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    To Catch a Thief


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    To Catch a Thief  Empty To Catch a Thief

    Post by LOTRspartan 14th February 2017, 7:06 pm

    It was late, probably around midnight. Hiro stood at the lower docks, watching the last of the sailors pack up for the night. The cool breeze blew through his armor and around his arms. His legs were crossed as if he was meditating, which he was to a degree. It was a cool night after all, and he's never meditated on a dock, let alone at night.

    The clanking of boots and shuffling of metal on leather was heard behind him. You're late, Hiro said, his gaze still fixed on the horizon, the moon being beautifully reflected on the water's surface. You were supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.

    I had to make sure you were alone, the man's voice spoke. It was gruff, like the man had inhaled many things in his life that he shouldn't have. And you're right. You did come alone. Now what do you want? How did you even find me?

    It wasn't hard Jacob, Hiro said, the most calm and collected he's ever been. Where else would a killer such as yourself be hiding besides your father's old butcher shop. I'm honestly surprised the town guard haven't searched there yet before.

    Oh they have, Jacob spat out. I'm just very good at covering my tracks.

    Hiro gave an audible snort and finally stood up, turning to face the man. You are clever I'll give you that. He finally saw the six and a half foot tall man. His hair greasy hair gleaming in the moonlight. Hiro saw the large butcher knife being held in his hand.

    Now tell me why I'm here and why you shouldn't already be butchered like a fish. Jacob was getting impatient. He never did like being told what to do.

    I'm here to take you in. Your killing spree is over Jacob. They're offering a lot of money for you alive.

    Jacob gave an audible, guttural laugh. Are they now? I feel quite honored. How much for if I'm alive?

    Two thousand. A thousand if you're dead.

    Damn. I might as well turn myself in. We could split the jewel and then I'll break out two days from now. Sound like a deal? Hiro could sense Jacob's sarcasm, but there was truth in his words. Easy money for Hiro, but he wasn't here for the money. Not at all.I'll take your silence as-

    You're not leaving here alive Jacob Goodnight. The tension in the air seemed to shift almost immediately.

    Care to repeat yourself boy?

    You heard me.

    I ain't made any plans on dying today.

    That's funny, cause neither had I.

    Jacob let out a frightful scream as he barreled towards Hiro, his knife poised right towards Hiro's chest. Hiro immediately jumped left as the brute trampled next to him. With reflexes like a cat, he swiped to the left of him, catching Hiro in the arm. He jumped back a little more, clutching his now bleeding arm. He was quick, Hiro would give him credit for that. He could hear Jacob's laughter, as maniacal as ever. He now saw Jacob's true form.

    Why do it huh? Why kill all these people?

    Because they left my father for dead. Refusing to give him any business. They left him poor and starving! He ran towards Hiro once again, trying to plunge his knife into anything that resembled flesh. Hiro was able to easily knock them away, while stumbling back each time, showing the force behind each of Jacob's blows.

    The fighting stopped once again, Hiro struggling to regain his breath. So you have to kill random strangers just because of your failure as a son?

    Jacob gritted his teeth. What did you say?

    You know exactly what I said. You made good money Jacob, but you're greedy ass self never gave him a cent!

    SHUT UP!! Jacob with ungodly rage, swiped furiously at Hiro, this time not even caring for accuracy, just pure speed and strength. His form was getting sloppy now. Hiro's plan was working perfectly. With his mind clouded, he could no longer focus on what was in front of him. Each swipe was easy enough to dodge, for more than half weren't even close to hitting him.

    So killing people is the only way to hid your shame is it? Your father would be disappointed! Jacob let out yet another screech as he tackled Hiro, both members diving deep into the ice cold water. With a quick use of rewind, Hiro managed to just nearly avoid the knife trying to be plunged into him. Now fully dry and still unscathed, Hiro stood overlooking Jacob's flailing body, struggling to stay afloat. There was no way that Jacob would drown right?

    Hiro thought this a little too soon for Jacob had managed to grab hold of the dock and began pulling himself up. He could see the look of pure hate in Jacob's eyes. He hoisted himself back up on the dock, his hair and clothes dripping with freezing cold water. With nothing but pure malice, Jacob marched towards Hiro, each step making a soft sploshing noise of his shoes.

    Without much thought, Hiro unsheathed his sword but then froze. What would his next move be. Getting too close might be detrimental to him and he couldn't afford throwing his sword, no matter how cool it would look. That was when it dawned. He had magic of course. That was Jacob's only weakness.

    Time Stamp! The sword pulsed a beautiful blue hue as he sliced the air in front of him, as this light sailed off his sword and hit Jacob's chest. The hulking man stumbled back a bit, expecting pain yet got nothing. He looked down to see this glowing scar on his chest yet not feeling anything. He gave a murderous and cold grin as he charged towards the samurai.

    With calm and ease, Hiro began to match Jacob's speed and began to bull rush him as well. Just as the two were about to clash, Hiro sheathed his sword with force and the scar on Jacob's chest grew brighter, exploding with bright light. The man flew backwards, Hiro still not stopping his speed. Jacob slammed onto the dock, the wood splintering underneath him. He looked up to see Hiro mid jump, sword unsheathed once again careening to him. He was too slow, for next thing he felt was the sword pierced right into his chest.

    A bit of blood was spit onto Hiro's sword as he felt all his momentum onto that pierce. He leaned in close to Jacob's ear and said Now you won't be hurting anyone again you piece of filth. Jacob fidgeted a little more, trying to grasp at the sword. Hiro's teeth were gritted as he could feel his muscles tense while plunging the sword farther in. He could feel the breath and tension leave Jacob's now lifeless body.

    He removed his sword and cleaned off some of the blood. A note was thrown onto the body, instructing where to leave the money. He carved an "H" encircled by and "O" on Jacob's forehead. The body lay there lifeless, Hiro admiring his work.

    Did I really do that? he thought to himself.

    You have done well. You have gave into your hate and your acknowledgment of me he heard that voice ring in his ear yet again.

    No...No I'm better than this. I'm a good person...

    Well done Hiro. Well done...

    He gave a small smile, almost something he had no control of as he turned to leave.

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