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    Inherited chains of fate.

    Artemis Dagger
    Artemis Dagger

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    Inherited chains of fate. Empty Inherited chains of fate.

    Post by Artemis Dagger 5th January 2019, 6:20 am


    He lay back on his sofa, staring at his recently acquired iLac that he was holding over his face. His thumb was idly scrolling through the contents as he explored how to use the thing. So it turned out, he now owned one of these things. He had yet to transfer his contacts from his old Lacrima style phone to this one. Although, he wasn't sure who to put on there, so far, he had members of his family saved. So at the very least, he knew when they were ringing, Ren and Pandora was obviously.

    But regarding others, he wasn't sure. There was such a strange mixture;  women maybe, girls he knew wouldn't mind hearing his voice should he drop them a call. Friends, well there wasn't a great deal of options there. He'd recently made befriended an individual; it was strange having someone he could actually get along with that wasn't one of his siblings. He went on to transfer the man's contact details. Following which he would pause. The others were ... different — an assortment of ladies, drinking buddies, club owners, partiers. There was that one girl, what was her named, the pretty redhead. Ah yes, Masha, but then he didn't recall getting her number. The remainder of his contact list seemed so obsolete, generic folk he had met while spending time away from his family, none of whom truly mattered. He could always keep this old phone as a mean of ever getting in touch with people from his past if he needed to. But somehow, after the crap he went through, with Black Rose, the meeting at Dagger Corp, Ren's comments when they had dealt with all that Christmas crap. Artemis was feeling trapped again like he was being spun into a web of drama, a lot of which had substantial ties to his family.

    Maybe it was time for a fresh start...

    A sudden knocking at his apartment door startled him, this was strange. He rarely ever got visitors, so few people actually knew where he lived, less than he could count on one hand. He sat up, scowling, before pushing himself onto his feet. He walked over to the door, peeking through the glass peephole in the door. No one was there. Yet, he could sense it. Someone was near, so why couldn't he see them. His instincts were telling him not to open the door, to wait it out until whoever it was left. Then there was always the possibility they would never leave or even attempt to break it. Artemis didn't fancy being trapped in his own home by an invisible force. Fuck it. He thought, unlocking the door, he pulled it open. Stepping out in the hallway, as he glanced to his left, he spotted him. Leaning casually against the wall, out of view of the peephole.

    His father, Lucarius Dagger.

    "Artemis."  He said in greeting, pushing off the wall and turned to walk into his apartment. Artemis followed the man, shutting the door behind him. "Father...what are you doing here?" He asked, stunned by the man's appearance. His family had never once offered to visit him, he wasn't even sure he had given them his address, yet here was his Dad, strolling casually towards his living room.

    "I needed to see you; I have some important information I need to discuss." He said back, sitting down on Artemis's leather couch. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle. Artemis's eyes widened at the sight of it; he could not understand what was happening, Why his father would visit him, and why, for some reason, he had brought a bottle of whisky? "Fetch two glasses Artemis and ice." His father instructed, Artemis blinked a few times, before almost robotically making his way to his kitchen. Heading over the lavish island counter, he opened the cupboard, pulling out two whisky glasses shaped like upside-down-diamonds. Pulling going to his refrigerator and holding them under the ice-maker as he pressed the button down to release a few cubes into each. He returned to where his father was sat, placing the glasses on the table in front of his father. "Take a seat Artemis," Lucarius said, he frowned. Not understanding this situation, he never had, in his entire life, sat down and shared a drink with his father. This behaviour was entirely too suspicious.

    He sat down, watching as his father opened the bottle of whisky, filled up both glasses with a generous amount. "Father, I don't understand, has something happened? Are we celebrating?" He asked, His father put the bottle on the table, resting it on a slate coaster. He took both glasses and handed one to Artemis. "That's a matter of perspective." He replied, in his usually calm collected manner, so far, he was giving nothing away. He took a moment, bringing the whisky to his lips and taking a sip. Artemis didn't drink, not yet. He didn't intend to until he found out why his father was here. Lucarius lowered his glasses, licking his lips, he looked over at his son. Eyeing his over the square spectacles he wore.

    "You recall what we discussed at the meeting a few weeks back, about your grandfather stepping down and how I am to take his place?" He asked, Artemis would nod, yes, he hadn't forgotten. The entire ordeal had left him pretty shocked, a harsh scolding from the man sat on the very sofa, alongside the unexpected news that followed. "Well, as a part of the changes that are currently being made, my duties seem to be stacking up, beyond my capabilities. Duties I used to carry, I no longer have time for." He would pause, observing his son's expression, to make sure he was following what was being said. "Tell me Artemis, what do you know about the Hidden Blades?" There was a sharp intake of breath from Artemis, hearing his father say that name aloud was more shocking than him appearing on his doorsteps. He gulped, he couldn't believe they were even discussing this. "I know what they are, and what they do." He said, not sure how much to elaborate; he'd always been taught never to speak of them. Ever.

