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    B-yond Understanding


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    B-yond Understanding Empty B-yond Understanding

    Post by Morrigan 4th April 2019, 10:29 am

    The quiet of the forest was nothing new to Haley. The mage grew up in the mythical forests, filled with things like monsters, witches and other beings a normal human would run in fear cause they do not understand the nature of the beasts that rule the forest. It is perhaps the folly of men to simply react with violence and cruelty to things beyond that they consider the normal.

    Haley had been tasked by the guild mistress, both as a test and a study, to investigate a mysterious forest not charted on the maps. However numerous reports of the location proved to be alarming and garnered the attention of Silver Wolf. They could not simply however send someone weak, so they chose Haley, the shape shifting potion mistress of the guild. Haley did not disagree, time away from the bustle was good for her and her ears. The well up of emotions was also there, making her heart feel weighted. She wants time alone, and perhaps this was a good way to do it.

    Armed with knives and innate powers, she treks the dense growths of the forest. The light barely passes through the canopy, mere dots of sunshine sprinkled the damp undergrowth and provided a soft heat and humidity to this wonder of nature. Haley took notes down on a book of papers that easily detached, adding to a leather folder with the Silver Wolf logo. There were moments the girl wished there was a flat patch of dry to settle down to jot down the notes, but the hard cover of the book would serve fine till such a thing comes into her view.

    However as she continued, Haley stopped. Something felt weird, odd even. Usually she would find herself encountering something that inhabited the forest by now, like a small forest animal or perhaps an insect of some sort, instead she was face to face with a silence. Haley then kept everything into her suitcase, which promptly disappears as she turns into a crow. Now that she thought about it, not a single raven or crow had appeared before her. Usually they would flock areas Haley would find herself in, but not a single black feather in sight.

    Flying through the forest, blended as an animal of the forest, Haley continues her survey. Despite the oddity of the lack of fauna, the girl had a job to do to prove to the guild mistress she was stronger than before. The tense atmosphere did not help either. Then it hits her. Haley soars up towards the canopy, and continues to soar, and flies higher. Haley stops her ascent. Something is wrong.

    The forest canopy according to measurements should have been merely meters tall, the height of most of the trees she keeps seeing. However it proved impossible to even reach such a short distance with flight. The forest was enchanted by something. Haley descends, touching the damp floor as a person. Then something felt wrong. The damp floor, it felt too thick, too warm. Haley looks at her hand and sees the crimson of blood. Haley looks to the floor. A dead rabbit underneath her, a fresh kill, but no signs of a predator, just blood all over its dead body. Haley tried to pick it up only for it to dissolve into maggots that quickly metamorphoses into flies, swarming Haley as they fly past.

    Haley had to get out. However the forest seem to know such an intention, the very trees seemingly shifting their position right before her eyes. It was a mistake to come here alone. Haley then did the one thing she knew was guranteed her safety. Quickly Haley pulls the suitcase over her head and lets it swallow her, before locking itself tight.

    Inside Haley could see the outside, but things did not feel right even inside the safety of her home. Lights swarmed her, tingles of great alarm. Something unnatural had begun to stalk the area around her. It was powerful, to the point of scaring the lights. Then a hand grabs the suitcase, then more hands, and then even more. A large multi handed being begun to inspect the suitcase, rubbing the grotesque amount of digits over the leather. Haley could see it was a creature, unholy to the sight, made of men and women, fused by the skin and muscle in a horrifying formation that gave the monster the appearance of deer with many many prongs on its antlers.

    Haley then saw it attempt to pry the locks, but they remained shut. It tried to slip its fingers into the tiny slip. It was horrifying to say the least, as nothing should be able to even enter her suitcase. Grabbing a knife, she takes a breath before kicking the suitcase open, and stabbed the horrific amalgamation of things in the face before running. She could hear it yell its blood churning scream, ringing through the dense forest without looking back. Something about that monster. It made Haley want to run, to fear for her life. To escape like prey being hunted by predators. Haley then stops, cold sweat running down her face. The beast was gone, and now she was incredibly deep into the woods. The fog of night was descending, and her hair stood on end.

    "What... what is going on..." Haley sat down on the damp leaves, looking into the distance of the forest. There she saw a gentle flicker of light. A short figure walks out from between the trees. It was a lamp, but with a foot. Haley stares at it, and though flustered, picks her knife up and points it at the figure. The lamp shakes itself, getting closer with each hop. Behind it, was a bear. A hulking bear. No bear in the world ever matched its size. Each hulking step was like watching a behemoth take a step, the earth packs itself in with every step, cracks under those whale hook like claws. Yet, there was something odd about it. The bear goes onto its hind legs, and the lamp becomes a staff, while the bear turns into a woman wearing thick fur clothes and braids over her thick ginger hair. A tattoo is over her face. She looks around cautiously, before speaking a language Haley did not understand. Then, her head goes blank, and the world turns black.

    Haley woke back up at the guild. It was like she never left. Beside her desk, was a chart fully done, and a little get-well soon card pile. Haley rubs her head, confused. What in the world freaking happened?

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