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    The Eyes of Gaia and Heart of Gaia(Three magic items, starting off weak


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    The Eyes of Gaia and Heart of Gaia(Three magic items, starting off weak

    Post by RockyTheRockiestRock on 25th February 2015, 2:37 am

    Name: Eyes of Gaia + Heart of Gaia (Three magical items being the limit)
    Rank: D
    Type: Spiritually Bonded Magical Items
    Description: The eyes have their own likenesses with the one on right being much more intensely with a bluish hue while the one on the lefts have a much more passionate glow. But these two things can only be seen by those who can see things in the spiritual world. Those that can would also see a powerful yet dim green glow emanating from his chest where the heart lies.

    The Eye of Wisdom(Right): This eye grants onto both eyes the ability to see things much more clearly, becoming extremely critical and holding awesome processing capabilities for Minh to be able to look upon a situation and plan everything out in his mind within a short time-frame. The right eye grants a 50% boost in mental processing, mathematically planning out a move. This however, does not allow one to move faster but rather react quicker.

    The Eye of Truth(Left): The ability granted by the left eye allowed Minh to see minute details that require one to think outside the box. These details are usually small details and happenings that occur in front of him, or in the case of combat, weaknesses in a foe. Either in their equipment, fighting stance, or their very being, Minh can see these weaknesses and will use them to his advantage. This bonus is penetration, allowing him to break through defenses and armors of the same rank with precision.

    Gaia's Life energy(Heart): Minh is pumped full of enriching blood further imbued by Gaia's very earthly essences, giving the young man a constant 5% HP/MP regeneration rate.

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    Re: The Eyes of Gaia and Heart of Gaia(Three magic items, starting off weak

    Post by Rosetta Crawford on 2nd March 2015, 6:00 am

    Firstly please use the full template:


    For strengths and weaknesses have them relate to the abilities generally and perhaps how much it takes to break the item.

    Eye of wisdom is ok...but I think 25% at this stage
    Eye of truth: Explain this further as i'm not sure what it does, but it won't let you to break through armours and precisions more easily.
    Gaia's life energy - No. You will not get this particularly on a weak item. You could have it so that your natural regen for mp (10% every 5 posts) is increased to 12% OR you cold have it that you regen say 1% hp per post (though as we don't have a HP system yet...)


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