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    Entertain The Patients

    Caitlin Yaguar
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    Entertain The Patients Empty Entertain The Patients

    Post by Caitlin Yaguar 11th April 2019, 3:53 am

    She could just not say no when it came to kids or charities and Leliana had made the trip from Rose Garden to Magnolia in order to answer a request from a nurse. From what it said, the children's usual source of entertainment, a magician, was unable to make it and so the black haired mage had offered to help out in her own way. Despite her hesitance around being recognised, her name had slowly started to get out among those in the medical profession and she had been given a letter from the head of the Rose Garden medical facility in appreciation for her work there. Oh, she appreciated the gesture, it was just that she was so unused to being praised until recently and it made her feel a little uncomfortable. However, she would be lying if she said that it  was a bad feeling as such. Anyway, she was in pretty high spirits as she arrived at the hospital and talked to the nurse, who after reading the letter, was more than happy to give her the job. The kids were in a pretty glum mood, a feeling that Leliana could understand all too well, having her own problems when it came to anxiety and negative thoughts. So, she would do her best to cheer them up.

    Surprisingly, she did not feel that anxious when she actually entered the room, despite the fact that there were about twenty pairs of eyes on her. Perhaps it was because they were around her age rather than adults and it made things easier. Anyway, rather than put on her show, Leliana decided to instead simply summon four of her friendlier spirits and let the children and teenagers speak and play with them for a while. She brought out her main four, Blaziken, Greninja, Ninetails and Sylveon, all of which were pretty popular with the kids. The fire chicken ended up having arm wrestling matches with the tougher kids, Greninja used his ninja skills to perform a few tricks of his own, Ninetails created a few ice sculptures using ice and Sylveon sang for the children who were a little nervous of Leliana's other summons. It turned out well although the mage herself did not say much and simply let her spirits take all the attention, which they always appreciated.

    The nurse popped her head in after a while and smiled at the scene, before taking a seat next to Leliana, "I haven't seen them so happy in ages although with some of the conditions they have, I don't blame them for feeling blue. Some of them have it rough, I'm afraid."

    "Are they going to be OK?" Leliana asked, somewhat dreading the answer.

    "Most of them will be fine although we're not all that sure about the youngest," the nurse replied sadly, "She came to us in a terrible condition and her progress is pretty much nil. It looks like she's taken a liking to your......What did you call that pink skinned creature?"

    "Her name is Sylveon," Leiliana replied, "She's the healer of my group and I hope that she can make your patient a little more comfortable. Her songs can heal wounds but I don't know if they work on illnesses."

    "The fact that you came here and were willing to help has done more than you think," the nurse said softly, "Thank you for coming, Leliana and I hope that one day, you find what you're looking for."

    They both smiled softly and returned their gazes forwards to watch the happy scene playing out in front of them.

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