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    Catch the thief?


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    Catch the thief? Empty Catch the thief?

    Post by Nadarr 3rd February 2019, 9:53 am


    It was another day in Magnolia not much like any other one the sun was out not a cloud in Sky however troubling news has relax about a terms reached him as he was getting acquainted to the new city e was going to be in for the foreseeable future. As he was sitting in the alley he was sleeping in for the night not being able to afford a home or any kind of living accommodation to even at his presence Guild do they not having any money for it. That wasn't all bad it was warm to a degree I know I'm truly bothered him until they noticed. And even when they noticed they still didn't really bother him as he just looked like someone homeless man that was trying to get in a night's rest, you certainly look the part. However that wasn't what was important right now during his last night sleeping in the alley he had overheard some people, he thinks there were a couple there was a man and a woman he can only assume there were a couple but laughing walk to be determined as he didn't leave his ally. they seem to be complaining about how the cat burglar has struck again and that no one is doing anything about it why isn't anyone done anything about it it's been weeks and weeks now. normally this woman catches attention as dealing with Petty thefts and robberies were the authorities drawing and he wanted nothing to do with it. However this wasn't your average occasion for him. he had recently joined with the skilled and had to show that he was willing to commit to it he would take it upon himself whether asked or not solve this mystery of the cat burglar. didn't know if he enjoyed get anything out of it but at the very least it seems he could use some kind of service... however it would have to wait till morning because he was tired. Which brought him back to the problem at hand was he knew nothing about how to catch these thieves or Thief. There was a very high possibility that this wasn't a solo act as a been able to pull off what sounds like Heist from wealthier and more Renown individuals. But then again upon listening the other night they didn't say there are multiple they said there was just one so but now he would just go off the Assumption you had to catch one person or thing whatever was stealing from all these people in the city. the first thing you should do probably is ask around for gout exactly what he's getting into with this burgalure. He would spend the rest of the day starting to ask around for any incidents how would not many people had much for him to go on as he only targeted select people. He would spend the rest of the day asking around trying to figure out who has been being targeted lately by this thief, however it seemed this person targeted more well off people rather then the average folk. To them it was just a rumor or a crime not concerning them. He would then start to go asking around the nicer part of town and would ask around but still got very low results however he did learn the thief seemed to only target one person at a time. However all was not lost because he did get a lead towards the end of the day. He had found himself a rather portly fellow with his wife who was the lack of better terms just as portly as he was. He was wearing what could only be described as a bad circus ringleader suit top hat and all the circus in town did he actually just like that he wondered if it was so different compared to him where is he look like wow the homeless man who just wandered into town. his wife was in a very Gallant An Elegant blue dress that had a few Diamond sparkles on it. brantwyn help but Wonder these eyes are just asking to be robbed or not it seems like they were but then again you never know. He also wanted these he won't even give him the time of day looking how we did like a homeless man a just got off the streets, to be fair you was homeless but that was hardly the point at this moment in time. rushing attempt and see what information you can draw out from them if it was good enough perhaps you could just bypass askmen number too many questions who is next lead . was that he took a deep Breath and shook his head as he started to walk towards them. however before he can even say a word the portly man in the circus looking outfit spoke up. “No we don't have any spare change so run along now” all he could do was just stare at him blinking for a moment giving you a deep sigh and grabbing his neck looking down. “That's not exactly what I need to discuss with you but I appreciate your consideration on the matter anyway…” he wasn't exactly a social guy to begin with and now having this awkward barrier of something he is homeless and asking for money when he didn't even say a ward put him on a bit of different standpoint with things at the moment. He took another moment to take a breath and collect his thoughts after that moment for lack of better terms expectancy. “ yes I'm actually here to discuss you getting robbed, I'm in association with the local gear on it and would like to help you out if I can.” the portly man goes then started to laugh himself a little louder and louder for a chalk line as soon his wife started giving this high pitch chuckle with him, Clearance confident you can hear this for miles but would he wear them nonetheless. As eventually they finally finished laughing at him they look at him and saw his somewhat more serious expression for coughing and getting their own composure in the situation before switching to read at him and going to speak “Ahem quite yes indeed yes we have lost some items however I doubt have peasant like you can do anything when the authorities can’t” he would say in the most undermining tone planets could possibly think this man could acquire before he just took a bath and shook his head a little bit already hating the situation. “I assure you I'm quite capable and if you give me a chance I might be able to actually solve your problem what do you have to lose?” he would say as the portly man sorry to think it over