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    Whats the muffin man?? (Solo)


    Whats the muffin man?? (Solo) Empty Whats the muffin man?? (Solo)

    Post by Guest on 10th January 2017, 3:31 pm

    You can breathe

    In clear blue water

    Aerwyna strolled carefully through this part of Magnolia as she bit her lower lip. She has been spending a lot of time with Gala lately and the thought of him made her heart tremble slightly, she was such a lovely man. Teaching her how to cook and everything else that was essential to live like an ordinary human being. She was very thankful to him because of that, she was beginning to talk normal and she was beginning to read better like an ordinary person too. However, there was still one problem with her human body that she cannot handle yet… She still trips a lot. That was a major issue for the mermaid princess and she knows fine well that she still has to get that sorted for plenty of reasons, if any of the guards found out where she was sure that she will probably have a few problems to deal with if any of the guards were to find her.

    Suddenly, her memories are shattered mid-thought the moment she heard some intensive screeching which was followed by a smack of wind attacking her legs. The mermaid princess looked around, could that be someone coming to fetch her? Impossible, this area seemed pretty darn isolated and she hasn’t scented anyone or anythi- wait, now that she thought about it. She smelt a strong scent of ginger… clearly something was running around that smelt very tasty… The ginger smelt like something Aerwyna has never smelt before and it didn’t take long for the female to find out what it was exactly. The thing looked extremely tiny and it was running around her in circles.

    “MUFFIN MAN!!!”

    “What’s the muffin man…?”


    Aerwyna didn’t understand what the hell was happening, just who is the muffin man?? What is a muffin man?? Was it a man made out of actual muffins? Was the muffin man edible?? Is that thing a muffin man?? And just what was she smelling from that tiny little thing?? Maybe she should ask Gala the moment she returned to the house… Maybe he will know, he was a chef after all that has learnt to cook for a number of years.

    “Halt!” Aerwyna shouted as she grunted as she unsheathed her sword and she used her sword to make a ring of water around herself, that was when she used her sword to stab the centre of the water rings, it sent out two rings of water straight to the gingerbread man, he seemed to be a little soaked, but it didn’t stop the gingerbread man from running around, screaming about the muffin man once more. It only made her more curious about what the hell he was speaking about… it didn’t take very long for the winds to dry the gingerbread man once more and she started to get annoyed by his constant screeching for the gingerbread man to the point that she timed his movement speed before sending out two whips of water towards the gingerbread man.

    The gingerbread man eventually just crumbled and fell. There was a few good things and bad things to this… one, she can now take the gingerbread back to Gala and ask what the hell it actually was and why it smelt so great! Maybe then she will be able to identify it and go shopping for it… and then possibly ask if food can come alive like that, the most she seen to food coming alive was surprise apples.

    No matter, she was glad to have been able to fight this gingerbread and she didn’t even trip once! That was an achievement in her opinion, that could be something to also tell Gala and Kinopio once she returns back to the house… “Okay, time to go!” Aerwyna exclaimed to herself as she picked up a few pieces of the gingerbread and walked away and out of the area.

    HP: 100
    MP: 80%
    Spell used: Rings of water, water whip.
    Cooldowns: -
    Enemies: -

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