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    Break the Siege!

    Mai Stormschild
    Mai Stormschild

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    Break the Siege! Empty Break the Siege!

    Post by Mai Stormschild 15th July 2019, 6:25 pm

    When the haggard old man wandered into Sabertooth, Mai saw his request as a perfect opportunity to get more experience in a combat situation. In fact, she and Papa had ventured near Quanny Village a few times, and the folks of the village worshiped Papa as their guardian deity. Mai took the man up on his offer as he led her to the village.

    It was a far ways away, but the man and the few other villagers that went along with him kept good company, though they seemed to not know who Mai herself was, despite their reverence of Papa. Mai thought nothing of this, simply enjoying the friendliness of the villagers and the free sweets they would offer en route to the village.

    Unfortunately, when the arrived at the village, they found it already being raided. The villagers said that the most any of the ruffians had done prior was simple intimidation and light looting, but nothing to this scale. Mai nodded, rushing off towards the village. As she quickly made her way over, activating Lightningstrike Talons, she scanned the village. Standing in the center seemed to be the leader alongside two men with guns. Scattered around were other groups of nine each, each one led by one with a bandit with a gun and sharing four with knives and four with brass knuckles between them. Mai noted the thirty bandits, thinking that she could easily take care of them. As she neared the town, the leader wheeled around, taking a moment of shock before firing out a small blast of fire. Mai punched through it, smoke billowing out.

    "Men, gather in the center!" he called, launching out a hand to fire another blast of fire.

    This blast was accompanied by the two gunmen firing shots at Mai, each of the shots clipping her on the arms.

    "Storm God's Cry!" Mai called, cupping her hands against her mouth. She roared, the billowing mist engulfing the three. "Group Sparkle!"

    She roared once again, small strikes of lightning flashing against the three, causing the gunmen to collapse. She scanned around herself. The remaining three groups had finally reached the center, the gunmen firing away at Mai as the other ruffians dashed towards her. Mai smirked, delivering punches into the guts of the ruffians as they flew past, trying to slash at or punch her. Six of each had fallen in moments, the remaining twelve taking steps back to view the carnage the little goddess had caused. One of the knuckle-wielders turned tail and fled, causing one of the gunmen to shoot him in the leg. Mai quickly turned around, yelling out "Sparkle!", striking the gunmen with a bolt of lightning, sending him flying. The remaining eleven melee users took this opportunity to rush at Mai, who roared out "Storm God's Bellow!", engulfing them in the mist. They all collapsed onto the ground in defeat. Now only two gunmen remained, alongside with their leader, who was slow to get up.

    "Don't wait around!" the leader cried in a panic. "She's a little girl, she can't be that difficult to-"

    Mai dashed over to him, reaching him in a moment, laying him out with a punch to the head. He slumped onto the ground, a large welt forming where the punch landed. The gunmen panicked, one firing at Mai while the other ran. Mai rolled out of the way, firing out another Group Sparkle from a knee to get both of them to collapse. Mai got up, looking around at the devastation she caused. Thirty men were splayed out on the ground, unconscious and twitching from the use of electricity. She smiled, turning to return to the villagers to get her pay.

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