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    Flames of Time


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    Flames of Time Empty Flames of Time

    Post by Mythica 16th February 2019, 5:56 pm

    Mythica awoke somewhat early. Or so it would seem. She slowly opened her eyes as the shades of the sun’s rays filtered in through the curtains of her small room. Her mismatched gaze blinked a few times as she laid motionless in the small bed her body was situated in. A few seconds of this, she finally summoned enough strength to rise herself. Leaning up in her bed, she began to recall the previous day’s events. If her memory didn’t fail her, it was rather uneventful. The days lately she found similar actually. Nothing exciting ever seemed to really occur in the town of Talonia . Why was that? She couldn’t even begin to guess, but it didn’t really matter to her anyways. Not for her job at least. No, Mythica had other worries to think about. Having a small wave of boredom pass over her and this town couldn’t be a factor big enough to stray her mind from the time wizard’s usual duties. With that thought in mind, she silently turned her legs over, and stood up. Stretching her arms for a moment, before letting a small yawn out, she would proceed to open the curtains. The light blinded her only for a moment, but there wasn’t much. She peered out the glass pane eagerly to conclude it was raining. Grey clouds filled the sky, and unleashed the rain on the town below. The girl would continue to dress herself with her usual black casual dress. She stopped for a moment… Listening… No one was awake. Not yet anyways. Judging by the amount of light outside (some of it obscured by the clouds.) Mythica could tell it was around 5:30 in the morning. A lot earlier then she would usually get up, but over the recent days the girl found herself having trouble sleeping. The source of this sleep deprivation was unknown to her, but it had started to get annoying. Even when she could get a few hours of sleep, they were always plagued with the same hazy dreams… She could never tell what exactly was happening in them, as most of the time they were simply flashes. Shaking her head silently, Mythica tried to forget the thoughts. She needed to occupy her mind with something other than rest it seemed. Silently walking down the hallway, careful not to wake up the other guests staying at the Inn, Mythica would make her way to the stairs. As expected, it was empty and quiet. Not unusual at least. It was rather dark though, and it gave an ominous feeling over the empty bar.

    Simply nodding the girl turned and walked over to an empty seat. Ordering nothing but a small cup of tea, she sat alone. Silently thinking to herself….

    For the last month, they’ve been getting more and more frequent. And yet, their meaning still eluded Mythica. Her dreams were vivid, hazy, and unknown to her, but she could tell they were the same. Because every time she slept… She could feel a dark, but familiar presence. The only thing Mythica could remember from these dreams was an empty void. She was standing alone on a wet surface. However, there was something there. She wasn’t truly alone. Something lurking in the shadows, closely watching the girl. The time wizard could never figure out what exactly it was, but every time it was there. Watching. Waiting. But for what? The feeling was the only warning she ever got, before the rest of her dream was just flashes. And then she’d awake in the dead of night. Unable to fall back asleep again. These dreams began to concern Mythica more and more, so now it was time she decided to investigate. She was convinced these images in her head were no longer coincidences. They couldn’t be? Could they? Mythica couldn’t decide on her own, but she knew something that may be able to help. Nightmare had many, MANY years of knowledge all stored away in the guild’s library. A giant hold of hundreds of books deep underneath the Guildhall. Mythica knew if anything could help her decipher these odd dreams, the answer would be hidden somewhere in the guild’s giant codex. So she needed to return to Sin and discover it for herself. That was her mission now.


    Making her way through the torchlit stairways, Mythica continued to descend deeper into the earth underneath the guildhall. Soon she reached a rather long hallway with a very large door located at the end of it. The door itself had intricate designs depicting bloody thorns lining the metal frames. Placing a palm on the large double doors, she pushed only slightly before the entrance opened itself… Revealing the massive library. Mythica was phased by its enormity for only a seconds, staring intently at the massive hall, trying to memorize every little detail. However, the time wizard quickly shook the thought remembering why she came down here in the first place. Mythica silently made her way through the massive bookshelves, eyeing them carefully for anything she thought would help her. Despite that though, she already knew where she was headed. In the center of the library lied a single, solitary book. A giant codex of information regarding not only the guild info, but also much of the known knowledge of the world itself. Mythica knew she could find an answer somewhere within these pages.

