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    Happy holidays!


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    Happy holidays! Empty Happy holidays!

    Post by Nadarr 25th February 2019, 3:43 am

    Clarence would it be sitting in the Guild Hall holding a red box with green stripes going down at diagonally. It was time for the annual secret santa event for the guild which made Clarence a little nervous due to the fact that he really wasn't a social person so doing these types of things was a little out of his range.  However he was told to be spayed and he would purchase paid even though he didn't have a lot of money he was willing to give someone something.   you got another girl in and upon doing some research and found out that she was a fan of sweets,  particularly chocolates.Clarence had gone out and bought some pretty okay chocolates he didn't have the money to buy they really fancy type that would be preferable but he didn't make the effort to buy something better than just nothing.   as it was getting closer to give your other partner gifts he would wander around your house for a brief moment looking for the person he had hoping that he didn't mess up or that she would at least like what he got her as he found this person he would slowly walk over to them holding his box for her.  She was. A red haired girl wearing a tacky Christmas sweater whos job was to help clean up and matian the guild.  She was nice enough however he hasn't really talked to her at all.  “Hello I got you this….um... I hope you enjoy it” he would say horny on a box with a girl as she smiled and took it opening the box  her eyes shining when she saw was a box of chocolates hugging it to a chest.  “Thank you!”  she said giving him a hug as she then gave him a bag.  The bag was tied shut by aittle bit of red frilly ribbon. Looking confused he would sloaly undo the red ribbon and open the bag, removing some paper that was in the bag to hide the contents.  Upon looking in the bag he saw a set of brand new feather pens that she had gotten for him with some ink.  Among the poempens and ink were to book clasps that were better then the current ones he had to hold all of his books im his coat.  He looked surprised to see someone actually get what he would want. “ t thank you very much...i appreciate this…” he said smiling a little. The girl would then hug him out of nowhere tightly smiling and giggling “ happy holidays clearance.” She savoir warmly. Clearance was defiantly taken off gaurd by her hugging him as he looked down at her.  He didnt know what he should do exactly. He would raise his hand and slowly pat her head smiling only a little liking the hug. “ happy holidays...to you to…” he said softly, though his words carried weight. He was filled with a warm feeling as she hugged him holding her bag tightly cherishing it.

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