for a moment however his wife decided to then chimed in “How do we know you're not just a thief going back for more of our Goods I live another diamond earring to these thieves I swear I will” I got one should have kept going on and on to the point of even her husband seems sick of listening to her speak, and so was Clarence for that matter not wanting to listen to her anymore and Herb's pointless dribble when she kept going on and on and on and on. as much as he would love to continue listening to her speak about nonsense about him being a possible road fancy type Renegade he would put a hand up in front of her face. “Miss please that's quite enough I got it.” he would say watching her to become silent for a moment a very very peaceful moment at that. “ if I were one of the people robbing you why would I come back and try to help you aside from that do I look like I can get away with a robbery look at how I'm dressed if I had stolen something. He said I might have clothes or anything and not look like some Shameless homeless man on the street.” I got some stuff to himself might have struck a chord with her and she starts her laugh and Nod her head and continued his Onslaught on them self.” oh so true so true how could someone as aesthetic and undignified looking as you possibly even think about robbing someone as ourselves.” once again you have to take a moment to collect himself as did that really just happen really just say that to him I know he looked like on the time but surely he was a little better than that... perhaps a trip to the bathhouse was in order. Bearing that in mind however it did not stop him as he finally at least got somewhere which was more than he can say about how this encounter was going “I….. couldn't agree more madam so how about this since you know my guild reputation….How about you want me to guard your house tonight stay somewhere else and when the burglar comes in I will catch them by surprise and capture them or deal with them in an effective manner. ..” you can see the two of them thinking about the gears turning in their heads as they contemplated this strategy from this seemingly homeless man who has just walked up for them questioning them about their life problems and inquiries. however Something Told game the feeling that their mind was already made up they would just seem to be stalling and acting like it was a very tough and important decision so it's in their thought process he figured he would potentially make the need a little better for them not that I wanted to in the first place but it was how he learned these types work from his minimal social interaction and his time back in the days when he was with the council. “ The way I see it is that if anything were to go wron... if I break or destroy anything you could always charge my guild and probably get demo for whatever I um... what about brake oh really you can make some money here potentially” and he almost the exact results with expecting from them. it's as if Dollar Signs is just a lit up in their eyes and all they can think about now was the potential bit of money that they can make….They were truly greedy down to the core which is something he would never quite understand with people because he's never had that much money in his entire life what along now. Regardless of any of that they then both looked at each other smirking for the man in the circus Piper Down what towards clearance stroking his chin. “ very well young man we will take you up on your offer for the time being but we expect everything to go well is that clear” He would give her a nod and look.However if on que the wife just had to chim in on the subject. “The first will be taking a bath I will not let you in my house looking like that” he just stared at her as if he was wondering if this seriously was the biggest concern she had right now but either way he would give us a slight nod. “Yes very well, I will need to know where you live so I can come and guard your place of residence after you leave tonight of course”. the man looked a little skeptical from I'll give him before speaking. “Yes of course we live up in the hill if you look just past the Cathedral you'll find a manner up there...here” The man with them produce what looked to be a house key handing it to him as he reached out and took it giving a nod. “ your house will be safe in my hands” see that the wife clearly felt odd about giving some peasant Homeless looking man the house key but who's already done and probably also thank them for that. Either way naughty he had the key he could go to the house whenever you needed to for the time being...he also wasn't going to shower before you weren't as a sort of substitute over been for them assuming he wanted money off the bat...perhaps this will teach a moral lesson perhaps not who knows either way he would get the job done. Very well that in mind and with the idea of catching a phantom burglar that may or may not exist he said off towards their men up on the hill behind the cathedral preparing himself not knowing just how strong this burglar might be. on his way there that we can stop by the stores and grab a bit of a Spell components that he needed to be able to cast his spells just in case a fight broke out, he had a different idea on how to deal with the thief without hopefully ending up in a brawl if he even can catch him... But that was only step one was catching him who knows or what actually happened once he confronts him. Was he a confident Thief who would waste his time doing banter,. or was he desperate type Thief who just need to get stuff and get out and we do anything to keep his take. You would have to prepare for anything so poor that he went out and spent the remainder of his money buying something that would hopefully help with the job. He was then get to the house it was a large house with a very old timey fashion to it but at same time was modernized. the top windows were all stained glass with different shapes and images on them a few of them representing the country if you look in the city though they're inconsequential as he walked up to the red and lavender looking doors. He would walk inside looking