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    Cherry Listens! (Musings Of A Retired Mage)


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    Completed Cherry Listens! (Musings Of A Retired Mage)

    Post by Cherry 13th April 2019, 5:28 pm

    Cherry smiled to herself. It was time to take on another job! Staring up at the Job Request Board in the Fairy Tail Guild Hall, she leaned back and forth on her feet, looking over the board. There were a lot of jobs this time, but very few that were simple little errands for her to do. One caught her eye though… She looked up at the request, and snatched it, looking over the flier. ‘RETIRED MAGE SEEKING LISTENER’, it said. That seemed simple enough. She just had to listen to someone ramble on about their life, right? That was really simple! Cherry was a good listener. She could do this easy! And it was for 5,000 Jewel! She definitely scored a good job. She went to the bar and told the Master’s assistant which job she was gonna go on, and took the flier with her, walking out of the Guild Hall and smiling to herself. This was gonna be a great day! Thankfully, the residence of the mage wasn’t very far away, maybe a mile or so. She listened to her music with her LacPhones on the walk and made it there in no time. She looked up at the retired wizard’s abode, it was… In a tree? Huh. She knocked on the door and waited. Soon, a very tall man with a very long white beard and striking blue eyes opened the door. Cherry showed him the flier. “I’m here to listen to you, Sir!” she said, smiling. This apparently pleased the mage, and he let her in, stepping aside. “Please, come in. I just finished making cookies! Would you like some tea, or milk?” he asked. “Milk, please, and thank you.” She wasn’t expecting to be fed as well! Score! She politely walked in and left her bag at the door. She was led to a little sitting area, and she sat down in one of the surprisingly very comfy chairs that was definitely way too big for her. She smiled and looked around, seeing most of the furniture was finely made and looked like it was all handmade. She waited for the mage to return, swinging her feet and humming happily. She couldn’t wait to hear the stories this guy had to say. Once the mage returned, he had a plate of hot cookies on a tray, with a glass of cold milk and a mug of hot tea. He placed the tray on the coffee table and sat down. “I wasn’t expecting such a young lady to come and listen to me ramble on. You’re a wizard?” he asked. Cherry nodded. “Mhm! I use Animal Transformation Magic.” she said with a giggle. “How wonderful!” he said, smiling at her and nodding. Cherry took a cookie politely and her glass of milk, paying attention to the retired mage as he spoke.

    He told her tales of his days when he was in his prime, going on adventures with his friends. She learned that he used Wood Make Magic, and because of this, learned how to work with wood to make furniture. He told her that everything in the house was made by him. She commented that he was very talented and he thanked her. Cherry listened intently to his stories. He recalled several stories about fighting with his friends, taking on formidable foes and going on exciting jobs. How he met his wife on a job and they ended up getting married and having three children, who then had children of their own. He got out a photo album and showed her the pictures of his children and grandchildren, telling her about them. Cherry smiled and listened politely. He went on and on about his life and adventures for hours, and finally once he had nothing else to recall, Cherry yawned. It was almost her bedtime, and her roommate was probably getting worried about her. The mage smiled at Cherry and told her that she reminded him of his only daughter, and sent her home.

    Cherry had a lot of fun talking and listening with the old Mage, and made her way home with 5,000 jewel and a new friend. She decided today was a good day, and headed back to Fairy Hills with her reward and a good feeling in her heart. Boy was she tired though… Nothing a good nights rest wouldn’t fix!

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