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    Catch the Thief. Daemon, Kissos, Crimzon, and Vaia

    Daemon Spade

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    Catch the Thief. Daemon, Kissos, Crimzon, and Vaia

    Post by Daemon Spade on 30th August 2016, 9:22 am

    The Haunted Village as the named applied was cursed to suffer multiple forms of "hauntings" Ranging from actual paranormal events to pure hoaxes. In tonight's case every house in the village is covered with posters with a picture of a turquoise haired man with piercing yellow eye and a black cloak wrapped around his body. The man is grinning in the picture with four large incisors and a set of wolf ears atop his head. The title for said thief " The Moonlit shadow" Was scrawled on the poster over the title given with a wolf like chibi face next to it. The only buildings in the city that didn't have a poster on it was a small candy store with sign tat mentions treats of the isle o Midi and a rather large mansion just on the outskirts of two.

    As the clock struck the midnight hour the moon had reached it's highest point in the sky bathing the village In a majestic blueish glow a black haired man holding a silver katana appeared on top of the Candy shop with a cheshire like grin on his face as he happily munched n he pocky sticks he acquired for the shop keep this morning. His wolf ears twitched happily he finished the savory treat before looking up at the full moon as he gently closed his eyes ad took in the peace and serenity of his surroundings.

    Alright that's enough napping time to get to work!" The man said with a playful smirk as he picked up his katana and tied it to his waist before taking a step back and running to the edge of the roof and jumped across the street and landed gracefully onto the roof before using his forward momentum to continue on his pith towards the large mansion in the distance without contemplating who else might be up at this hour.


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    Re: Catch the Thief. Daemon, Kissos, Crimzon, and Vaia

    Post by Shipping Goddess on 30th August 2016, 9:57 am

    The midnight breeze flew through the haunted village as the Hero to Be walked through it. It felt colder than normal, but such is life when you live in the super hot country like this woman, the green haired woman known as Lilian Truth, the one who wants to be known as the legendary hero that you hear about in stories. The woman was walking alongside her partner, mount, and what some consider her pet, Marshmallow the wyvern. The snow white wyvern stomped loudly, looking back and forth.

    "Hold on a sec, girl. Imma stop by to get myself a little bar of chocolate!" She walked into the candy store, opening the door with a creeking sound. It occured to her how late it was, and a mental question asked in her head as to why a candy shop was open this late. Either way, in a few seconds she walked out, only now realizing the posters on every building around her. Tearing one off, she read it swiftly.

    A theif? Heh, back at home if Gerome ever stole something Mummy would give him a good ol' slap on the hand with a ruler! Ah well, I think this Moonlight Shadow guy atta get what's coming to him in jail!

    Raising a fist, and bringing it down in a symbol of "Yeah!" Lilian turned back around to Marshmallow.

    "Come on, Marshy. I got a pretty good idea as to what'll make this day a bit more interesting..."

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