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    Upgrade the Servants and Bear (Sara's S Exam)


    The White Queen

    The White Queen

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    Upgrade the Servants and Bear (Sara's S Exam) Empty Upgrade the Servants and Bear (Sara's S Exam)

    Post by Saraphina 24th September 2019, 7:34 pm

    The White Queen
    The white queen takes a deep breath as she looks over her kingdom. She didn't rule with a heavy hand, on those who followed her willingly at least. She stretches as she was by a window bright and early. Her purplish pink eyes glaring over the snowy mountain and the castle she called home the most with the sun glittering over the snow that covered everything. A beautiful sight that reminded the young queen of Iceberg after a fresh snowfall in the morning. It hadn't been too terribly long since she formed her beautiful guild, and it was already flourishing like some beautiful winter flowers. Speaking of those winter flowers… She should decorate the castle with a few dozen of those. They would sure pop against the golds and greys and reds color of the castle.

    Shaking her head of those thoughts, Saraphina takes a deep breath as she looks to her desk in her room. There sat a pair of treasures she had found within Hostia’s ‘rulers’ walls after she had gone there to claim the throne for herself and the country for Errings Rising. The treasures were two bottles of a liquid that Hostia’s scientists were apparently cooking up. The people who weren’t in those scientists labs were utterly confused about the contents after she questioned a couple of them, since the scientists seemed to not want to speak, or got themselves killed… or even suisided. How could they keep such things locked up within the walls and not shared with the public? She was already trying to figure out what she should do with the glittering bottles of glowing red liquids. Nadaline, Saraphina’s main maid, had walked into the room and gave her a smile. She was holding a little basket filled with some of her baked goods she had just finished making, offering her queen some. “Another victory for the Queen of Errings Rising. Congratulations.” She muses happily to her guild mistress.

    She had been learning how to be more of a maid and doing cooking along with her twin, Bertrand. And it seemed the longer the two worked for her, the calmer they felt around her. Yeah, she threatened them at first with killing the other if they disobeyed… and some of her guild members seemed to scare them, but she was confident that they were getting better now. Bertrand was learning how to wield a sword from Dahau and his men, while Nadaline was learning how to heal with herbs and first aid. Together the two learned how to make more dishes to cook and new sewing techniques to do together and new ways to better serve Saraphina and the rest of the guild. In the short few months the two had been learning, they seemed to have gotten a long way, especially since they used to be noble children once upon a time. Saraphina didn’t strip them of their Noble clothes, and let them have their titles. If anything, they helped from time to time when she wanted something. They had connections after all.

    The white haired queen smiles softly as she grabs hold of the bottles and held them in each of her hands. They didn’t weigh too much, despite both of them actually being rather decent sized bottles similar to wine bottles. A smile grows on her face as she looks to her servant. “Yes… a great victory. Nothing but the best is within Errings Rising. Nadaline. How has your training to be a better maid been?” Her voice had been calm in the beginning, a sly tone of voice by the time she finished her question. The maid blinks to her mistress and slowly tilts her head as she looks to the bottles she head, then up to her face. “It has been going well… Lady Sanguine has been teaching me quite well how to cook and a little bit of magic as well. Bertrand has gotten better at his fighting too~!” The little maid was seeming rather excited as she was eager to show her magic and cooking skills, but she forced herself to calm down to not upset her mistress before her.

    “Good… I have a task for you two now.” She says as she moves out of the castle and started traveling down one of the many halls within the castle. “Go fetch your brother and bring him to the courtyard, okay?” She giggles as she starts walking a bit. Nadaline quickly stops Saraphina and hands her the basket after emptying the contents into one of the random shiny vases in her queens room. “Your majesty! Why not use this to hold those in?” The white haired queen blinks for a moment before she sticks the bottles in the basket, and grins. “Perfect! Now, go fetch your brother. Don’t dilly dally.” She grabs a firm grip of the basket and hooks it onto her arm and continues to travel down the hall after shooing her servant away. The white haired queen was singing her usual weird song that never matched after the first few lines as she walked down the halls.

    "Princes' of Silver~
    Princes' of Gold.
    My Prince will be lovely~
    My Prince will be bold!
    He will grant my every wish~
    He will not betray me.
    My Prince will be charming~
    My Prince won't flee."

    Her tune rang out in the hall the longer she sung, getting louder and louder as she reached the exit towards the courtyard. She was excited as she was going to try her own hand at an experiment of her own. She was going to see what the bottles would do. Out in the courtyard were various guards from Dahau and Cirven as they mingled and trained with one another. One portion of the courtyard was occupied by her sweet polar bear, Týr, as he slept on his side. She wondered if she could get him to help her out with things too… She would save that for later. Saraphina giggled as she makes her way down the steps and takes in a deep breath. The smell of the snow freshly lain on the ground made her feel at home. Or at least as close to home as she could get while in Fiore.

