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    Protector of Gaia

    Gisen Ceostra
    Gisen Ceostra

    Battle Bunny

    Battle Bunny

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    Protector of Gaia Empty Protector of Gaia

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 5th May 2019, 10:42 pm

    Lineage Name: Protector of Gaia
    Wielder: Gisen Ceostra
    Acquisition: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t6448p350-vip-shop#234089
    Description: At one time, the land had been much more simplistic and basic as to current times. Back in those days, the numbers of farms and land used by said farms to raise crops and animals to help keep towns and even the growing communities around the cities to be fed and nourished. Some found oil and profited from its findings by selling itself to places that could use it for making money, while others continued to live their lives normally. With much less needed, these more basic farmers, without their knowledge of course, had been gifted with more bountiful farms, some even added with priceless treasures in turn with barters.

    Through time, less and less farms continued to remain in their places and some just up and abandoning them due to the lack of interest as the world progressed. The lands soon shifted from a growth to a slowing halt, except for few others. One of the few had been a moderate sized land outside of the early port of Cedar. Because of the nearby ocean even though the bitter salted air hadn't been good for it, the traditional and well treated lands had been protected by the earthly spirit. Even with magic, the owners only used that to further their farming tools and techniques, which benefited the land by feeding into it. Through the generations of the families, the spirit of Gaia had spoken to those who descended from this family and blessed those with the power to protect the lands from becoming further developed and soiled land. With the proof of further testing by watching and recording results, the land itself created a being to whom would help create and cause more to flourish in lands that needed it. A speaker to the humans and the world of what nature represents and fight to defend it.

    Ability: Passives: •Prodigy: The Vessel of the Protector of Gaia is built of rock through-and-through. This sturdy stone body is resilient to being broken down so easily, giving them a boost of 120% hp.

    •Mantle of Thickness: The vessel has an increased resistance from the magical influence over their body, allowing them to reduce 50% of magical damage and 50% of physical damage.

    •Earth Every Jewel - Jewels seem to be something that she can make worth more than ever before, gaining 100% bonus from jobs.

    •Gaia's Wrath: The carrier of this lineage shares a kinship with the earth itself via the vessel of Gaia. Gaia shows his gratitude in gifting those who cherish his land with his greatest tool; Wrath. Wrath has the same properties as an earth elemented greateaxe, but is unable to be consumed by slayers as the spirit of Gaia is within this weapon. Passively, this axe deals the descendants rank in damage, and falls under a magically created weapon. It's duration starts at 4 posts, and gains two more (capping at S) each rank higher until it reaches the pinnacle of its power.

    C- 2
    B- 4
    A- 6
    S- 8


    •Nature, the Neverending Closet: The descendant of this lineage has the ability to change their clothing and hairstyles at will like a normal requipper. The instance would mimic that very same action that a normal persons would include.


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    Protector of Gaia Empty Re: Protector of Gaia

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 26th August 2020, 3:27 am

    All edits in this color. As a note for you, you are currently using only 6 out of your 10 allowed lineage effects, meaning you can add more abilities or more effects to your already existing abilities until the limit of 10 effects has been reached.



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