    Turning a corner, she finally encountered it. It was isolated by a long walkway which led to a small platform held by a pillar that extended from the inky blackness far below. Of course, if you looked hard enough you’d be able to see there were more levels to this library then once could even consider. Many assumed though, this book had all the information assembled into this library all poured into it. You just needed to know what you were looking for, and if the library contained any knowledge of the subject, the pages would flip to the ones that were relevant. Relying on this information, Mythica would continue to slowly make her way along the long catwalk that led to the giant book. She was just thankful the library was for the guild only. If anyone would be allowed in here to obtain whatever knowledge they wanted, it could have disastrous effects. After all, knowledge was power wasn’t it? And power in the wrong hands could cause much destruction. Something that normally didn’t concern the girl. After all, she had killed thousands of people in her life, burned cities to the ground even.. But lately those feelings felt somewhat alien to her. Dangerous even. She wasn’t sure why, but she knew that the kowledge within this book was sacred. Thankfully the book itself was well guarded, having an extremely powerful enchantment placed upon it to prevent anyone without the guildmark from using it. Even those who were part of the guild were still restricted from certain topics. Luckily for Mythica, she knew the subject she was looking for wasn’t very dangerous in the wrong hands, so the codex should let her delve into it.

    Gazing upon its leather cover, her mismatched gaze shifted over it silently, placing a hand on a large black gem carved into its surface. Closing her eyes, she began to speak. “I seek the knowledge of the dream weavers. The power to interpret messages sent to us from the subconscious, and where to translate.” At these words, the gem on the book cover would glow slightly with an ominous purple color. Before long, the pages shifted, and the cover of the giant book flipped open! Mythica was taken back for only a moment at the sheer speed of which the item responded. It’s massive pages flipping too fast for her eyes to count. However, soon the book would begin to slow and then stop. Mythica would silently stare at it for a moment, before moving closer to examine its contents. She was met with a massive wall of text, from which she could barely read because of the tiny print. She managed to decipher most of it however, and was met with a paragraph that suited her interest. It was placed under a headline, titled: “Dream Interpretation” She found it odd that the majority of the vast page was filled with all the information about dreams, yet only a very small blurb was dedicated to understanding them. Not thinking about it for too long however, the girl would read…

    “For many, dreams are nothing but the realm of images and visions that the brain procures to occupy itself while the dreamer is asleep. However, not many seem to understand that almost all dreams have meaning to them, no matter how significant they may seem. Many go through their entire lives without finding this out, and even if they do they rarely discover how big a role their dreams play in predicting their own fate… I for one had encountered many such cases in my time studying the ancient arts, and discovered that dreams are not just a natural phenomenon, but are a form of magic in themselves. The true extent of this power is still unknown, but for one to interpret what the mana plain is trying to tell them, they must learn to spot the key features of said dreams. Despite how different all dreams may seem, I have narrowed them all down to different kinds that almost every dream will fit into in one way or another-”

    Mythica would then continue down the page to see the author explain the multiple categories of dreams, and try to discover which one hers belonged too. Of course, there seemed to be no category for those who could barely remember what occurred in their dreams, so Mythica was forced to continue reading for the answer she seeked.

    “Like as stated before, dreams are very mysterious, and some may not seem to fit into any of these categories at all. Of course that may be true for some cases, but unlikely. I myself have received many years of study devoted to this art, and will always be keen on learning more.”

