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    Entertain The Patients!


    Crazed Violence

    Crazed Violence

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    Private Entertain The Patients!

    Post by Alex 8th February 2015, 9:12 pm

    Job Info:
    Job: Entertain The Patients!
    Job Location: Hospital, Magnolia Town
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-ranked mages at the least, three at the most. At least 10 posts long and a minimum of 150 words per post.
    Job Requirements: The least dangerous and entertaining magics would be preferable, and of course to entertain the patients.
    Job Location:Peace Village
    Job Description:"Bless you for taking your time and reading this. Unfortunately, the patients in our childrens ward seem rather depressed after we couldn't keep our usual entertainment for them, this wonderful performer magician, whose asking price was getting too high for us to pay. If you could be a dear and make these children happy, I would be ever so grateful, and there is a reward of course. Much appreciated, you kind soul." - Nurse Gladys.
    Enemies: None
    Reward: 750 jewels each.


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