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    What's A Girl to Do? (D Rank Dark Request Solo)


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    What's A Girl to Do? (D Rank Dark Request Solo) Empty What's A Girl to Do? (D Rank Dark Request Solo)

    Post by BunnyBunny 10th February 2019, 12:42 pm

    'What I'm doing isn't bad.' The dark guild wizard told herself. 'I'm just giving this man what he deserves.'
    Bunny hopped around the town. This was her first time here after all. Sadly, this wasn't a time for sight-seeing. No, she was here to get a job done for 'The Unholy Alliance of Ex-Girlfriends.' My, what a silly name.

    The girl gently prodded her way through the streets. She had seen her target, and knew what drove him. From the job request, it was obvious this man was not driven by love. Ah, yes. A man who was filled with lust. An easy target for her.

    While Bunny was shy most of the time, add a little bit of alcohol and the man would become easier and easier to talk to. Yes, a man who was her target, but one who she would need talk to nonetheless. Why would she talk to him? Well, for a plan like this one, she needed the man in her hotel room. Alone.

    Talking to him is how you would expect. Or, how Bunny would expect anyway.

    "Hello, Sir. I'm lost around here. Care to help me find my hotel?"

    "Of course." He had that fake smile that men like him have. You know the one. It's the same one that popular boy at school always wore. The one that just seems painted on.

    "It's the Falcon Hotel. Apparently on Rake street."

    'He keeps looking at my body that way.' Bunny thought. She knew what he thought this nice guy act would get him on this cold night. She knew that he didn't know this night would be colder for him.

    He walked her down to her hotel. She invited him inside kindly, saying how she must repay him with a drink.

    Men like him always agree to things like that. They never learn from their mistakes. Bunny knew their kind well.

    She poured him a glass of her favorite champagne. They finished the bottle by the time he checked to make sure the door was locked. He didn't know that Bunny, while easily manipulated herself, could manipulate him into doing most of the drinking.

    It was funny. When she said, in a teasing manner, "Close your eyes~." He didn't know, when she lightly began her song of pain, what he was going to experience.

    The pain of her spell made him whimper even when it was over. She knocked him a few more times with the end of her staff to make sure that part of the job was done successfully. The last was to his head. It, of course, wasn't to kill him. No, he wasn't even bleeding, he was simply passed out.

    She quickly began the second part of the mission using things packed in her suitcase. First, she tied his arms to the windowsill, binding them together. She quickly used the end of her spear to cut the man's hair into an awful haircut that would take months to fix. Then, finally, she prepared the finishing touch.

    She took off his shirt and hung a lovely sign around his neck.

    'I had 3 girlfriends and 2 children. Anyone wanna be next ladies?'

    She hung the man by his wrists outside the window, making sure he was secure enough not to fall. She made sure she got pictures to give anonymously to the nearby press too.

    That man wouldn't die on a cold night like tonight.

    But, as Bunny walked away with her weapon in her hand, she knew he would wish he had

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