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    Flames Of The Red Sun


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    Flames Of The Red Sun Empty Flames Of The Red Sun

    Post by Malva on 2nd April 2019, 1:46 pm

    Flames Of The Red Sun 69575620_p0_master1200
    Magic Name: Flames Of The Red Sun
    Magic Type: Caster.
    Description: Blood magic, especially one that is meant for the profane usage to fuel power is one of the few things many would consider to be a very dark business. Theories are held that blood is that which carries the soul and with it all the good and evil of a person. Malva herself cares very little for these theories and only knows one thing about blood, that it allows her to not only increase the strength of her own body, but also to boost her magic to new heights. This being the case Malva often finds herself either using her own blood or the blood of others to fuel the flames she creates leaving not only ashes behind but stains of blood as the flames fade.

    Never thinking to name the magic herself more often the magic has been given terms by others, though she cares little for what others may think of it. Flame magic is a violent magic by nature and Malva boosts this violence not only by her own personality but by allowing blood injection to cause the flames to grow in intensity and violence. Sparks become infernos and infernos become consuming hell’s for her enemies though allies might get caught she could care less. As a user of the magic Malva focuses on using blood to fuel the flame and leave nothing behind but a wake of destruction ash and blood.

    Blood Pact:
    Lineage Name: Blood Pact
    Wielder: Malva Kasai
    Description: Malva Kasai, knowing that her time comes from the grace of a demon once asked him what her future held. To her surprise a demon in control of death itself gave freely the answer, "You will become something you both hate and aspire to." an answer that fit his nature. Seeking this truth of herself and her future Malva spent some time searching the world for someone who could help her reach this state that the demon spoke of. Eventually after two years of searching she reached the one who was spoken to be able to help her, and it was the demon once more this time however her tactics had changed. Taking up her sword she slit her own throat, offering her life to the demon to learn the truth. Impressed by her resolve the demon did not take her life in full, taking away instead six years in exchange for the knowledge.

    Finally as Malva stood in front of herself a mirror image but older and much stronger she understood what the demon had said all those years ago. The woman in front of her bore the mark of many dark guilds, her flames echoed with the souls of many and her expression was darker and more muted than before. Malva knew that in the end her goals would lead her here, but she also knew that it was what she only could do, taking her first step forwards Malva asked herself a single question, will you teach me? Joining hands with her younger self the older Malva stared down on her with a wicked smile as her eyes glowed and grew bloodshot, "You have already started to learn."

    Cosmetic/Plot Abilities:
    • Precious Blood: Malva through the pact with herself has learned how to control blood in it's own form, and as such has learned to stop herself from bleeding. This does not affect magically induced bleeding, but if she is cut by a sword even if magic (So long as it does not cause bleeding as a magic effect.) she can prevent it.

    • Demonic Heritage: Malva of the future made a pact with the demon who helped her, taking him into herself in exchange for more power, as such this affects Malva even now, causing her to gain a black mass over her own arms that takes a blood red tinge near the finger tips when she goes into her magma form.

    • Extreme Heat: With blood fueling her magic now, Malva has a much higher core temperature than usual, water that is non-magic will instantly evaporate while around her, glass melts and stone warps at her footstep. She can turn this heat off at will removing the need for her tattoo though she does still have it.

    • Corrupted Blood: After the pact was formed Malva gained the powers of her future self, this includes some of the downsides as well. Her blood even while she is in her human form is now black in color, having been corrupted by demonic influence. While in her magma form it is still the same color as proper magma should be though her body takes on a more noted demonic form, horns blood red in color sprouting from her head while her nails turn into a more clawed shape, as well as her teeth sharpening. Anyone that can detect demons, can also detect Malva because of this corruption. This effect continues to grow even if Malva is not in the magma form as she ranks up, with her normal appearance becoming more and more demonic as time goes on.

    • Blood Siphon: Malva has learned the ways to take what she needs from those who have it. If she is below 50% of her maximum HP value she can take the blood from those she kills into herself using their life and soul to fuel her own rampage. What this means for those who fight her is that if Malva is weak and she kills a foe, she gains health equal to the rank of the entity killed up to S-Rank once per post. (40/60/80/100/120)

    • Injection: Malva may inject her own blood into her magic, forcing it to become stronger. Once per post, she may use 5% of max HP and inject her blood into her next spell, causing it to deal 50% more damage. This effect may not be used if she is below 25% max HP and the amount of blood needed goes up based on the spell rank increasing by 5% for each rank up she goes though the strength of the buff follows the same rule.

    • Superior Flame: Both as a Kasai and due to the effects of her pact Malva's flames are stronger than those of your regular person. Malva's fire magic has a natural 40% boost to their damage at all times thanks to this though it also does have a black outline from the demonic corruption at all times, with a blood red tinge to the actual flame.

    • Corrupted Dialysis: With demonic energies flowing through the blood of Malva her speed increasing over time as a result. Starting from D-Rank her speed is boosted by 40% though as time goes on this boost gains strength with the demonic energies. As she ranks up the buff increases by 5% until S-Rank.

    • Crimson Vein: While Malva is below 50% of her maximum health her blood begins to rampage seeking to kill something, hunting in the name of survival as the demonic forces now tied to her body refuse to die. While she is at the threshold Malva gains a boost of 40% to her strength with this increasing by 5% each rank she is above D-Rank up to S-Rank. She gains half this boost rounded down while above 50% health.

    • Blood Pact: As Malva now has a pact with herself from the future she can also tap into this pact naturally. On the middle of Malva's chest a new rune has appeared, this rune is the symbol of her pact and bleeds demonic energies. Because of this rune Malva can pull magic power from her future self and gains a bonus 40% to her max MP with a bonus 5% every rank above D-Rank she is up to S-Rank as the pact grows stronger.

    • Corrupted Skin: While Malva functions best using her own blood to fuel herself, the demonic forces inside her now refuse death. As such they have taken to reinforcing her body, increasing her maximum HP pool by 40% with this effect growing by 5% each rank above D-Rank she is until S-Rank.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Blood Drunk Madness: Malva has a natural predatory instinct because of the effects the magic and the pact have on her. This is fueled further by her own blood which aches for her to gain more to fuel her own usage, this causes an effect like Malva being almost "Drunk from Blood" after she has started to attack. While enemies are inured near her she can not only smell their blood within a 100m radius of herself but moves 30% faster towards them.

    • Blood Orb: As Malva gains more power through her connection of the pact so too does her ability to manipulate blood. Malva is capable of turning the blood of those she kills into a simple orb that follows her. This orb can be used instead of her own blood to fuel her magic and can be used 3 times before being fully consumed. It takes a full post to produce the orb and at least 3 recently dead bodies and she cannot make another while this is active. Once consumed it takes a full 3 posts before she can make another. [Locked until B-Rank]

    • Bloody Queen: Death is no longer a concern to Malva when she reaches the future she once made a pact with. Once per thread should Malva drop to 0 HP for any reason she will instead be forced into a state of near death. In her current post she siphons blood from all enemies she has killed and even from allies that allow her to take their blood as well. At the end of the post Malva is resurrected with 50% HP and she deals 120 damage to those caught in the 15m blood explosion that takes place, dealing unholy damage and exploding at 50m/s. [Locked until S-Rank.]


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