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    Rebirth , Reforged  Empty Rebirth , Reforged

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 18th September 2019, 7:28 am

    It was roughly noon in the realm that was home to the Yggdrasil, the bridge from the extended realms beyond Fiore as well as the home to the wizard Guild known as Sabertooth. Many many Kilometers away from the Sabertooth Guild hall was an area that was distinctly different from the rest of the realm. For about 2 miles in all directions it was a barren plot of land with soil that was scorched to the point where grass nor any other sort of vegetation could grow and never would again. The only evidence that there were any trees are stumps that remain but they are charred and show signs of decay from years. In all aspects this stretch of land is not inhabitable. Nomads and traveling refugees often take shelter in passing but by no means is their occupation of the shattered and broken buildings is long term. With no flora there is no Fauna and such nothing happens here, it’s an inconsequential location that not just exists. However at one point this was the location where a pivotal moment in the history of the Elders occurred but there anyone who would have witnessed it has either perished by the hands of time or the battle that took place that day.

    On this day something strange happened, the silent lifeless stretch of land suddenly had a brand new sound that could be heard. In the middle of the air centered above the lifeless area something started to burn. It wasn’t as if there was anything to catch fire nor did it look as if there was anything on fire it was more like the empty space in the air had a specific point that just began to burn. What it actually was, was something burning through the fabric of space and time into the realm. Soon the pinpoint of burning spread and now opened more and more until something, in a massive explosion of hell fire tore space and time wide open. What came through that space was a human male with dirty blond hair with a glorious but messy beard to match. He was dressed in outdated and battle damaged armor missing his shirt and the remains of a charred prosthetic right arm made out of some sort of metal. In his left hand he held a large battle axe with a hammer's head on the opposite side of the handle. He was kneeling and looked around. "By Thor’s beard. He was right. I’m back."


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