    Beginning to become frustrated with the lack of answers Mythica had been receiving, she sighed heavily as the information on dream interpretation ended. Although, something else on the page caught her eye. At the end of the paragraph was a name. “Written by dream studier, and experienced pyromancer, Kallen Saver” The name didn’t really catch her intrigue, but the date did. According to this book, this entry had been written only a few years prior. That meant this man was still alive. Or Mythica would assume so anyways. After all, dream study didn’t seem like a dangerous field to work in. If this man WAS still around, perhaps he himself could assist the Time Wizard. Hopefully it was worth the try anyways. Closing the book, Mythica would place her hand on the cover once more, and would speak to the codex once more. “I seek the knowledge and last known residence of a pyromancer, and dream researcher, Kallen Saver.” Same as before, the gem would begin to glow, and the book would open once more. A few seconds of the flipping, and the pages would come to an abrupt halt. Closely eying the parchment, Mythica would scan the words until she found her mark. A small profile had been written up about this man. Reading it quickly, it gave Mythica exactly the information she needed, along with some other knowledge about the man. Sometimes it was actually scary how much this book had stored into it. You could find out a lot about anyone just by saying their name. How old they were, where they were born, where they currently live, family history you name it! Something that made Mythica shudder at the thought about how much personal info about each guild member was stored in here. Mythica had found out Kallen was only 37 years old, and lived in Oak Town. The page also gave her his last known address. Taking a moment to memorize the info, she simply smiled, turned, and walked out of the massive library as the large codex shut behind her…


    The hours passed without notice to Mythica, and soon the sky above the clouds would darken even moreso, telling her the sun was setting somewhere on the foggy horizon. Seeing as the trip was rather uneventful, Mythica would suspect that she was nearing her destination. Turning herself to see the front of the wagon, she would indeed see the legendary Oak temple shadowing the treeline. Smiling to herself, she got her things ready for departure. She had the wagon driver drop her off at the entrance of the large city like town, and thanked him again for letting her tag along. Now the next part of her mission seemed clear. She needed to find the residence of one Kallen Saver.

    Removing a small piece of parchment from her bag, Mythica would scan it quickly as it possessed the address of the man she came to see. Looking around for a moment, she tried to spot the street name she was currently situated on, and then proceed to follow the directions from there. Placing it back, Mythica would begin to traverse the stone streets. After a few more minutes of this, Mythica would finally arrive at the street she was told the dream researcher lived. Although… Something was off… She could sense it. Hitting her nostrils was the scent of smoke. Not uncommon in these large towns, except the smell of this smoke seemed large, and unnaturally close together… And that’s when she saw it. A huge billow of black smoke erupting from a building out of sight… Shortly followed by flashes of red around the corner, and screaming…

    Obviously something was wrong, and Mythica needed to figure out what was going on! Not wasting anytime, the Time Wizard quickly broke into a sprint, and ran through the street around the corner of a large building… Only to be confronted by a massive courtyard with a fountain in the center. The area seemed to be a small park, surrounded by houses. Except a few of the houses were up in flames! This was no natural fire.. No, the village was under attack! Mythica could see the culprits spitting fire from their hands with insane grins across their faces as they caused so much destruction to the buildings around them. She stood there motionless for a second, her gaze reflecting the burning flames… Dropping her bag, she simply called out the group. “HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” At this, a few of them stopped, and turned to face Mythica, who was only about 30 feet away from them. Smiling, one of them would step forward and simply yell in an amused tone. “Heh! What does it look like?! We’re burning these demons and their houses!” At the mention of “demons” Mythica simply clenched her fist. A look of intense anger formulated in her gaze. “Awww.. You don’t like it?! Well too bad! All demons must be purged!” He would yell again, before turning and continuing to shoot fire from his palms at the buildings. Of course, if there was ONE emotion Mythica could express, it was rage. These people they were harming weren’t demons! Calling them demons was an insult to Mythica and her like. She’d need to teach them what demons really were, because they obviously didn’t even know what demons were! Mythica had seen one firsthand, and had the blood of one flowing through her veins. These men were simply making up excuses in order to have their fun! While Mythica normally would do the same thing, that comment couldn’t be excused… And she would make them all beg for death before the end. At this, the clouds began to form slowly over the city, but no one seemed to notice except Mythica. She stared angrily at the group as the clouds got darker, and soon, low rumbles of thunder could be heard. People ran screaming for their lives past Mythica as a few fire wizards shot their spells towards them! Quickly raising a hand, Mythica would immediately be followed by a large magic seal. Two more seals appeared and out of them came the large faces of clocks. Behind her as she stood motionless were 6 long clock hands… Swaying silently as Mythica would begin to walk towards the group. At this display, all the fire wizards stopped dead in their tracks and stared at Mythica wide eyed. A terrifying, maniacle expression on her face. Not only was she a wizard… But the magic she used told them exactly what type. A Time Wizard… Soon, the fire wizards all got into defensive stances. “She’s a wizard too! T- take her out!”