around the house and it looked expensive. The outside looked well maintained and costly with the inside all the inside had so much more for him to steal. He didn't know how to protect everything so he took a quick walk to the house try to find out what was the most valuable thing that could try to be stolen. To be honest being alone in this house in an unknown environment gave him the creeps as nice as that was there was so many corridors so many rooms so many expensive paintings vases and other things that would just be screaming this should be stolen. To be honest to a small degree he feels there be a lot happier if they owned a little less but they would never admit it as a senior greedy, however none of that mattered as he was given a task and he I would absolutely hate to mess up the first job he was given. however I give a stinking mess walking to the house on guard he would hear a noise from upstairs. Wasting absolutely no time he would go upstairs and investigate what that noise was confident. That was his cat burglar. if you want anything said he wasn't nervous wondering what kind of person list why is it hoping it wasn't someone just desperate and or extremely dangerous.As he would run into the bedroom doors you would see a dark figure with what appeared to be wings...And was that a tail. as the figure would step into the light it stared him down. he couldn't believe his eyes it was a literal cat burglar. he wanted to laugh at the situation but at the same time was it really the time he couldn't figure it out. the one in just a cat However, this was a exceed. he only really knows about vaccines from reading about them he's never met one in person until now which made us an even more worthwhile job to do .The sexy look to be small animal she had black fur and bits of white around her ears and tail as the burglar would stare down clearance preparing for fight. we put his hands up in a defensive motion not wanting to fight if you could have helped it as he could get away with not having to. “ whoa whoa easy now don't have to fight let's talk for a second.” She didn't seem to lower her guard however but really she did start to talk which was something. “ just leave this is it involve you.” he gave us eyes shaking his head looking at the exceed ”Actually doesn't love me I can't believe you keep robbing this place why are you stealing from these people.” the burglars stop thinking that Clarence was trying to give him the whole morality speech. “ because they're greedy because they deserve it I need it and they don't.” She would almost hissed at him. all he did was give a shrug she wasn't wrong you probably didn't need as much as they had but didn't make it right. “you're right however there a lot faster ways to make money than stealing you know.” he would say and then the cat feature would just give him a curious look, Did the person just guarding the home agree with... it looks puzzled that claims that even say that they went wrong and not bother to giving a speech on how you shouldn't do this in that you'll be stopped no matter what. it almost caught the creature off guard making it lowered Garden process. “how…” they said now I'm curious. “ have you ever thought about joining a guild that's what I'm doing for money...plus if your aunt for the volume holes there's plenty of treasure to be had... if you would like I can show you “ the creature looked perplexed but now it’s gaurd lowerd. “ fine I'll be in touch and if it's not as you say I'm going right back to stealing…” he would just give a nod “ what should I call you then?”he would ask confused. “Coco” is all the exceed would say to him. “ very well now I am supposed to watch a house for the night so why don't we relax here for a little bit and luxury for a night” the exceed said nothing but just gave us sly smile walking over “ I like the way you think” Is all she said as a relaxed to entire rest of the night enjoying the amenities that the post was so nice to give careful not to break anything however you would hate to have to put this on the guilds account. He would spend the rest of the night getting to know this creature wondering why I chose this house to Rob wondering why it had to steal, it would go on to explain how ever since an intimate with edolas what she had read about that it's been tough for some of the other exceeds. however and Coco's mind you might as well make a living doing what you go to and she was fast and stealthy. Clearance. appreciate that it's a similar reason he joined the guild, he can use magic so you might as well make some money and make a living doing what you can do. They would also spend a partial amount of the night returning the goods that the exceed had stolen things, clearcarance had offered to help returning all these things making sure that everything was accounted for. As the morning sun rose Justin would love to Coco. “ go to the Fairy Tail Guild I will meet you there and then I will show you what I mean by what I said” she gave him a quizzical look. “It would probably be best if they didn't catch you here how to say I've dealt with the problem and that I sure do want to come back…” Coco then gave a small nod before going out the window she came into and then went flying off. He would then wait for the owners of the home to return and explain to them the situation that occurred how he had fended off the thief effectively and that they would not be bothered ever robbed any more Or at least not from the source that they were getting robbed from. bearing all that money however they seem displeased at his appearance as he was so dirty he never did to go take that bath that was requested and was informed that they would definitely be telling his Guild about this. he just rolled his eyes not wanting to deal with these people anymore and left figuring that this will be the last time they'd ever see him and he made him a new companion in the process so realistically a minor infraction will be able to even if it was that he wouldn't mind at all. Bearing all that in mind he would set back to his go to me his new companion and get ready to go on his next job.

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