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    You Can Keep Your Rezzing Pools of Blood!


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    You Can Keep Your Rezzing Pools of Blood! Empty You Can Keep Your Rezzing Pools of Blood!

    Post by Dela on 27th January 2019, 12:17 pm

    “OH MY GOD, That was GROSS!!”

    A blood covered blond shambled her way from beneath the castle, looking like some poor victim belonging in a horror film. Move over Carrie, Millie was coming for your blood queen title. Okay, so her idea in practice had been a lot less enjoyable than she intended. The only reason she joined the dark guild bent on spilling blood for the blood god was for the handy perk of resurrecting endlessly upon death. While she may be an information broker, that was far from a safe life. More than once she’d gotten herself into a sticky situation by sticking her nose where it didn’t belong. It’d be handy to have a way out, no matter how macabre it was.

    She was very wrong. Never had she been so wrong. While the blonde magical girl might not be the squeakiest of clean souls, she had not been prepared for the depravity of Nightmare. There wasn’t enough blood thirst within her to endure going on the jobs the guild posted, and on jobs with her guild mates put her in more danger than going undercover with the mob. She was a non-combat soul, if she could help it! It took too much energy to be any good at. Running and hiding were more her speed, and it was easier to listen that way. Swinging staffs and casting spells made for slow information gathering and a lack of focus. The brain screaming ‘Oh heck, i’m gonna die OW that hurts stop trying to kill me omg is that a magic machine gun!?’ wasn’t ideal for the absorption and organization of facts. And if she couldn’t glean anything useful from it, why do it at all?

    And thus, her short run as a somewhat unwilling and definitely unfitting dark mage career came to an abrupt end. Getting the bubonic plague and dying on Halloween wasn’t the most comfortable of deaths, so it was just salt in the wounds to come back to life submerged in the blood of who knows what or who. These people were crazy. Berserking, stabbing, maniacally laughing edgelords with little to no purpose than to ram people through with weapons. Perhaps dying was preferable.

    But no, she had a mission. She may be lazy and prefer to lay around and play videogames with her cats snuggled at her side, but deep down she had a goal. Once she was a good distance away from the castle and could feel her guild mark fade, a slender hand waved in the air and produced a gem. Normally it was kept in her staff, but right now she just felt like looking at it. The last remnant of her sister, and the cause of so much pain and suffering. Not only for herself, but pain and suffering for her whole family. Her whole town. If she could just find the knowledge she needed to empty the glittery stone of the souls it held, maybe she could return her life back to normal and free herself of her own torment. She could go home and life in her parents’ attic, taking it easy and only coming out for food or if she needed money. That was the life Millie wanted.

    Oh crap. Millie. She couldn’t go by that anymore, could she? The girl wiped the blood from her lips with the back of her hand, then frowned. Not that she’d gained any renown or infamy, but what if somehow there was proof attached to that nickname now? She hadn’t given her full name, but now her nickname was burned. It was associated with those psychopaths. If she ever wished to move on and make more of her time most efficiently, she needed no extra obstacles. She also hated giving out her real name, so if she joined another guild, she’d need a quick name for colleagues to call her. The higher ups might know her full name depending on where she went, but that didn’t mean everyone had to know. Maggie? Ew, no. A nickname was just short of a brand, and hearing people call her Maggie would possibly make her physically ill. There sadly weren’t a lot of choices. Cici? Oof, that was odd. Not the worst, but also more suited for a hipster baby or a cat, or maybe a floofy pretentious dog. Del? Sounded boyish. Give it a more feminine ending. Add a letter. Dela. Hmmm.


    Dela wasn’t bad. Not as good as Millie in her opinion, but it was tolerable. Also, it was a little less childish sounding, so maybe it would keep people from making that knee jerk assumption that she was a rotten teenager. That crap was infuriating! Just because she light color and sparkles and sometimes revealing clothing didn’t mean she was some young girl making bad decisions. Her bad decisions were carefully thought through, like any normal adult! Just like her decision to join Nightmare just for the rezz perk!


    In the days that followed, Dela was able to find a place to spend the night and collect her thoughts. Without that guild mark, now it would rely on the stone to keep her alive. That felt disgusting. Drawing power from her magical girl gem at all felt wrong, considering what she knew and endured. It was a vicious circle. She wanted to get rid of it, but to do so she had to use it. To even find more information on it, she had to use it. Dela had to become a magical girl to reject being a magical girl. It still had many secrets. Her ears and eyes would take her to the ends of the earth and back if she could find out everything she needed to know, including how to reverse its effects and destroy it and the shadowy group of people it originated from. Magical Girl Magic might literally be the most colorful, sparkly, and innocent seeming power ever, but Dela could assure you it was anything but.

    What was her next move? Where could she go that would have the resources to aid her in her mission? Who could she use to get what she wanted? Her eyes roved the application board. Rune Knights, huh? Imagine how far she could get with the authority they possessed...perhaps that’d be her next stop. Era, Dela’s on her way.



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