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    Urban disaster


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    Urban disaster Empty Urban disaster

    Post by Luceam 27th July 2020, 8:32 am

    It was a cool summer night as Luna was slowly making her way back into town from a job. There was a feeling in her gut that she hated, and if there's anything that her experience taught her, was that her gut seemed to be getting better at predicting the future. As she drove closer to town, she sighed as she saw the multicolored lights in the distance. She pulled over down the road from the way into town, putting her car into park, turning off the headlights and turning on the internal lights. She sighed for a moment as there was a slight exhaustion pressing against the fairy's demeanor. She pulled out her iLac from one of the cup holders and activated the device. She activated the device and let out an exasperated sigh as she read the details from the Lacrimanet, a city wide street party going till two in the morning. Her emerald eyes drifted up towards the clock, showing it was only half past ten at night.

    She reached for the other cup holder and lifted the bottle of water, hearing the clanks of the ice inside, she took a look sip before reclining the seat back. Once more a sigh left her lips growing into a groan. She wanted simply to go home, throw herself into a nice bath, wrap herself in her silk robes and toss herself into bed. At this point she knew it was no longer an option, she figured that perhaps she'd just sleep at her space station, remembering the watch on her wrist. She figured best to park her car then and walk through the streets of the party, dealing with the headache and getting home quickly and locking the door.

    She quickly winded the watch 42 times, closing her eyes as the surroundings shifted to the space station connected to her watch. She turned the ignition off, leaving the key inside the car before grabbing her iLac, slowly getting out of the car. She glanced at her own reflection in the mirror, her hair was ragged and a mess, her posture slightly slouched. "Guess I look like I feel, huh." She thought before closing the door and walking a few steps away. "What's the Ultimate Question?" she said as she closed her eyes again, the world shifting around her landing her where she was in Earthland again. Only this time there was no car. She started to walk towards town, noting the festival, the loud music and strobe lights, as well as the paint created a flurry of sound and color turning the normally peaceful and quiet demeanor of the town into a vibrant and passionate party raging through the streets. If Luna wasn't awake at the moment, the obscene base of the music blaring through the streets sent a jolt through her system that rendered her quite alert. 
    At first it didn't seem so bad, aside from getting sprayed with a bit of paint Luna managed to get by the crowds and made it halfway home. However she stopped when she heard a sound that boomed over the music. She heard the sound of glass shattering, screams, and some heavy objects crashing down onto the ground. Luna turned down the street and decided to rush down the street, through the running crowd against her. "Blank face masses, we are PL4GUE, and we will not be ignored Any longer." Came a distorted voice echoing through the area. Luna could see a pink glow that was almost like a flame beside a man with glowing dark red eyes. "This mockery is a dilution of our genius, a representation of our freedom shackled by society and censorship. However if you all want to play a destructive game, fine... PL4GUE can play. We'll even the score."

    With a slash of his sword, pink fire was blasted out while the mixed colored fluid elementals were thrashing around causing havoc. When Luna got into the open, her presence was met with cheer of some of the local townsfolk. Luna was known by many on Ace of Spades as a skilled mage among the Sabertooth guild. "Yeah! Whew! Sabertooth is on the prowl with a fox!" One man said as some reckless individuals chose to watch from a distance. "Itori? Where?! Maybe then we'll see Kenna-" The first young man slapped the second on the back of his head. "No! Luna." As the crowd seemed to get excited Luna bit her lip in frustration as that meant her fight just got harder with hostages to keep in mind. The samurai like man's red eyes shot towards Luna. His grip on his sword tightened as the two locked eyes. "So is he the one in control here? These elementals... are they constructs?"

    "Sabertooth... so you're here. Plasma Elementals! On her!" The man commanded, the five elementals stopped their reckless assault on the property before looking at Luna for a moment. In that moment Luna felt a rush as the song started to change to a fast paced dub step. Luna could see all five coming from different angles, one from above, one head on, one low, and one from each side. Luna bit her lip as she calculated her best moves. Luna gripped her fist causing a block of earth to break and shoot from the ground striking the elemental trying to strike from above, making partial contact disrupting the multicolored liquid's form but it managed to reform shortly after, losing part of it's body dripping onto the ground. 

    As the elemental striking from a lower angle passed over the hole created by the displaced block she formed earlier, Luna dashed forward and to the sight tightening her grip as two wedges of earth formed on either side of the hole before quickly colliding and sinking into the earth eliminating one elemental from play. Luna dashed and rolled forward managing to avoid all of the liquid elementals. Luna landed on her knee catching her breath, however the reaction speed of the elementals was not to be trifled with as they soon came to a halt mid air before turning around. Luna looked the reflective surface of a nearby metal stand and saw that the elementals were clearly well designed. Luna saw the charge of the elementals coming in for a second charge. Luna knew that in the moment she would need to counter all of them if she wanted to escape without needing to waste time or energy on healing herself.  She snapped her fingers on her right hand channeling her magic into it as one by one seeds emerged before she tossed sixteen in the air. All the seeds scattered around quickly burrowing into the ground. Luna stood up and turnee halfway and was able to see the circle of dark purple vines grow and entangle forming a barrier as black tomatoes soon sprouted the moment before the elementals got close.

    As Luna stood up several explosions occurred in succession as the liquid bodies exploded creating a multicolored display. As Luna turned around to look the leader in the eyes, the sound of his scowling was louder then the cheers of the bystanders. "Beta! Now!" He yelled out to a comrade. In that moment Luna was worried as she did not know what to expect of the situation before she was blindsided from her left with a massive sonic attack knocking her to the side and deafening her left ear for a moment. Landing on her right side Luna quickly rolled and began to get back onto her knees. However as she was standing up she felt another blast strike the back of her neck slamming her down in a continuous stream. Luna could hear the muffled sound of footsteps.

    "Ugh, it's hard to think, impossible for precision... wait precision!" Luna thought as she appeared to be using her dark terragenisis ability to materialize black domes of earth around herself as a shield. However as the domes formed the intense bass sound waves crashed the black earth into dust. As the skull clad armored individual got close, he stomped on Luna's head as the bass got intense. Luna felt a splitting head ache but she struggled to keep her focus as black dust was being spread everywhere. Luna knew she had to keep going and she was so close. her grip tightened as she waited for the right opportunity as black dust was starting to fly all around. However in a moment everything changed. Luna commanded the dust to hone in on the Beta's armor, enveloping him and trying to seep in through any possible crack, chink, hole, or other opening possible. Once inside the dirt coursed through, clogging and filling the armor. Eventually the beta's movements slowed down as his body seemingly stiffened up. Luna sighed relief as the sound barrage came to an end as the Beta took a rigid stance.

    Black rocks formed around Luna's right index and middle fingers as she rolled over before lunging up striking at the speaker, piercing through before her hand retreated. Luna could see sparks coming out before she jumped back and watched the chest unit explode knocking the beta onto the ground with smoke coming out of the unit. The pink haired mage's breathing was heavy at this point as she was sweating.


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