties whenever he has the opportunity. They serve only the finest of cuisines when my father throws a party and the dancing.” Arcelia said - twirling like a ballerina in the air. “We dance through the entire night. Oh, and we have the finest musicians and singers to perform. Ah, land-walker, once you can witness the majesty of a Merloran Royal party - they can never satisfy you with the paltry ones thrown on land ever again.” Arcelia calmed down from her high of mentioning the fantastic and unmatched extravagance of the parties her father threw.

    “Well, I am not one to dance and sing, lassie.” The pirate captain said - telling a bit of a fib to the mermaid princess. It was not like he didn’t enjoy dancing and singing. He did a bit of it when he was sailing with his mentor and her crew. After a raid or anytime the crew felt like it, they would get drunk off of the rum they stole from an opposing vessel or bought from a port before singing and dancing the night away. The issue dealt with dancing and singing formally without the aid of any liquor. He knew royals always had their traditions and such - having to deal with those would be a pain in his rear. However, Erik had gotten homesick  - thinking about his mentor and her crew for a moment. But, he was captain of his own crew now - a crew that only comprised himself.

    Arcelia’s face flashed with an angry glare from hearing the pirate dismiss her invitation to dance and sing with her people - with her. However, before she could speak, Ava chimed in with a smile. “Captain Erik, there is no need to worry about dancing and signing as per our traditions. The king is a gracious man and accepts all races within the borders of his kingdom. Besides…” The mermaid grabbed Erik by the arm. “I would love the chance to dance with you for a bit. Our bodies rubbing closely together on the dance floor before we head up to my chambers for…”

    That familiar and annoying coughing interrupted the conversation between the two. “Ava, I am sure you need to finish my sister’s shopping before she gets upset at your late arrival. I shall escort the land-walker to the castle myself.” Arcelia stated. A loud sound echoed through the area before a carriage led by two large seahorses floated and stopped near them. A merman with midnight black hair, who was driving the carriage, looked over at them. “My princess, I was told by the guards of your arrival. I am here to escort you back to the royal palace as per your father’s - the king’s - request.” He said, looking over at her with a salute.

    “Ah, perfect timing. Land-walker, we will ride in this to head to the palace.” Arcelia replied - waiting for the driver to float down and open the door to the carriage. He floated down and opened the door to the carriage before Erik got in himself. Not before he received a sly wink from Ava, who went back to her shopping. With that, the duo headed to the palace.

    "I want money! Women! Status! And power! I want everything this world’s selling and eternity is topping the list! Understand?"

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