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    Abyssal Arsenal (Fang's Magic)


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    Completed Abyssal Arsenal (Fang's Magic)

    Post by FangXinglong on 17th July 2018, 8:04 am


    Magic Name: Abyssal Arsenal
    Magic Type: Caster ; Requip (Prevalent)
    There are those who seek power only to suffocate by their own lust, and then there are those who seek control of this power. The Abyssal Arsenal is a set of weapons and armor that is said to be locked away deep into the Cursed Lands. It is a bit unique for it combines the dark magic with requip to infuse their weapons and armor with said magic. Fang discovered that for some unknown reason he was tied to this magic since birth, and some would suggest that his lineage has some part in it as well. Outside of the requip Abyssal Arsenal can also wield forces of darkness to perform various tasks. The dark magic itself takes on mostly a black coloration with red streaks as it is often seen when it is used for either changing equipment or just using normal spells.

    The Abyssal Arsenal is strong against a singular target due to the fact that some spells drain the opponent’s magic upon contact. Additionally some spells are specifically designed to subdue the opponent by overwhelming them with intense fear. Causing the opponent to sometimes panic and not think rationally. However the equipment pieces also possess utility properties. The number one nemesis to this magic is the polar opposite such as the Heavenly Light for example since it has the elemental advantage.
    Lineage: Warrior's Heart

    Long ago there was an era of Kings and Warlords waging war against each other over kingdoms for many years. Warriors and sellswords were well paid and became idols. The way of the warrior was a common path youngsters attempted to walk, but in order to become a true warrior they had to travel through dangerous lands to find the Warrior Saint. An old entity that would look into a warrior's heart and deem it worthy of his blessing. It would grant the warrior more courage and willpower than the ordinary man in times of need. One day the Warrior Saint disappeared and the age of warriors was over. However, some believed that some heroes still possessed the Warrior Saint's blessing. They said that a true warrior worthy of the blessing is blessed by the Warrior Saint at birth.

    Ability: These descendants are known for courage and fighting prowess, along with making them immune to any fear or discouragement. Any weapon they wield adds 25% more overall damage to simulate their prowess on top of the increase the weapon already gives.
    Usage: Passive.

    • Burst Counters ~ Being close quarters with somebody can be quite deadly. Especially if there is a counter already planned.
    • MP Drain ~ A good chunk of this magic’s spells holds the Drain effect. Making drawn-out battles unwise aside from keeping a distance.
    • Cause Fear ~ This magic holds a unique effect where some spells implants magical fear that varies in terms of strength. A good crowd control tactic and for intimidation if need be.


    • Light Magic ~ Any attack spell that holds the Light property deals 2x the normal rank damage against defensive spells and armor from the Abyssal Arsenal.
    • Multiple Targets ~ Hope brings people even in desperate times to gather up arms. While this magic is geared more towards a 1v1 fight, against multiple people it becomes harder since spells generally target a single person.
    • Hope ~ The polar opposite of Fear and the strongest to resist this emotion.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Abyssal Warrior: Passive. Fang possess the influence of the Cursed Lands that seems to benefit him. Others argue that it is because of his Warrior’s Heart. This ability passively buffs both of Fang’s Physical and Magical Resistance by 20% as the influence along with his bloodline caused his body to become sturdy and resist foreign magic. It is usually invisible to the naked eye until Fang is struck. But whenever something damages Fang a pulse of black-red coloration briefly appears where he was hit. Signifying that it is there with the Abyssal’s influence.
    • Sleeping Lion: Passive. Due to his training and living off from the wilderness for a time. Sleeping Lion passively buffs Fang’s Strength and Speed by 20% as he became slightly stronger and faster in order to survive.
    • Devour: Active. This ability works solely with conjunction of Drain/Absorption effects. If the spell holds either Drain or Absorption effect, then this ability will add the other effect with that spell. This ability can only affect a single spell at a time, and only spells that already possess Drain or Absorption can be targeted from Fang. This can be applied to a requip weapon or armor if it possess any one of these effects for 1 post. Afterwards this ability goes into a 2-post cooldown.

    Name: Moonlit Warblade
    Rank: D
    Type: Burst (Requip)
    Damage: 40
    Requip/Summon HP: 50
    Range: 1 meter
    Speed: 15/MPS
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    The Moonlit Warblade is conjured within the caster’s grasp. If there happens to an object on the hand then the two items switch places until this spell ends. The weapon takes on the appearance of a khopesh as the hilt looks to be milky white like polished bone with a brass pommel. The curved blade is silver as the design is meant to move around shields as well as carrying extra weight behind each swing.

