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    [Dies Irae] Crusade: The Purge


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    [Dies Irae] Crusade: The Purge Empty [Dies Irae] Crusade: The Purge

    Post by Johann on 19th March 2019, 6:32 am


    Job Title: Crusade: The Purge
    Rank: 100yr
    Job Location: Islands
    Solo Word Count: 12,500
    Group Word Count: 25,000
    Additional Requirements: You need to have completed “Crusade: Hunted”.
    Job Description: Now that you know the best place to strike and have a clear shot, now is the time to do so. Even with the trouble you’ve caused, Rui Nation’s plans are nearly ready to enact and would decimate much of Fiore and plunge it into darkness. Exterminate the heads of the nation as well as all other dark mages you come across that are unable to see the error of their ways. The blight must be purged for the good of everyone. Let your fiersome strength shine for all to see, to strike fear in the hearts of all dark mages that dare try this again.

      Enemies: Rui Nation Citizens
      Enemy Rank: Normal
      Enemy Stats: You can spawn as many of these as you wish. As you defeat the overlord and commence the culling, you’ll get mobbed by loyalists as well as have to chase the more cowardly ones down. Magic is customizable, and all are equal to B rank stats.

      Enemies: x8 Council Skullbearers
      Enemy Rank: Strong
      Enemy Stats: The octagonal table at the feet of a high throne holds eight dark mages responsible for organizing and carrying out the overlord’s plans to reign death upon Fiore. Each has a skull on as a helmet or crown, and upon near defeat, they will smash them into the ground for a devastating blast and the summoning of a skeletal creature. Magic types and spells are customizable and equal to S rank stats.

      Enemies: Overlord Greaper
      Enemy Rank: Boss
      Enemy Stats: The head honcho himself has descended his gaudy throne of skulls to vanquish you and save his dark brainchild. First and foremost he’s a summoner and has the strength enough to have five summons out at once. He seems intent on letting literally everyone do the fighting for him so his hands will remain clean, but forcing him to act is dangerous as well. Every single item on his body hosts some sort of deadly poison as well as the ability to project it out in burst range. Spells are customizable and equal to H rank stats.

    Reward: 100yr exp. Upon returning victorious from your crusade, Helga will be more than happy to give you 200k for saving Fiore from a war. You’ve earned a bit of fame as a great and mighty hero. Someone might even throw confetti at you in the Throne Hall, though make sure someone cleans it up right after.

    ~credit to Nameless


    [Dies Irae] Crusade: The Purge Johannsiggies

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