    Nadaline and Bertrand weren’t too far behind Saraphina as they stepped out of the doorway and over to the extra sparing field that their queen was standing in. She still held the basket in her hand with the bottles in it, and smiled sweetly to the two. “What do you two think of me. Be honest, even if it’s not nice.” She tilts her head, grinning wide to let her sharp teeth be exposed. The twins stared at the queen with a rather dumbfounded look on their faces. What would possess her to ask such a question. The female twin was still trying to formulate an answer in her head when her brother opened his mouth. “When you first attacked the castle, I didn’t think you were in your right mind… especially since you threatened us with our lives to do your bidding at first. But you weren't going to go through with it, were you?" The queen just smirked and shrugged her shoulders. "You two grew on me, and you started behaving well." Her eyes trailed over to Nadaline.

    The raven haired woman twitched her lips a little while thinking. "I suppose I thought the same. But the more I stayed by your side, the more I felt at ease with you. You also made sure we were safe under your care. And the longer you've stayed in this castle, the more you've started acting like a queen, and felt like someone I could stand behind, better than the previous Lord." She tells her before she bows a little, followed closely by her twin mimicking her. "I think it's safe to say that we pledge ourselves to you by now since you mean us no harm." "If you still cross me, your lives are still on the line." The twins were hesitant at the serious tone of their queens voice, but slowly nodded as they believed she wasn't lying. They were loyal to her still, especially since they were still in a sense free. Saraphina reached into the basket and held up one of the bottles. "Let's test something now. This goody came from Hostia." She was seeming excited as she leaned forward. "It is very powerful from the way they locked it away from everyone, and I would like you two to try it."

    Saraphina opens one of the bottles and sniffs it a little. A sweet aroma had filled the air as the bottle was opened, attracting the attention of the other guards about. Nadaline blinks as she clears her throat. "Your majesty, should we not have a cup to try that with, rather than from the bottle?" Saraphina thinks for a moment, then smiles as she nods. "You're right, in case I want to share it with others. I believe this won't kill you, and I would be devastated if it did." She pouts. One of the guards came up with a couple cups to a thermos. "I heard you needed cups?" He questions as Saraphina frowns to him.

    She held out her hands to the cups and tilts her head up to shoo him away after she hooked her fingers in through the handles to let them hang on her finger. Slowly, he seemed to debate on doing so, before a smirk was on his lips and he ran off away back to his little group on his own field. “He doesn’t know poison. And neither does his buddies.” Nadaline speaks up again as she reaches her hands out to the cups. “If anything, they’re rather excited to meet you, your highness. You are the queen, after all.” The black haired woman smiles rather sweetly as she looks up to her master.

    A snicker came across the queens lips as she was appreciating being admired like so. She wouldn’t mind some more of it. But not right now. She had to focus! The opened bottle was tipped over a little into the two thermos cups and she looked to the twins quietly. “Drink.” She tells them as she caps it again, but not all the way as she was holding onto the bottle in case nothing happened. Bertrand took took a cup from his sister and takes a deep breath of the sweet smelling drink before him. He only hoped it tasted as good as it smelled and looked. He tilted the cup back and downed as much as he could in one sip at the same time as his sister had, some of it dribbling out of the corner of his mouth. The two honestly didn’t feel different as they stood there. It didn’t taste too bad, but they didn’t feel different either. They glanced to Saraphina after glancing to one another, honestly not sure what they were supposed to be feeling.

    While the twins stood there in confusion, Saraphina’s eyes grew wide. She leaned forward and was looking at their eyes. Their normally red eyes were seeming to retreat and reveal a blue color beneath it. It was curious to her. Then something caught her eye and she looked up to their heads. Their roots were turning blond? Both the twins suddenly felt a stinging feeling and dropped the thermos cups while clutching their stomachs. Nadaline had knelt on the ground while Bertrand was trying to fight it. Saraphina just stood there and smirks to herself. She could feel something coming from them. It was powerful.

    She held up the bottle in one hand, smirking as she placed it back in her basket. That would be a reward for her members at a later date. Should they want that as a reward at least. She watched on as the feeling grew more and more, Bertrand started to lean forward, falling to one knee as he was still trying to fight the pain. “You poisoned us, you witch!” Saraphina snorts as she mumbled Aegir under her breath. A blob of water was floating between her fingers before she took a sip of it, glancing back at the two servants. “I did no such thing. Trust me.” She muses to herself as she makes her way over to Týr. “Sweetie, would you like to be stronger for mommy?” She questions the polar bear. Already the bear was strong, now she was going to make him even stronger. It was a delight to the young queen!

