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    Bunny and Honey


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    Bunny and Honey Empty Bunny and Honey

    Post by Altarias 16th March 2020, 8:20 am

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    To say that Illya was expecting one of her fellow guildmates to ask her for a day on the town would be a complete lie. She did not even know this guildmate all too well, really the only thing that she knew about her was the name, Benny Ceostra, and that she was a very attractive woman. Yemaya had advised that Illya get to learn more about Benny before this day on the town, but Illya thought it would be more fun to naturally get to learn about Benny throughout the course of the day. Benny had said that she had some work to get done and to meet up at a specific restaurant in Crocus, known as the "Bunny and Honey." Illya was there a half-hour before the appointed meetup time, but she thought that, much like her idol concerts, it was better to arrive early than to arrive late. Taking a seat at a small table on the outside of the restaurant, Illya sipped on her second cup of chrysanthemum tea, singing to herself quietly as she waited.

    It was not as if the wait was any sort of problem for Illya, either. It was a beautiful day. The sun shone high in the sky, a light sprinkling of clouds dotting the blue sky as a cool breeze blew cherry blossom petals past the Bunny and Honey. Illya had always wanted to perform in Crocus, but she had not quite gotten popular enough to warrant being brought to Crocus by the time she had joined Fairy Tail, let alone when she moved to Dies Irae following hearing of her current guild's mission on destroying evil. At times, she wondered how her life would have been had she not been told that she was a God Slayer, or if she simply never was one. Perhaps she would not have been as good at music as she was, but there was an air of confidence that she was still at least talented enough to make a career of music. It would have taken longer, sure, but the fame and fortune would have been pleasant for Illya.

    Nonetheless, she sat and sung quietly, letting her voice carry along with the gentle breeze, each note laying themselves on each individual petal as it floated in the sky, tumbling and weaving without a care in the world. Dies Irae had put a lot of stress on her shoulders, for sure.  The discipline of military was far removed from her carefree lifestyle of before. The meant-for-action uniforms were foreign to the girl who's life before had been covered in either the frills of the stage of the simplicity of a commoner's work. Now, Illya could finally take a rest. As she had no task at hand for the present, still mainly working on honing her skills in combat, which were still foreign to her, she could sit and relax in Crocus. Commander West had advised her to keep an eye out for suspicious things, so as to not fully take a rest, but Illya still spent the time in relaxation first and foremost. Rather than bear the uniform of Dies Irae, which still was uncomfortable and strange for her, she had donned one of her favorite outfits for her idol work. Letting her hair flow to match truly put her at ease, as while she preferred the feel of her ponytail, today was a day to relax and wait for a day with one of her comrades.  

    Taking another sip of her tea, she continued to sing. "Reach for my hand, I'll soar away, intto the dawn, oh, I wish I could stay..." Her mind had completely wandered from the world around her, simply being immersed in a world of her own music as she waited for someone who she had hoped would finally bring ease to Illya's troubled heart.

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