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    [Job - Solo] A Squid posing as a Bunny


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    [Job - Solo] A Squid posing as a Bunny Empty [Job - Solo] A Squid posing as a Bunny

    Post by Aedion 28th December 2018, 3:32 pm

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    This was definitely one of the weirder job requests that Garnet had accepted. A short, part-time job at a cosplay café. They had something similar back home in Inkopolis, but it wasn't a particularly well received phenomenon. But there he was, gently pushing the front door open. It was still early in the day and the café didn't open until a bit later on. The Inkling stepped inside and he was instantly greeted by the proprietor. "Hellooo..." The woman that weaved in between the tables came to a slow stop as her sight landed on Garnet. "Well... Didn't expect a squid." She said as she came closer. Garnet would frown in response. He didn't come all the way to the capital to be told off like this. "Beggars can't be choosers, I guess." She would murmur to herself. Unfortunately for her, Garnet heard her loud and clear. He was about ready to leave the woman to her own devices as he turned around. The woman then realized that Garnet didn't appreciate the things she had said. "Oh, I'm sorry. I still need your help. Please." She pleaded and the Inkling turned around again with a strange, bubbly sigh. "Come on, I'll show you around."

    Shortly after the grand tour of the establishment and getting to know the environment, Garnet was in the back, looking over the plethora of costumes that he could wear. He realized that whatever he decided to wear would get one reaction or another from the customers. In the end, he decided to go for a bunny-styled outfit. Leggings with a cute long t-shirt and bunny ears perched on top of his head. It probably wasn't as provocative as one would've liked it to be, but it would have to do. Thankfully, the kitchen's employees had everything prepped already and were ready to take on an another day of work. That left Garnet with a little bit of time until the café officially opened for business. He decided to clean up some of the tables real quick and once it was time to open the café, he flipped the little sign on the front door from Closed to Open.

    At first, nobody came in. But as time went by, more patrons rolled in. It was tough, being essentially a single waiter. Especially when some of the patrons were not as understanding of that fact, when Garnet arrived with the order just moments too late for their liking. Though that was the least of his worries. He had no problem remembering the orders and then delivering them to the correct people and doing a little dance or something as he did that to keep to the theme. The problem was when the customers felt a bit too forward. Like that group of teens who were trying numerous pick up lines, such as Are you cake? Because I want a piece of that! and other less-than-appropriate call outs at Garnet's address. Sadly, he had to just pretend to giggle at them, to keep up the act. The true problem arose when one of the patrons brushed against him as they were going to the toilet and then subsequently winked at the Inkling. It made Garnet feel incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, but he tried to play it off to the best of his ability.

    The manager didn't help him one bit, saying that he should comply to the customer's wishes. As if. Among the customers he spotted a group of kids, that most likely shouldn't even be at a café such that one. Not to mention that Garnet didn't spy any parental figure looming over them. It was tough, trying to get them to order, especially combined with his inability to speak the language, but by pointing at pictures and rolling eyes he finally got a complete order together. After sorting that issue, the bold customer from before called Garnet over, something about the salt and pepper shakers, but the Inkling had an inkling that it really wasn't because of the damn shakers. Sadly, again, Garnet had to only keep up the act of cuteness, much to his dismay. However, once he sorted out the order for the kids, Garnet was approached by a pair of gals, who wanted to take pictures with him. Seeing as they were actually polite, Garnet saw no issue with doing so. "Thank you!" "Thank you!" They exclaimed at the same time as they walked back to their table.

    As soon as the girls disappeared, however, Garnet was approached by that customer. They asked for a photo aswell and as much as Garnet wanted to decline, the manager wouldn't let it slide too easily if a complaint reached her ears. The customer noticed the Inkling's hesitation and resorted to an order, like from a master to a servant. "You will take a picture with me." That left Garnet no space to back out, so he reluctantly did as he was commanded. They were awfully close for his comfort, making the Inkling want to splat himself, so that he could create a new body. Except that he would actually die if he tried to that as it were. Oh well. As soon as the sleazy hand was off of his body, Garnet returned to catering to other patrons of the café. The kids almost sneaked out without paying, but with a friendly reminder from the local friendly bunny, they paid the price they owed for the service and food.

    The day was winding down and even the rather touchy patron left, with a tiny tip, for the bunny waiter. A whole lot of 50 Jewels was the haul. It certainly could've been worse. The manager came out, just when the café was about to close. "Nice work today! I wish that all of my employees worked as hard as you!" She said with a laugh. Garnet would only yawn in response. He didn't realize just how tired and exhausted he suddenly felt. "You managed all that without saying a single word. Truly impressive!" She laughed again. Garnet was kind of impressed himself. But he was still waiting for his well earned reward. "Oooh right.. Here you go, your pay." The manager walked up to the temporary employee and handed him the Jewels reward. Finally, Garnet could lose those damn bunny ears.
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