    Mythica simply stared with a grin, as one hand came up and removed the button of her hood. Causing the brown cloak to fall from her shoulders. Revealing her long black hair, as well as her trademark black and orange dress. At first, the fire wizards were a little hesitant to attack her. “Don’t just stand there you idiots! She’s just as much as a demon as the others are! Kill her!” With that, three wizards would run towards her, and stop about 10 feet away, all shooting fire in long streams towards her! Mythica simply held her ground as the hot flames came rushing towards her. Suddenly the clock hands behind Mythica would bolt in front of her, creating a large shield to absorb the blow upon impact! Wasting no time, Mythica would use her superhuman agility to sprint towards the trio of fire wizards! They were paralyzed only for a moment seeing their spells have no effect on the time wizard, but her sprinting only made them panic, and fire more blasts at her! With expert precision, the clock hands would whip around, absorbing two of the blasts while Mythica elegantly turned out of the third one, leaping up high in the air above them! A look of fear masked on their faces as Mythica landed with a large crack as the stone in the pavement shattered, causing them to stagger. At this, Mythica simply swung her arm around, and 3 clock hands would bolt past her and proceed to smack into the three pyromancers! The force caused them to fly backwards several feet before skidding into the fountain. The impact of their bodies caused the rim of the fountain to crack, and it doused them with water… They were down for the count.

    Seeing her effortlessly whip those fire wizards into submission, more got ready to face the Time Wizard. Before Mythica could continue her assault however, a large, insane laugh was heard among the group. Pausing for a moment, Mythica could make out a figure standing on top of a burning house. Dressed in a tattered cloak, with a wicked grin across his lips. “HUEEEHEH! YOU  THINK YOUR LITTLE CLOCK SPELLS SCARE ME?!? I’LL SHOW YOU DEMONS WHAT FEAR IS!” With that statement, he would raise a hand. Mythica would stare wide eyed at him as a large fireball manifested in his palm. Giving another laugh, he would throw it! Mythica prepared to block its strike, except it wasn’t aimed at her… No, the fireball crashed directly into the edge of a building behind her! The wreckage crumbled as it fell apart, directly onto the street! The burning debris blocked the street completely, cutting off a large group of civilians from escaping! Mythica would turn her head to see a large group of citizens cowering in fear seeing their only path of escape getting destroyed. Right then, this man was obviously insane.  He began charging up another bolt, this time aiming directly at her! Seeing this in time, Mythica would shift her feet into a defensive stance, and she’d get ready for the moment… As soon as he threw it, Mythica would bring up her hands, summoning a large magic seal! Out of the seal a huge yellow pillar of yellow magic would blast out! Wasting no time, the Time Wizard would dive into this pillar, using it to launch up into the air. Within a split second of time left, she leaped out of the top of the magic beam and outstretched her hands as she was in the air, only 10 feet away from the large fireball! Soon all 6 of the clock hands appeared behind her and would spin through the air, and cover the Time Wizard! The impact of the fire ball caused the hands to shatter, and made Mythica get blown back. However, the power of her clock hands managed to successfully disperse the fire ball upon impact! With that, Mythica would back flip in the air before she landed, and skid several feet along the stone. Her magical weapons manifesting within her palms as she prepared to play offensivly now.

    Without thinking about catching her breath, Mythica lunged forwards again. Sprinting towards the group, she’d leap several feet in the air before landing straight in the middle of the fire wizards! Shielding herself for a moment from their attacks with a clock faced barrier, she’d then extend her arms, and release hell on the fire wizards around her, firing shot after shot of yellow  magic bullets. The shots managed to hit multiple targets as Mythica prepared more clock hands for the insane fire mage’s second wave of attacks, while dodging and attacking the other pyromancers.

