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    Clerance's Mistake


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    Clerance's Mistake Empty Clerance's Mistake

    Post by Nadarr on Sun 24 Mar 2019 - 17:33

    Clarence would find his way on another job that the guild had asked him to do for them.  It was a bit of a cloudy day as he walked to a tower that  home to a mage that he had to take care of.  This mage was a threat to all other mages, a big enough threat to the point they felt the need to send Clearance to go and deal with this problem.  People around these parts have apparently been dissappering and going missing for unknown rasoms why...or atleast they were unknown up until now.  One of the kidnapped victims for the survivor as their calling him had escape from this Wizards grass and went to the authorities to explain everything that he's been doing the people. And what he started to explain was a very terrifying experience. She had begun to describe how this wizard had been experimenting on the subject he has been kidnapping.  He has been doing experiments with magic but have been involving putting several different types of magic into one person in the non standard way. Something along the lines of putting body parts together with other teachers in such to try to absorb their magic. In any case he was killing  his victims in getting very little result were from what the man could tell he was getting very little results. Either way this had to stop he had to make him stop it's experimenting even if he had to deal with this in a aggressive Manor which ultimately would have to.  The man in question in name was a man known as Faust.  This man with a danger to and everyone in the area so he had to be. What so Clarence would do that. Aside from that he had a special hatred for illegal experimenting regarding matter. As memories of this world flowing to his mind would get his arms around the bandage that covered them thinking about his time in the council. It was a dark and cloudy day outside the wind howling outside as he looked up at the tower with Coco taking a small breath.  He was now outside of in a Stone and wooden tower just outside the city. As he got there with his companion Coco he were look up the tower and see it was shaped in a way where it was skinny going up and there was a rather large chamber at the top which is probably what everything happened.  It was a tower that went about 50 FT into the air and the top of it was closed off so you could not see inside of as far as he could tell at least. He would walk up to the tower whooping up at with his companion Coco floating next to him with her wings expanded looking up at the spire before them. Coco then began to speak to Clarence.  “ how always supposed to get out there I don't see a door down here anywhere do you?” she would ask as they Circle the bottom of the spire. Clarence head made this observation is well nursing there was no obvious entry point at the bottom of the tower which made him wonder how he even got into the tower when he would steel his victims.  Clarence would then look up to the sky and then back at Coco. “ could you perhaps why up there and see if they're is an entryway up there at all.”  she would give a firm nod and start to hover up to the top of the tower as Clarence began to look through her eyes.  A she got to the top she saw there was still no windows be seeing other than one skylight that was very small. She would slowly in the carefully float over to it to what's the the glass and see what she could see inside the tower.  As they looked inside the Tower with Clarence watching true her eyes what days are was a unimaginable sight.  The room was hovered in body parts and blood.  Like a butcher that was ment for people.  A single operating table sat in the middle of the room which was lit by touch light and a magical orb over the table shining like a miniature sun.  There were cells along the far walls that were meant for his victims birthday were all either empty or had corpses inside of them.  By the operating table there was a corpse on it with a man sewing a new arm to it.  Thr man was a pale skinny gentleman with stitching going all around his body.  He had short blonde hair and cracked glasses on with his long white lab coat.  As he worked Coco turned away glying back to Clearance.  She had a scared work on her face as see you hovered in front of Clarence. “Do we have to go in there?”  Clarence shook his head at her. “ you don't but I do…” He sighed deeply. Her eyes would widen in Surprise as she shook her head quickly.” no no no you can't go in there he could kill you!” she said scared. Clarence would just reach out a hand and rub her head nodding as she gave a deep sigh.  “ is it means anything I plan on catching him off guard and ending it quickly. “ he said with less comfidence then he should.  Shebwould groan. “ fine…” she said and then lifted him off the ground into the air to the roof.  Clarence would look down at the window looking at the man who was just finishing sewing the arm to the body. As he would watch him finish up he was slowly take a deep breath not liking the imagery he was seeing as he reached into his spell component pouch and rub his fingers into some molasses and put out a bit of fur as well.  