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    Flame God Slayer -- First Gen.


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    Flame God Slayer -- First Gen. Empty Flame God Slayer -- First Gen.

    Post by Vagrant on 25th January 2019, 7:17 pm

    Flame God Slayer -- First Gen. Coollo11
    Flame God Slayer -- First Gen. 18d50cd66a3201d539cf95d116f8b874--fantasy-art-goth

    Magic Name: Flame God Slayer
    Magic Type: Slayer Magic / Ancient Magic
    Description: Said to be an ancient type of magic taught to a select few humans whom the Gods saw as worthy enough to have the abilities needed to effectively eradicate the Gods. As a Flame God Slayer the properties of God Slaying magic is combined with the uncontrollable element of fire, some believe the Flame God Slayer to be the pinnacle of God Slaying magic. This specific brand of magic utilizes the dark and corrupted flames known for being hazardous and catastrophic in terms of sheer power and burning capabilities, indefinitely stronger than that of normal fire magic, or dragon slaying fire based magic.

    Being a first generation slayer Artemis had learned from Amaterasu what it truly meant to be a Flame God Slayer. Through her teachings she was taught how to properly utilize the scorching traits of the magic be it from enhancing her physical abilities, sending the flames across weaponry, the long range tactics and even applying her emotions to the magic which she found out stemmed from her rage and anguish fueling the flames to burn brighter and hit harder.


    • Pele's Scorn: This particular ability comes from Artemis' connection with the Gods, Pele the
    • Ability:
    • Ability:

    Spells: As a starter character at D rank, you start off with 4 spells.


    Flame God Slayer -- First Gen. Vagrant

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