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    Steam Bun Shuffle


    Steam Bun Shuffle Empty Steam Bun Shuffle

    Post by Guest 12th April 2019, 4:54 am

    Looking back on it, Leliana would have to admit that taking on this particular job was a bad decision. It had been a day or so since her unhappy conversation with the elderly mage and the black haired girl, rather than take a few days to recover had simply accepted the first job that she had found a flyer for and got on with it, trying to bury her feelings with her work. The job itself was all right and Leliana had learned from a young age how to cook although it kept bringing back memories that she did not want to relive. Her hands gracefully moved across the various chopping boards and even the head chef was impressed with the speed of her work but his compliments were just answered with nothing from the mage. She would do her best to make sure that the banquet that he was planning would go off without a hitch but that was about as far as it went. In truth, Leliana was afraid to speak but for once it was not because of nerves but instead due to the fear that she might just burst in to tears if she did. Her mind was a mess and the expression on her face was entirely blank, beside the unhappy look in her eye.

    The banquet itself was a success and the wealthy diners certainly enjoyed their meal, judging from the sizeable tips that the left the waitresses, much to the head chefs joy. He had a smile on his face and the reputation of his restaurant would no doubt grow in spades, now that those with the deepest pockets were aware of the place. It would go from strength to strength although for Leliana, it did little to cheer her up and she simply accepted her payment when the time came, brushing off the chefs offer of a full time role, before leaving the building. She had probably not uttered more than five words the entire night but at least she had been able to complete her task and had been duly paid for it. She decided at that point to leave Oak Town for a while and perhaps head for Magnolia instead for a change of pace. The mage was eager to leave this unhappy little episode behind her and head for pastures new although that was just wishful thinking. Leliana could not help but brood and beating herself up was just something that she was so used to doing by now. With those unwanted thoughts in mind, she continued on her journey, leaving the restaurant behind her and off towards her next adventure. Perhaps she could find another farming job in Magnolia, a task that she had suddenly come to love after her first two jobs doing that kind of work. Honestly, anything but speaking to old mages would be a pleasant experience for her and she headed off in to the darkness of the night, it was that thought which was at the forefront of her mind.

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