He would kneel down as quietly as he could bring his molasses covered fingers to the window taking a deep breath before muttering the spell slow. His eyes would go for a brief second as he watched him slow down immediately and I confused look on his face as he dropped the needle he was holding. As he would turn to see what was happening Clarence was already rubbing the fur between his fingers pointing at a him through the window.  “Lightning bolt.”  he would say eyes the fiction from the fur would start with spark in his hand before shooting out violently and a massive lightning bolt towards Faust.  As the lightning bolt clash through the window and arced to him there was no chance for him the Dodge as it slammed into him sending him into the table in back into it. Clarence wasn't going to have any chance to catch the spell hors do anything as his eyes glow a shade of purple as he casting his magic missile spell slamming 3 darts of magic energy into him slamming him further back into the table as there was a soft plume of smoke.  Taking a deep breath he would jump down through the window looking towards where the smoke was at he went to investigate further. As he got close to the smoke a hand would fly out and glass his neck selling them into one of the bars of the cage across the room choking him.  The hand was floating there no attached to anything,  it was fausts hand that he severed from his body.  As he was getting choked he could feel the book he was holding fall from his hands unable to reach it as a hand lift him into the air  against the bars.  Has the dust said he was sending there is arm was so off but it looked like he was fine and would have just sewed his body back together quickly. This must have been his magic as he felt his hand grouping his neck as he would've about it trying to feed himself. It looked like you was about to speak however and taunt Clarence for his ignorance. She could feel the life leaving him as his breath would start to grow short trying to pry this hand off him with his own unable to do it kicking against the bars completely vulnerable at this moment without that book.   he had a scared look in his eyes as he saw Faust start to laugh a Sadistic laugh.  A look and laugh all his victims had probably heard before meeting there demise.  However I see one to open his mouth to say anything a voice will come from above. Coco's eyes will be blowing blue as sparks would come from her for.” Lightning bolt!”  she would yell as As the fur on her body would start to spark a little bit and a mess of Arc of lightning which shoot out towards Faust breaking his concentration as the handles free from him sending him back into the table again.  He lay there for a minute as Clarence slowly got up catching his breath opening his book again breathing a bit heavier now holding his hand over his book just glaring at him I was trying to finish this along with everything else in this Tower it was nothing but evil.  He'll grab a Small piece of bone from his pocket quickly casting his Ray of enfeeblement spell.As the spell would hit him he would feel him weakening from it as it blasted away any tools that was nearby him leaving him helpless on the ground still alive but helpless  nonetheless.  He would see Faust laying on the ground barely alive at this point not having anything left in him just staring up at Clarence his mouth was charged he couldn't talk but he gave a look,  a very Sinister look. Clearance would walk to the table and grab two books,  they were spell books, one was a necromancy spell book and one seemed to be a more life spell book.  He took these as proof that he had done the job and then with that he summoned Coco down to him.  “Thank you...Coco” he said walking over to Coco hugging the Exceed tightly for a minute catching Coco off guard.  His care was he wasn't careful enough and if it wasn't for Coco he might had actually died here.  This was something that he would have to be more carful with in the future he had things he needed to do and dying here...in this hell of a tower wasnt on the agenda.  eventually letting go of coco. “Yeah...we are partners and friends...I’ll always have your back” she said with a very genuine smile .   he would this look at her she smiled grabbing him let me come to the window. As they flew up to the window.  He would look down at Faust an image of the council member that did him wrong flashed in his head...He had no regrets anymore about what he was going to do.   Clearance are open his book and part a bit of sulfur in cast Fireball through the window cause an explosion in the room determined to burn this Tower to the ground. As  the Towering erupted into flames and started crackling on the inside all I can hear is Faust's laughter as you start to get burned alive unable to move inside the tower.  It was a quiet fly back towards Magnolia not one to say a single word to each other thinking about what just happened listening to the sadistic laughter in the background not sure what to make of this but the job was done and that's all that matters right now.   As he heard the tower crackling in the background from the fire as it caught fully on fire now the black smoke rising in the air eventually the sound drowning out the left or faust…. and at least one nightmare was now over.

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