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    every king needs his servants


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    every king needs his servants Empty every king needs his servants

    Post by Barnabus 9th October 2020, 7:11 am

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    Close to death. A strange symbolic requirement of the ritual the demon lord for what he was about to undergo. He needed to either be close to death or somewhere close to death, of course, he had chosen the latter as anyone would. Somewhere private was also ideal. And that was exactly the reason he would even be wandering though such a dreary and desolate place as a 'Cemetary', out of all the places he could have explored. This had to be the least bit interesting in comparison, still, he had to admire the human's tenacity. They're devotion to their loved ones, he remembered watching from afar as his own gravestone was put up. However, that was long gone, buried underground in a distant land. He had considered searching for it, but maybe at a later point, as of now, he had more important things to take care of.

    His yellow eyes scanned the area. It was quiet. Dead quiet.

    The white-haired male would wander over to a tombstone, reading the broken etching across its surface. A young woman, Cora Bennet, according to the engraving she was a beloved daughter and sister. Always in their hearts. A more empathetic being might have held mixed feelings over the decimation of her grave, but Barnabus, or rather Icarus was no such being. A millennium in hell will do that to you.

    The earth would tremble at his feet, power surging from the man, his eyes rolled toward the sky as he began the transformation. The whites of his eyes would bleed red, his canines lengthening into sharp peaks, snarling at the atmosphere as he reclaimed his demon nature. The power he emanated sliding down toward the earth in droves, sinking into the soil reaching into the grave of the Late Miss Benneth. His fingers would curl toward his palms, as through coaxing something toward himself. Back and forth they would rhythmically move, until the earth beneath him split, the gleam of dirty white under the observant moon. The bones would rise from the soil, a pile of them, piece by piece they would rise. Until they hovered over the demonic king, they would rattle against one another, glowing with power.

    ""Come to me, my servant." The bones would rattle with even more ferocity, shaking with even more intensity as Icarus's green aura coated them. Until finally they would explode, shattering into a shower of dust. The bones of Cora Benneth would coat the earth of the cemetary, and the air would once more be filled with silence.


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