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    Wedding disaster

    Kit Kerrington
    Kit Kerrington

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    Wedding disaster Empty Wedding disaster

    Post by Kit Kerrington 25th November 2019, 4:49 pm

    It would be walking through the city of Magnolia no. It was a bright and sunny day though she was here on business this time. apparently some people around here someplace safe from her Guild just because we were far away from the jungle just because they had some distance. Today Janet was there to prove them wrong in the show them that are dragons wrath can reach far beyond the jungle. I should walk through the streets mindless killing was not her style. Though it had to be a good example. perhaps this time it would just have to be a good example of of force. with that in mind she would continue to walk through streets looking around we're a good Target for her mission to begin. the other check to this Mission can I won't be whatever after all Magnolia was home to the guild known as Fairy Tail. she knew the gold high powerhouses so she couldn't stick around. She done had an idea or not caring if she would say about you put on her cloak and extended Wing court giving in Mighty flap to the ground taking off into the air people looking at her as she started to fly towards the cathedral. she was going to destroy the thing that made the town what it was like to take me to Bell and slamming it into it.However something she knows when she got there as she made her are there are Mint or Dragon claw now letting her scales cover your whole body is that there were people going inside it apparently there was a wedding happening. some reason this made her smile as she would fly up and with almost no effort detached Bell from whatever was holding it. how was she waited for a minute as people kept firing inside one after the other after the other she waited up there maybe for about 20 more minutes not wanting to give away the element of surprise. as the people are inside she then took the bow of fluently are in with one of her Dragon claws took it in last against the bill making it ring making the whole town look up at as they saw her with the Bell smiling she just talked about and then slammed it straight down in her church causing the crash of the building on top of the people below causing the route to start the cave in. as the roof of the church caved-in she knew would not kill them all but many people died and many more it would be injured as people pointed up at her and she just smiled slightly, it was a strange. She wasn't going to be killing knowing that her Guild would now be more Renown with more than enough for her. She would then create A Vortex to her hands if she look down making eyeshadow and poisoned typhoon don't back into the church to kill whoever wasn't there has she done scream to the world to fear her Guild to fear Rakshara, before flying off knowing that fairytale and they're heathens would be here soon.

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