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    The Ice Kingdom Saga Part 01


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    The Ice Kingdom Saga Part 01 Empty The Ice Kingdom Saga Part 01

    Post by Yakone 9th April 2022, 8:45 am

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    Reward: 25,000 jewels OR a custom Strong(+) weapon/armor/item - Must specify which when handing in the job.

    Ice Kingdom was his home and when his own brother and sisters betrayed him that what the breaking point that broke the camels back. He was dragged through the mud before he was brought to the ice tower prison that scaled towards the sky upwards to 50ft. He was chained wrist and ankles with his knees dragging on the mud as two guards escorted him to the tower. Their unique armor that was trimmed gold at the edges along with being a rune colored blue showed them to be the authority figures of this ice cold region. Prison rags which was just a beige short sleeve tattered shirt and beige long pants. Represented him being a prisoner and for the local citizens and foreigners just watching in idle, they saw him as a criminal like the rest.

    The outside was just unbearable.... but the inside of the tower... made the outside look like a saint to be in. It was so cold in there that people begged to cut their lives short. The ice tower prison was one of the worst places to be sent to and one of the place where the most dangerous were housed in. Yakone was brought to the highest level of the tower and being locked in the top level of the tower, he only had a small arm gap window to look out of. 50ft in the sky and all he could see is the occasional clouds that roamed and the falling of snow.

    He'd sigh to himself and heard the door slot open up as a tray was pushed to his side.

    "I hope you like potatoes and veggies. It's what you will be eating for the remainder of your sentence."

    The door slot was closed and the guard went about his business. Yakone had chuckled at the comment, for the sentence he was given was life.

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