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    A Sacrificial Mistake (Yuiisai/Mission)


    Shadow of Death

    Shadow of Death

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    A Sacrificial Mistake (Yuiisai/Mission) Empty A Sacrificial Mistake (Yuiisai/Mission)

    Post by Sol 7th April 2019, 4:01 am

    Job Info:

    It was a normal day on the continent of Tolgalen and inside the West Fiore Trading Company Sol had just finished his paperwork for the day, he knew that they had a department to handle much of the paperwork but the void dweller did find something refreshing about doing his part of it as well. with the last paper stacked neatly into his outbox he touched a rune on the side and the stack vanished to the appropriate destination as the Deathless stretched and stood before he grabbed his company jacket and headed out of his office and down to the job board to get something to do.  As he headed down the stairs  Sol stopped by the receptionist desk and passed one of them a Memo to give to Ruvel to let him know that the VP would be off the island on a mission if he was needed. With that task done the slayer moved deeper into the building where the job board was and he started to scan his eyes across the flyers posted up.

    The Deathless had a bored look on his face as so many of the scraps of papers were for simple chores which while he would dabble in from time to time was not was he was looking for,Sol wanted to stretch  his legs and get off the continent if nothing else then to perhaps find some entertainment or perhaps something to help him or the company. after a moment he caught sight of one flyer that seemed different then the rest. It was a request for powerful mages but what was odd was that it was very vague in terms of what the mission truly was.it piqued the slayers interest but also had him suspicious. Grabbing the paper Sol rolled it up and put it into a shadow portal before he walked out of the HQ and down the paved path down to the docks. As he went thru the docks the workers would smile and wave at him and greet him kindly and Sol returned the greetings in turn while sighing at the warm weather they had been lucky to have lately, it was perfect not to hot and not to cold  the tempeture that the Vice president loved  when he was outdoors,stepping onto a ship Sol quickly spoke to the  captain and explained his destination and after a few minutes they were on the water and moving at high speed.

    Moving up  to the front of the shop Sol stood as he pulled out the flier and  mulled over what he had heard as he left from some other members, the whispers he had heaerd was that this was not the first time this mission had appeared and many that took it never returned. In the Slayers head this was an ill omen but he didn’t back down for the simple reason was if someone didn’t figure out the problem it would keep happening so the Void Dweller wanted to get to the bottom of this. Looking up Sol noticed that the clouds were suddenly getting thicker and darkening.”Great looks like rain on the horizon… well it doesn’t matter doesn’t change my task rain or shine im finishing this” he said as he pulled out his skull like mask from a portal, since this captain was knowledgeable with Onyx Moon Sol knew that the secret was safe with this man.Sol would then put on his mask as his clothing shifted to the dark suit and coat of his Onyx Moon persona Reaper. Normally Sol wouldn’t use his mask for such an occasion but with the  suspicious signs on this mission  the Deathless wanted to be safe in case this risked some backlash. If being part of Onyx Moon taught the Deathless anything it was that it was never a bad idea to have backup plans and contingency’s in case something went south.

    As they sped towards the destination Sol thought about how much his body and abilitys had changed since he took that near fatal hit from Demis scythe, he had been informed that he should have died right then and there but somehow he had managed to avoid it by luck and now he was becoming something that Demi was and he was still adapting to it, he didn’t mind the snow white skin but he was finding his magic was reacting to it and his understanding of magic was becoming stronger and deeper the more he learned about what he was and would become.already he was learning some abilitys of his new race that he found incredible and  that would help him in his dutys to the company and on his missions.

    Seeing the shore rapidly approach Sol cracked his neck and stretched a bit as he prepped himself for whatever he could encounter in this village that the mission was supposed to be at. As the boat reached the shallows Sol floated off the vessel as the captain moved out to deeper water to be safe and the Warlords feet touched warm sand and his masked face scanned the beach as he saw that there was no danger and he started towards the village, his form seemed relaxed but the masked man was on edge and ready to react in a fraction of a second to use his bow or his shotguns to deal with any issues.”So far so good   this could be interesting or a total bust “ he said wondering why this job would be so vague. To the Void Dwller it seemed like bait or a job that was way to easy for the amount of money it payed. But he knew that nothing ventured was nothing gained. Sol thought for a moment and hoped that his Servant Yuzuruha was doing well back in Myazhe, since she had come into his service she had been intensely loyal and diligent in her duties and Sol was extremely grateful to her for her services and made sure he never took it for granted. Going up the sandy Bank the Slayer prepared himself for whatever might happen.

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