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    Entertain the Prince


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    Entertain the Prince Empty Entertain the Prince

    Post by Nadarr 11th February 2019, 12:26 pm

    “Wow we finally made it to the capital!” Coco’s eyes shined brightly as she floated around clearance looking around as he walked into the busy streets. “Yeah just remember not to draw to much attention to ourselves…” he would say looking up at her as she gave a nod flying around like a child in a toy store.  It was a bright and sunny day in the capital of the land,   Clearance had found himself in along with his companion Coco.   Clarence had no desire to be here in fact he wanted to leave as much as he could however is companion coco desperately want to see what the capital was like and even though he was in hiding he would help that his outfit in demeanor would keep him safer in the capital so barring that in mind he would take her to go see what it was like and hopefully stay out of trouble at the same time.  The streets were just as crowded as he ever remember them being after all this was the capital so it made perfect sense why they were how were the little nuances that he had not enjoying we're still there but he didn't want to make His companion upset so very night in mind he would quit his teeth and get over it determined who make the best of the situation even if it was just him hiding.    However While they were here they might as well try to get something done after all she would hate to travel all this way and not give Coco at least some of the experience that she could have people so we got in the opportunities given to do to him not having the money for it.    he would go to the local job board then and go see if there's a job that would suit them that they could do quickly in a day without raising too much suspicion. “What kind of Job are we going to do?” she would ask curiously as they looked over the many, many jobs to pick form.  The capital had alot to choose from,  a bulk of them would take to much time or more time then he wanted to take as he sighed. “I don’t know yet….” He was about to give up as he then saw a job that might work.  There was a job however that seemed to require assistant that you wouldn't have to raise too much suspicion with as he got to the job board and start to look around.  He would reach out and take the flyer from the job board reading it over real quick as His companion Coco hovered over his shoulder reading it as well.  Clarence and taken a job where he had to find a way to entertain a prince that was visiting Fiore,   this job didn't seem too hard in nature however she didn't know what would be  suitable for someone of this man's nature.    furthermore he didn't want to get too deeply involved as he was still on hiding himself however as long as he didn't have to die you exactly interact he thinks it should be fine. could have been that mine then go find out this prince wants to see after all I mean pointless to go and start performing tricks of some sort if you want to call that if he wasn't going to enjoy what he was seeing. He would sigh deeply stuffing the paper into his pocket And would begin to walk to where he needed to go to start this job. he would walk to the capital until he would eventually find a large crowd formed in the middle of the streets.   getting curious he would walk over to the crowd and see a man who was just in very Royal attire  sitting inside a very luxurious stand  that had been built especially for him with his country's emblem on it and it looked like it was in bed with gold and only the finest wood.   He was surrounded by his Royal Guard which were just in night attire but they had their countries emblem on their shoulders obviously there to guard and keep all the commoners that weren't there to keep them occupied for a while away from him as they were worth his time.  Clarence  unable to get through the crowd gave a deep sigh of annoyance another reason he hated the city Howard before he can say anything Coco had picked him up and lifted him straight into the air so we can get a view of what's Happening.   he would look down and start to watch as various people try to entertain him with card tricks and the lot.   it looks like he was in the other one to do this job however he did not look impressed as he just sat there eating his food and looking very unamused.  Plants couldn't blame  him while some of the acts you watched for a moment or halfway respectable some will just plain lousy trying to get his attention,   how about if they weren't properly dressed or didn't look good enough they weren't even allowed to get close so Clarence will have a hard time getting in there with his appearance.   can we give her a sigh and continue to watch and think of a plan how to get the princes attention. He would start to watch are the people doing their actss as various people would come dressed up in different kind of  attire some were just more seriously than others While others were dressed in more goofy outfits to try to make the man laugh.  But it wasn’t working to any degree.He only looks bored as person after person made attempts at some and Dance, stories and jokes.  But nothing seemed to please this man.  Coco would groan a little bit “How are you going to get him to be entertained?”   she would ask as clearance sat there and thought about it for a minute he wasn't sure how he's going to do it as he wasn't a  social person. He gave a sigh and then looked at Coco.  He may not have been a social person, but she was….well she was more then Clearance was.  He would look back at her pointing to  a nearby roof top ”I got an idea but I need you to lend me over on top of that building over there.” he says as she gave him a very confused look but  did as he said imported them on top of a building letting him go before having in front of him “So whats this plan of yours?” She would ask almost sounding a little concerned as he look at cocoa pulling out his spell book and setting out on the ground taking a seat.  “ I'm not going to be the one entertaining him you are” he would say as she came home very confused look at me as if she though the had forgot what her abilities Actually were.   “And how exactly am I going to do that dance for him tell a joke what they're doing I don't have any abilities clearance”  she said   with a bit of a huff as she crossed her arms looking at him.  He would give a small smile and look at her shaking his head. “Yeah I know, That's why I'm going to do it for you,   we are going to put on a show for him all you need to do is tell me what spells  to cast and how to cast them and I will provide all the magic and tricks, all you need to do is be the face I'm not a good talker but I know you can do it so together we can do this job.” he would say looking at her as she gave a curious like thinking in over a minute and then smiled nodding.  “ all right yeah that sounds like a plan but what if he doesn't like what we do or what I call out.”   she would ask curiously as she started to get ready. “ but working out from there but I'll just do your best I know you can do this….” his words sounding I'll be encouraging for once rather than his calm almost emotionless demeanor as he would reach up and Pat her head giving her a warm feeling and a smile as she flew up with a nod it's hard to head down towards the prince in the crowd. Is security detail was keeping back most of the crowd that wasn't trying to amuse him as cocoa floated over clearance wood look through her eyes and listen as well making sure she stayed safe and help better the communication process.  The last thing clearance wanted was to get his friend in any trouble, if she got in trouble that mean keeping a low profile was out the door.  While most of crowd was trying to fight through to get to the prince Coco has the distinct advantage of being able to just fly over them and ignore all them which is  exactly what she chose to do. As the man was finishing tying a barrage of poor jokes Coco’s flies down and two guards would immediately put their hands on their swords as she seems to ignore the crowd.  They seemed on gaurd as this strange cat creature had suddenly appeared before them and the prince.  she got frightened for only a minute as clearance immediately thought that this is going to backfire and got ready to pull her out of the situation since he put her into it, but the prince held a hand and gave her a smile and the guards immediately stopped what they were doing letting go of us towards as he looked towards cocoa examining her as she floated in front of him her wings spread out. The man was wearing a  white  shirt with gold trim around it pants with silver lining.   his shoes were a nice black shine with a golden Buckle in the middle of them as he sat there cross-legged smiling at her.  “What is This Magnificent creature in front of me”  he had said clearly never seeing an exceed before in his life.  “ my name is Coco I am an exceed... I've come to entertain you if you do me the honor of trying to give you a show.”   she said it as a man would then give us eyes shaking his head not expecting anything from a cat if no one else could entertain him. “ hey well what pointless display will you be putting on now.” he said degradingly as if he knew he was above her as he would shake his head.  She would things we're at the man of it but then give a fake smile. “ how about fireworks I'm on like fireworks right”  she gave a small attempt at a laugh but the man only scuff that her shaking his head as if he was given a sign that he knew more than she did. “ silly little creature fireworks can only be seen at night what good would that do during the day.”   she would die for her brow a little bit at him still smiling.  “ but I have the offer art normal fireworks I can make him appear during the day.”  she would say nervously as a man looked at him.   Clarence being on the roof looking through her eyes and seeing what she saw could tell she was getting nervous and spoke to her in her mind. “ you're doing just fine keep it up I know you can keep convince him.”  he would say making cocoa smile a little bit more using her nerves ever-so-slightly before beginning this speak  as he was about to wave her off.  “ sit back and enjoy the show”   she said not even give me a chance to speak in his interests as you then sat back and watched as cocoa them being to talk to Clarence in her head.  “ so can we make fireworks appear during the day Clarence I should have probably asked this before I spoke” she said more nervously now in her head as Clarence from the rooftop would just sigh deeply. “ luckily for you I can however what you need to tell me when and where to make them.” he would say as she we have a small smile.  “ you really are resourceful for Wizard aren't you?” she would say but  Clarence would not respond to this not used to the praise so not knowing how exactly to respond to it. “ just tell me when you ready…”  he would give a small side between his spell book as she then bend or buy and hold out your hands. “ let's give a small demonstration first “ she wouldn't stress have her arms in call out “Firework magic!”  as in she communicate and Clarence's head to make some explosions happen in the air. Clarence would give a sigh in starting to mutter some Arcane words looking where she felt in her hand out through her eyes he would hold out both his hands and muttered to himself.   “Fire bolts” he would say as he shot to fire balls that spiraled around each other up into the air and then exploded into each other creating a beautiful display of a firework  as explosion happen Coco would look back to the print to see what his reaction was and I want surprise the crowd included he looks semi amused at the cat creature that had just made this explosion happen in the sky”   very well you have my attention how well I'm sure you can do better than this show me a video display now”   he would say with an arrogant tone as she gave a sigh rubbing her paws together.  “ Clerance can you turn it up a little bit…”   she would ask worried. “ of course just give the command”   he would say in her head as she smiled and then held out her paws towards a similar area a larger crowd now forming as a firework show started  “Firework magic level two!” She would say looking up as held her paws out. Clarence  would then cast Ray of Frost along with acid spray straight up in the air as the blue and green spiral against each other when I was high enough he would have shattered creating a loud bang and crushing the  ray of frost and acid Splash together and exploding outward as it sizzled before I could hurt anyone below creating a marvellous  display of green and blue a bit bigger than the last one however.   people would start together as a princess shook his head. “ come now show me something more interesting”   is all he would say as to get Huffy with him “Clerance come on turn it up” she'd say as Clarence side getting ready for the next spell.  “ alright firework magic level 3 go!” she said as Clarence wanted to criticize her for her naming of the spell but decided against it has he done horrible his hands up in the air and started modeling a few Arcane Ward's again “Magic Missile,  scorching Ray.  He would shoot them up in the air to the point where everyone could see them flying up and they would spiral around each other creating a beautiful dance of magic at first before colliding in mid-air exploding into each other creating a purple and white explosion much like a firework,   As the firework  explosions had happened a larger crowd has started to form around the prince, people giving their shock and awe  Expressions amazed at the daytime firework display that has been happening before them.   before clapping started however the prince would simply does smirk a little bit. “Come now you can go bigger no?”  he would say to Coco.   she then began to speak to Clarence again “ can we go bigger?”   she would ask as Clarence gave a sigh. “ yes I can go bigger” and without much warning declaring she would hold up her hands in and yell out “ extreme firework Magic”  as Clarence then log his hands together in shot his in feeling very into the air along with an acid Arrow as a clue why didn't it air fitting a display of green black and white fireworks floating in the air.  “ once again the crowds are the clap amused by all this and the prince looks even more interested now how are he didn't look satisfied.  “ come on now show me something spectacular I know you have better than that why are you wasting my time”  before Coco could even speak Clarence would be speaking in her head ”I think I got something that will make him satisfied why don't you just cast a spell.” Final Flash”  she would say as she pointed her hands out as friends now they criticized and I'm thinking to himself how that sounded like some anime heroes final move but either way as cliche as it sounded he would give a show and launch a flaming spear into the air before pulling out some fur rubbing in between his fingers and casting lightning bolt into it along with magic Missile and they collided which took a good amount of his magic however when it hit the fire ball it all collided into one beautiful display of red purple green blue and exploded into a chain reaction do the lightning bolt or working around and create a marvelous display into the air.  He would then fire another barrage of magic Missile and scorching Ray into the air fitting smaller explosions alone the larger one then casting gust of wind Knocking all of the explosions into each other creating more smaller explosions of varying colors and sizes making the crowd cheer even more at Coco's accomplishments of entertainment.   it was at this point the prince turned to Coco smile and clapping himself he seemed to be happy with her results. He would raise his hand in a very slow matter smiling dust ring for Cocoa to fly over to him having been impressed by  her show wanted to get a closer look at this creature who had put on such a marvelous display for him. as cocoa floated over she would give a smile.  “ we did it Clarence“ she would say in her head to him as close to respond but just kind of gave his smile on a rooftop almost as if he was a proud parent except it wasn't her parent but not important.   she was I look at him as she floated above him her wings spread out trying to look formal and elegant for him.  He was on speaking his home and slightly arrogant voice looking the Coco smiling pleased with her performance.  “ well done well done indeed you have my sincere gratitude for making us a less boring day I'll remember that display of pure enlightenment.”  she would give her a bow in before she could fly off he would speak again. “I will let your government know that you did such an exceptional job they have my gratitude.”  she will give a smile feeling like she did a good thing for the country and the government as well however it was at this point she just looked back at him and smiled. “ you're welcome I'm glad I could provide a little bit of entertainment for you”  she said as she flew up the Clarence again on the rooftop smiling a little bit at him. “ did you see me did you see me they love me down there.” she said practically having stars in her eyes seeming to like the attention.   he wanted to tell her that it was basically all him doing the magic and all she did was cast words and such however know he would let her have this one it wasn't worth having her so that he can give a small smile and Nod.  “ you did great down there how about we go claim a reward and I can treat you to something good to eat better than our usual Grub of a meal.”  she would not and grab clients as they started to fly back down towards the street and off to find some decent food in this place after turning in this job and getting the money. They would then walk back to the board where they got the job at originally to find the person who they had to give the job back to to confirm that they did it and that the prince was satisfied.  They would then turn in the job received their payment before going out to get some nice food and a good place to rest for the night treating coco to a night on the city as much as he could at least while keeping his low profile.

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