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    Laurence Lott
    Laurence Lott

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    Post by Laurence Lott on 2nd February 2019, 4:53 pm

    Magic Name: Rebirth
    Magic Type: Solitary Ancient Magic
    Fae are some of the most ancient beings in the land. They come in many shapes, types, and sizes. Some are born from nature, some from the blood of the dead, or even the dead themselves. A dead human being born anew as a fae is as old as humanity itself. Laurence is certainly not the first to have this happen to him, nor will he be the last. Why a fae does this would depend on the individual. In this case? He was born as a normal human from a family of normal farmers. The only thing special was his pure heart that loved life and trusted within a higher power, the people around, and in the law. Instead of inheriting the farm, he told his parents to give it to a younger sibling. They apprenticed under a local carpenter and worked for him on non school days. On school days a lot of time was spent helping and working on his parents farm. What little spare time he had was spent at church, with his family, or his friend. After school ended that gave him time to try in romantic pursuits, gaining the affections in an intelligent girl. She taught him the joys in books, he showed her the best locations in the forest near their home. He had completed his training in carpentry and everything looked up, until everything fell apart. He was fishing at a river that he had loved since childhood when his oldest and dearest friend came by. When that friend started to attack? Laurence tried to avoid the attacks, never showing a violent side to his person. He was cut in multiple places, scratched and scraped on the face, and stabbed in the chest. Why was this done? Apparently that best friend hadn't noticed that girl was attractive until Lott had brought out the best in her. The friend was never put in jail, nor even prosecuted. Kelpie typically dislike humans quite a great deal, so of course one would gladly aid in revenge against one. This is a type of fae natorous for drowning humans, his fondness for the boy had been what had kept the boy and his friends safe to visit the kelpies river. Should this crime go unpunished? Of course not. The human with its pure heart? The soul had learned better now, the creature was sure of it. Moreso, a human needed to pay. This was how a human body that had been left in a layery grave ended up awakening as a new creature. No longer a normal human lacking magic, but a water horse, a newborn fae. This is his base magic. This is the first magic that a kelpie stars off with. They are creature of the water, often using it to attack and pull their victims in mythology.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Form Of Vulnerability: This is his start in transformative abilities as a fae. In the forms a kelpie can get, one might hope that they start out with the mighty water horse form. That in a sense would be much like expecting to start as a knight when you haven't had any training yet. Another typical form and less powerful one tends to be one created to lure people over. Where most kelpies lure form look to be female women, his is a young and innocent looking boy form. In this more lively and 'pure' looking form,


    Proof: Page 6, post n°131
    Name: Glory of the Slayer
    Description: Countless eras ago there was a maniacal warrior who bathed in the blood of his victims. As he did this his powers grew, until eventually he grew to be able to control blood in order to decimate his foes. He could use either his blood or the blood of his foes to empower his already devastating techniques, and even heal himself. Many years passed before 12 of the strongest mages in the land would be able to seal this insane berserker away for eternity in another realm. All he could do was laugh because he knew that his descendants would possess the same abilities he had. It was in their blood.

    Ability: Allows the user to enter a berserk state, allowing for their abilities to be empowered by and meant to draw blood. The more blood drawn in a battle, the more devastating the abilities become.
    Usage: Lasts for 6 posts and may be used once per battle. Damage increased by 50%. Any time an enemy is hit, damage is further increased by 10%. Passively regardless of berserker state drawing blood will increase damage by 10%,  reducing by 5% per post (0% increase minimum)
    Spells: As a starter character at D rank, you start off with 4 spells.

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