    Týr lifts himself up onto his stomach from his side and looks over to her, seeming rather happy that she was giving him attention once again. She grabs the bottle and sets the basket down by her precious pets feet before she straightened up. “Open up, my beautiful white bear.” She coos. Behind her, Nadaline and Bertrand were still crying in pain from the drink. She figured out real quick what the contents of these bottles did. It was going to be delightful. “This will hurt after a little bit my sweet…” She murmurs as Týr opened his maw and let her pour a bit of the bottle down his tongue. He drank it up and seemed to love the taste. “Someone bring him some meat to eat.” She says as she corks the bottle again and sticks it back in the basket once more.

    She takes a deep breath as she pets her pets head as he seemed to start shivering and was working the concoction through his body. The twins were also still doing so. Some of the soldiers were starting to go near them and she whipped her hand out. Some water followed and snapped at them before they got too close to them. “Leave them be. They don’t need help.” She says as she stands up and starts to make her way back to the two. As she was coming from behind them now… she was noticing something. The backs of their clothes were seeming to start bulging. Saraphina grabs a dagger from one of the guards rather quickly and makes her way towards the two. As soon as she was by them, she grabbed Nadaline’s shoulders and cut the back of her dress rather quickly. As soon as she did so, a pair of six white wings burst through. They were large, and beautiful.

    Bertrand had barely noticed them as he was struggling with his own pain. He didn’t notice that Nadaline was feeling better already, and that her long black hair was now blonde. Saraphina quickly turned her male servant and had a guard back him up while he was struggling with his pain. It took her a moment, but she managed to cut the back of his jacket and shirt enough to let his own wings burst through. The twins look up at one another cautiously. They both could barely recognize one another. Then they looked at their wings as the young queen crouched in between them. “Beautiful… isn’t it?” She giggles as she looks up to the wings. Her grin was wide enough to show her sharp teeth to them. “Now, did I poison you two?” She giggles some more as she starts to stand up.

    Nadaline looks to the white haired pink eyed girl with awe at first. Then she starts to tear up and brought her head down to the ground, wings mimicking and lowering to the ground. “I’m sorry for ever doubting you, your majesty!” She cries out as she was visibly shaking. Bertrand had brought himself to a kneeling position again and had his head bowed to her. Of course he was regretting his words now. “I’ll stay your sword for the rest of my life. I’m terribly sorry for being rude and doubting you.” He mumbled in a hushed tone. Saraphina giggles as she stands up. She quickly turns to admire the drooping wings of her personal servants. “Rise.” She tells them in a sweet voice, clapping her hands together. Nadaline slowly gets to her feet, having to hold the front of her dress up to keep it from falling, and Bertrand just shrugged off his shirt and jacket since they were worthless to keep on now. “Since you two now believe me even more than before. It’s safe for me to say that you’re never to doubt me again.” She giggles. The twins both nod in unison as they bow to her. “We won’t.”

    “Do you feel that?” She questions as she leans forward. She reaches her hands towards the two and tap their chests. “What do you feel?” Nadaline takes a moment, but she looks at Saraphina again. “Power?” Her voice came out like a whisper. A grin was on the queens lips once again as she glanced towards Bertrand. He kept a hand where she had tapped, eyes wide in realization. He gave a guilty smile, but he seemed relieved as he felt it too. “Thank me later. Now you two go inside and fix clothes for yourselves. Oh! Nadaline! Take this in to my room as well. Absolutely do not drink anymore.” She orders as she hands the basket to her. Nadaline nods and grabs the basket of the two bottles and brought it inside the castle with her while following close to her brother. They would have to learn how to control their wings now.

    Saraphina makes her way over to Týr and sees that he’s slowly stopping shivering. “No wings from you?” She murmurs as she runs her hand over his fur delicately. She blinks as she feels how tough it feels. A grin starts to form on her lips as she kisses his nose. “You’re such a good boy. You’re so much stronger now…” She leaned her head on his muzzle while she seated herself on her legs, letting her massive bears head rest on her legs. As she sat there, she felt something start to form between them. It felt  like a connection that allowed her to feel what he felt, and him her. She blinks as she looked to Týr in awe. “So it’s different for everyone it seems.” She can’t help but giggle to him. That was good enough for one adventure for today. She slowly stands up as meat was brought over to Týr when he finally seemed to be okay again. He devoured the meat like it was nothing. The guards around looked to her, wondering if they would get a taste of that miracle potion she gave her servants and her bear, but she kept on walking past them and went right inside. It was tea time. Hopefully Sanguine had her tea ready.

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