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    Aggressive Negotiations


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    Aggressive Negotiations Empty Aggressive Negotiations

    Post by Mifune 17th September 2019, 2:05 pm

    Evil thoughts race through the mind of the maniac who holds the trigger to that which could end the lives of hundreds. "I'll do it! Don't think I won't! If anyone tries anything I'll blow up this entire city block mark my words!" He cried out in anger from the balcony on top floor of the five story building, paying no heed to the Raven that was perched upon the railing of the balcony on which he shouted at the Rune Knights and crowds of people below, wearing a vest armored with explosive Lacrima and wielding a handheld device with a big red button. Behind him huddled together were his coworkers who sat in a circle with their hands bound. The maniac continued to shout profanities at the Rune Knights who scrambled to find a solution, but could not risk the trigger being pulled.

    Through the crowd strode a man dressed in tattered white robes, who's face was concealed by a hood and bandages. At his side was fastened a Black katana. The people surrounding him appeared visibly disgusted, clenching their faces as if something smelled terrible. The man sighed and scratched the back of his head. Crowds normally made the Samurai feel quite uncomfortable, but duty beckoned him, there was Evil to thwart. Onward through the crowd he strode, finally reaching the line of Rune Knights who were meant to keep the crowd from coming too close to the building, less the trigger be pulled.

    One such Rune Knight placed his hand upon the Samurai's chest. "Sir, I cannot let you pass." Suddenly the Samurai pulled the bandages on his face down, revealing his decaying mouth that he opened and released a Deathly breath that stunk so horridly that the Rune Knight fainted and fell backwards. The Samurai stepped over his unconscious body, drawing the attention of other Rune Knights who hurriedly came to the aid of their fellow Knight, though not swift enough.

    The Samurai charged forward and leaped in to the air removing the rest of the bandages from his face, revealing the wretched decayed face of the Wight. The maniac would have immediately pressed the red button, but was overcome by the Samurai's gaze that pulled his mind in to a world where he experienced all the horrors of Hell, being tortured by those that he would have killed. The mere instant that he spent in Hell seemed like a lifetime and when he returned to reality the Samurai had drawn his katana and severed his hand that held the trigger. The maniac fell on to his back screaming in terror. "I will spare your life today. There is still time for you to repent for your crimes and avoid the horrors that you witnessed." The Samurai sheathed his Katana and pulled his scarf over his face. "but your hand belongs to me now..." The Hand that the Samurai cut burst in to Cyan flames and withered in to dust, leaving only the trigger behind. "Don't make me come back." Mifune turned and leaped from the balcony and landed among the crowd of citizens, not to be seen again.


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