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    Celestial Beast Spirit Magic


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    Celestial Beast Spirit Magic

    Post by ★CelesteSway★ on 18th December 2018, 9:27 pm


    Magic Name: Celestial Beast Spirit Magic

    Magic Type: Caster/Summoning(Auxiliary Benefit)

    Description: Many are aware of the rarity of a celestial spirits, along the outskirts of the universe is  where the celestial beasts resides, emerging myriads of years ago  the spirit animals noticed how much earth’s world begun to become apparent, the celestial beasts decided to bestow their power onto the realm of earth in order to test how it’s capabilities could be tested in times of distress. This magic is rumored to have it’s own curse in which upon the user’s death the power shall be transferred over to another vessel that the user deeply cares about before dying, in order to continue the everlasting experiment. This caster/summoning magic allows the user to embody their own true celestial beast form as well if one is of the celestial spirit bloodline however if not then they remain as there original identity conducting manipulative portals to summon forth celestial beasts.

    The user is able to summon forth two mystical creature at a time from the unknown celestial void that activates upon the portals function to aid them in battle, some creatures are even able to bond with the user in order to share there power together through a seal that remains on the user’s selective body part until the summon has vanished. Even people can enter through these portals and exit upon the caster’s own choosing of close proximity. The user however isn’t able to fully enter their own portals however they can manage to fit there limbs through the magical gateway. The user of this magic doesn’t need to consult with any sort of contract, as the magic is already transferred to a host which makes each celestial beast dormant until the user decides to release them from the void that the portals create upon activation.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Celestial Beast Form: The user is able to transform into her celestial beast form by concentrating her cosmic energy within herself, illuminating a bright glow that alters her form entirely into a small creature that is capable of flight and summoning. At day the user appears as such however at night the transformation differs greatly into this, during the day and night this form gives 25% speed and 25% magical damage.

    • Celestial Beast Seal: Depending on the celestial beast, a black seal will emerge upon the user in a certain location on the body, this seal allows the user to share abilities of the celestial beast, the user is able to replicate the ancient creature’s arsenal with ease, each sharing the duration and cooldown of the ability which lasts until the summon vanishes back to the Jungle spirit world., it also gives a 40 % magic damage buff.

    • Golden Rings: There are a total of six golden rings at the user’s disposal, these special rings can be manipulated in size to fit any sort of creature that needs to come out of the portal. At day the user can only use three rings but at night the user can use all six rings and control their movement as well daily. The user at this level can only summon one celestial creature however the user can still use the other rings as a means for transportation for others and slightly themselves. Defensively the user can absorb projectile attacks into the portal and summon an exit portal  with another golden ring to counter by releasing the projectile.

      Name: Gate Of Holy Protection: Luna
      Rank: D
      Type: Normal Summon/Holy Beast Spirit/Supportive Type/Burst
      Damage: 5HP
      Requip/Summon HP: 50HP
      Range: 60 Meters
      Speed: 60 meters per second
      Duration: 4 posts, 5 post cooldown
      Downside: N/A
      Description: Upon the user holding out there arm the golden ring will expand into a more averaged size ring, a glistening white yet yellow intertwined aura would form inside the golden ring and release a timid young celestial beast who admires Celeste as a loyal companion however she isn't the type it be willing to meet anyone else personally.


      Strengths: It’s specialties only are supportive based skills.
      Weaknesses: It’s not a combative summon at all which leaves her vulnerable to attacks.

    • Flight: By using her long white ears she is able to fly great distances soaring throughout the atmosphere, it gives additional 25% boost in speed movement.

    • Grand Sunshine: By absorbing the energy around living things such as plant’s, terrains,  and also magical energy itself through contact, the user can release a bright sphere of light constructs that surrounds them to defend against x3D-rank skills or 1.5C-rank techniques. Even so this barrier also heals an individual +30HP with it’s sparkling aura for whoever is inside the barrier.



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