    • Effective in close-quarters.


    • Useless against ranged oriented opponents.


    • Heavy Slash: Active. An instant effect that temporarily doubles the weapon damage for 1 attack only. Double as in 7x2 not the total damage overall. So for 1 attack the weapon damage becomes 14hp before adding Strength and buffs. 2 post cooldown.
    • Dark Arc: Active. An instant single target ability where the user swings the Warblade to form the arc. By concentrating the dark magic inside of this sword, the Warblade unleashes an arc of dark energy traveling at 5 meters per second with a range of 5 meters that deals 40hp. 2 post cooldown.:

    Name: Basilisk’s Scale
    Rank: D
    Type: Burst (Requip)
    Requip/Summon HP: 60
    Range: Self
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    A set of scale mail that has dark scales conjured over the torso as it extends 2 inches past the waist. Black leather covers the joints to not hinder mobility around the arms and since the Basilisk’s Scale is fitted to the user’s form it is not loose. On the left shoulder is a hard boiled leather pauldron with dark scales around the edges. The pauldron forms the upper head of a diamond-head shape snake with fangs as grey as the storm exposed for the open eye to see. A pair of jet takes place in the snake’s eye sockets, and when it’s active ability Counter Drain is ready the jets give off a red glow. Requip spell damage reduction is 3.
    Strengths: (List all the positive aspects of the spell Like above, list all of the strengths of the spell. These strengths much represent your spell, and not the over-all strength of the magic.)

    • Resistant against magic. 10%
    • Counter against melee attackers.


    • Armor weakness against weapon/magic that pierces the user.
    • Counter doesn’t work against ranged attackers.


    • Moderate Magic Resistance: Passive. While Basilisk’s Scale is worn, the armor provides a +10% Magic Resistance to the user. This effect lasts until broken, dismissed, or expires the duration.
    • Counter Drain: Active Drain. A one-time use counter when the user is damaged by a melee attack. The snake from the pauldron briefly animates itself as it extends through magical darkness to a maximum of 2 meters while striking at 5 MPS towards the attacker. When the snake hits the target, the fangs will sink into the attacker’s body dealing 40hp and then Drains 5% of the attacker’s current MP. Once used, the snake dissipates into nothingness as the pauldron goes with it. Leaving only the scale mail that was underneath the pauldron. This ability can only be used once per casting.

    Name: Consuming Darkness
    Rank: D
    Type: Single Target DOT
    Damage: 10hp (Initial Blow) | 30hp (Per Post after Initial Blow) | 100hp (Maximum Damage)
    Range: 60 Meters
    Speed: 60 MPS
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    A magic circle that is as black as the night appears an inch above the user’s hand. Aimed at whatever direction his palm is facing. From the magic circle is a mass of black-red coloration in the vague shape of a bolt as it shoots outward until it hits a target. The impact does hurt, but compared to other spells the damage is mild at first. However the dark red mass lingers around the affected target which causes more damage over time as the darkness eats away the target like acid and flame. Additionally, the initial impact contains the MP Drain for 5%.

    • Heavy damage to a single target over time.
    • Drains small amount of magic power upon impact. 5%


    • Defensive spells of equivalent rank can block this spell.
    • Spells from the Light attribute can overpower this spell of equivalent rank.

    Name: Dark Barrier
    Rank: D
    Type: Burst
    Damage: N/A
    Range: 5 Meters
    Speed: 5 MPS
    Duration: Instant (1 post)
    Cooldown: 2 Posts
    Dark Barrier is a purely defensive spell as a 4 meter wall of darkness emerges from the caster. Despite this wall made out of darkness, the substance hardens to the point where it can hold off up to 3 D ranked spells. Or 2 D ranked spells that contains the Light attribute. However this wall has a short range so it can only protect the caster and maybe a couple of others that are near him. Still, it is a defensive spell to ward off up to a single D+ spell.

    • Wards against 3 D ranked spells or 1 D+ spell.


    • The wall is formed as a straight line. So the enemy(ies) can get an angle around the wall to hit the caster.
    • A single D+ spell from the Light type magic can pierce through this spell. Doing so halves the opposing spell damage as it pierces through and potentially damaging the caster as well.

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