    "Do you know who created them?" He asked sternly, his cold eyes bored into his son. Artemis shifted uncomfortably in his seat; he had his suspicion. "I think so." He replied. Lucarius did not ease he faze, "Say it Artemis, I need to hear you say it." Artemis closed his eyes, taking a breath, what the hell was this inquisition? He couldn't wrap his head around it, why his father was bringing it up.


    Lucarius would bring his whisky to his lips, this time Artemis would follow suit, taking a hearty gulp of the amber liquid. Now he knew why his father had brought the alcohol, yet he didn't quite understand his point. "Yes, he did, and do you know who runs it now?" He asked Artemis frowned slightly; this was information he was not privy to. He shook his head in response; his father would clear his throat before continuing. "I do, for the time being." He gave Artemis a moment to process this, so his father was their leader.  He was only mildly surprised, his cold-natured father was a great warrior and had strong leadership qualities. He imagined his Grandfather had handed him leadership of them when Dagger Corp. had began to expand significantly, sharing some of the load with his son. But, why was he sharing this information with Artemis?

    "Why are you telling me this?" He asked quietly, there was a niggling in the back of his mind. For some reason he felt like running, like something bad was going to happen and he should run for cover.

    "Because Artemis, now that I am taking over Dagger Corp completely, I need to hand leadership of the Hidden Blades to someone else. The person for which I have chosen to do this is you." Artemis wasn't sure he'd heard it right, that couldn't be right. He couldn't become the leader of such a dark organisation. The thought of Hidden Blades had always terrified him, a group of cold-blooded killers that oversaw the illegal activities run by Dagger Corp. "Father... I can't..."

    "Artemis, you don't have a choice, Hidden Blades needs a leader." Lucarius said, his face solemn, as though he'd expected this resistance. "You're not oblivious to the way we Dagger's handle things, this has always been the plan for you. This is why you were exposed... to certain things at such a young age.  You have the stomach for it, seeing your handy work at Black Rose has shown me that you're ready to take my place." Artemis closed his eyes, he just knew. The consequences of his actions had felt too light, despite his berating, he still felt like he got off easy. This was the real consequence.

    "I only did that to survive Father, this is different." Artemis argued, "You can't possibly think I'm ready for this, I'm not... I'm not a like you...nor Grandfather..." He said quietly, looking down at his glass. "You are, Artemis, you are my son. But you also have your own mind. I've seen the way you think Artemis, you play the fool, but you're sharp, quick on your feet."  Artemis shook his head, "You may not be as absorbent of information as Apollo. But you're a survivor, and you know what you want. I know how much you abhor the families ways, but that is exactly what makes you the best candidate."  Artemis looked back up to his father. This was surreal on so many levels, for the first time in a long time. He felt like his father was speaking to him on equal terms. Acknowledging him at least a little. Was this a tactic? Or did he really believe Artemis was capable of leading them? The pause between them was drawn out, Artemis took a sip of his whisky. Nearly finishing the glass. The burning liquid was sending fire through his body, steadying him. Lucarius observed quietly,

    "There is one thing you need to know Artemis, the Hidden Blades... as far as the world knows, they do not exist. No one can know."  Artemis nodded, he knew that very well. Do not speak of the Hidden Blades. That was a rule he had learned very early on; he remembered the time he had learned of them. Only a young child, foolishly he had asked his mother about them. The punishment had been severe.

    "The decision has already been made for me" He said, not a question, but a statement. Because he knew the answer already. The fact his father had come all the way to Artemis's home to tell him. The fact he was speaking about it at all. Meant that Artemis could not worm his way out of these Family obligations. Nothing would help him escape his fate.

    "It has." His father drained the remainder of his drink, he snatched Artemis new iLac over the table and used it to dial a number. From his pocket, his father's phone would ring. He dropped the call. Returning the iLac to the table. He stood. "I will be in touch in a few days to start the transfer; you best notify your landlord that you'll be ending your tenancy." Artemis nodded, it was funny, that wasn't the first time he had been advised to move this month.  He father made his way to the door, purposely not collecting the whisky. He stopped as he reached them, he looked back.

    "This is your birthright son, the best thing you can do now is embrace it." He said finally before opening the door and stepping out. Shutting it behind him. Artemis let out a deep sigh, sitting forward, he grabbed the bottle pouring himself another glass. Following which he would bring it to his lips and knockback it's entire contents. Draining it once more. He slumped back in his chair, bringing a hand up to his face. He could hear a deep chuckle inside his mind, quiet but there. Of course, Morte was listening and most likely was very pleased by the thrilling news. Artemis stood up, walking around his sofa, he would begin to pace. Glass in hand, he felt his emotions rising with each passing moment. As his rage peaked, he would turn to launch his glass. It would smash against the wall, right next to the door through which his father had just left.

    So much for a fresh start...

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