    It seemed the citizens were in disarray, and were running and screaming all over the town square as Mythica struggled to to fend off the large group of pyromancers. It wasn’t long until the insane fire mage saw her being distracted, fighting his henchmen as he prepared another spell! Unfortunately, Mythica had no time to see this blast. The rush she was feeling intensified as she let out a loud laugh, more hands exploded from the ground and they made quick work of a half a dozen pyromancers who got too close to the Time Wizard. Huffing now, she was confronted with a new enemy. 3 more of them came rushing at her with flaming fists, but they seemed to be a lot braver than the others. Ducking under a blow, and sidestepping another, she’d return with with her own physical power! Yellow magic rushing around her hands and feet, Mythica would duck, spin and weave her way through the trio, while elegantly dodging their projectiles and landing a few shots here and there.  She managed to kick one straight in the face, sending him into a stagger. Wasting no time, she quickly followed through with a shot to the gut, and sending him straight into a water clock hand The clock hand swung him violently, before throwing him against a nearby building! Turning to see the other two wizards still standing, she’d continue to duck, dodge, flip, and jump her way through their attacks, until finally she managed to land a few of her own. Repeating a similar process, Mythica quickly shot both of them with her pistol right into her clock hands!

    After dealing with that group, Mythica would proceed to look up at the insane fire wizard. Still laughing, he prepared another strike. Soon, two very long clock hands would form around Mythica’s arms. Using them as extremely powerful whips, she would launch herself at him, slamming the clock hands into the roof he was standing on! The building began to shift from the sudden attack, and the insane fire wizard stumbled, losing his aim as the spell blasted off into the sky! He growled angrily, before jumping onto a more stable building. While this was happening, Mythica was busy dealing with more and more pyromancers! It seemed there was a small army of them! Constantly popping up out of the blue, firing spells at her. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out against these insane numbers. She dealt with similar mages as the ones before. Imploring a plethora of spells to gain the upper hand, and send them flying several yards…

    Duck! Roll! Flip! Spin! It was a rhythm Mythica had gotten used to by now. But of course, the longer she was distracted by the pyromancers, the more time the insane fire wizard had to launch his attacks at her. Summoning another large fireball, Mythica was too distracted, and wouldn’t be able to get to him in time to stop it. He launched it a building, causing it to tumble upon a group of citizens. Gritting her teeth, Mythica was done with this! Summoning as much strength as she could, she quickly mopped up the last few fire wizards! Smacking them against each other with her clock hands, Mythica flung all of them onto the ground as the smoke filled town square went somewhat silent…

    The insane fire wizard looked down at Mythica as she stared at him with hatred. Seeing the last of his group knocked out cold, he simply chuckled. “MY DEAR DEMON, I’LL HAVE TO PURGE YOU MYSELF IT SEEMS!”  He laughed maniacally, before charging up another spell! This time aimed at Mythica. Luckily, she had been standing within 10 feet of the cracked fountain, and she got ready in her battle stance, breathing heavily as her tattered clothes blew silently in the smoke. With a furious yell, the blue haired mage launched the blast directly at Mythica! A split second later, Mythica spun her arms around, firing several shots of yellow magic directly at the ball of flame careening towards her. After the smoke faded, she launched more bullets at him. Seeing it coming, he quickly jumped off the building, dodging the magic bullets before rolling on the ground in front of Mythica! With a flaming fist, her smashed the earth, causing a massive ripple of flames to explode from the ground! This was unexpected, and Mythica was helpless to dodge before being blown several yards backwards! She skidded on the ground, looking down at her waist to see a massive burn. Grunting in pain, she slowly stood straight again as the fire mage laughed again, launching several spells at her. Forcing herself to ignore the pain, Mythica managed to dodge the spells, launching her own clock hands at the man. He was agile, and clever, she’d give him that. She would use the ruin of the fountain to gain some height over her opponent, before leaping off the top of it, and releasing a flurry of attacks from above! He summoned a fire shield to block some of the incoming damage, but was unable to block all of it. Smirking as he staggered, Mythica landed directly behind him and swung around, slamming the side of his head with the end of her rifle! He grunted in pain, and the magical strength behind the hit caused him to fly directly into a nearby building. Smirking, she threw her guns over and charged up one massive blast, destroying the building a smoking ruin of stone and flame…

    Oh shit… Wait a minute. That guy had blue hair and was a pyromancer..

    Kallen was also a blue haired mage and a pyromancer… Fuck.

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