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    Celestial Spirit Magic

    Elvira Arcade

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    Celestial Spirit Magic

    Post by Elvira Arcade on 11th July 2018, 6:28 pm


    Magic Name: Celestial Spirit Magic

    Magic Type: Summoner (Solitary)


    Celestial Spirit Magic is a type of Magic in which the user summons Celestial Spirits by opening their gates through the use of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys.


    • Celestial Contract:
      Celestial Spirits form long-lasting contracts with their wielder, making them extremely reliable and dependable when treated with respect.

    • Celestial Rules:
      Celestial Spirits are governed by laws enforced by the Celestial Spirit King making it extremely unlikely that they will attempt to betray their wielder.


    • Eccentric Behavior:
      Celestial Spirits are widely known for their quirky demeanor; keeping them happy often involves dealing with their odd mannerisms.

    • Keys to the Kingdom:
      Celestial Spirits are summoned with Celestial Keys which can be stolen from, or lost by, the wielder.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Master Strategist:
      Elvira's tactical genius allows her to give her spirits detailed commands for maximum effect.
      (+50% Summon Strength)

    • Intimate Relations:
      Elvira forms very close bonds with her spirits, prompting them to take greater risks to come to her aid.
      (+50% Summon HP)


    Signature Spells:
    Name: Gate Key of the Peacock
    Rank: User Rank
    Type: Summon

    Damage: User Rank+50% (B: 28.5)

    Summon HP: User Rank+50% (B: 225)

    Range: User Rank (B: 200)

    Speed: User Rank (B: 200)

    Duration: User Rank (B: 6)

    Cooldown: User Rank+1 (B: 7)


    The user activates the Stellar Key of the Peacock in order to open a gateway to the Celestial Spirit World and summon the Celestial Spirit Pavo.


    • Dramatic:
      Pavo is a consummate showman, it will work twice as hard if it considers its task a performance.


    • Easily Offended:
      Pavo is fickle. If it is not approached in the proper, theatrical, manner it will tend to disregard the person it is dealing with.


    • Masquerade:
      Pavo is a shape changing entity that appears primarily as a flamboyant peacock or mask. As a mask Pavo may be worn, granting the wearer the ability to alter their appearance.
      (The user may change forms to disguise themselves as any creature of equal or smaller size to themselves)
      (This does not confer a creature's attacks)

    D Rank Spells:
    Name: Gate Key of the Canis Minor
    Rank: D
    Type: Summon

    Damage: 7.5

    Summon HP: 75

    Range: 60

    Speed: 60

    Duration: 3

    Cooldown: 4


    The user activates the Stellar Key of the Canis Minor in order to open a gateway to the Celestial Spirit World and summon a Nikora Celestial Spirit.


    • Friendly:
      Nikora are fun-loving and carefree creatures. They often act as a comforting and cheerful presence for their user.


    • Cowardly:
      Nikora are non combative by nature and prone to flee or hide during intense combat, making them unsuitable for fighting.


    • Low Cost:
      Because of their small, frail, bodies Nikora require a very low magical investment to summon and maintain.
      (-40% MP Cost)

    • Diminuitve:
      Nikora are friendly but unassuming creatures. Their non-threatening nature and quirky demeanor allows them to make friends with nearly anything.
      (Most creatures will not harm a Nikora unless it poses an obvious threat)

    C Rank Spells:
    Name: Gate Key of the Easel
    Rank: C
    Type: Summon

    Damage: 18

    Summon HP: 150

    Range: 120

    Speed: 120

    Duration: 5

    Cooldown: 6


    The user activates the Stellar Key of the Easel in order to open a gateway to the Celestial Spirit World and summon the Celestial Spirit Pictor.


    • Artisan:
      Pictor is an expert at all forms of art with a visual component and is able to teach and critique these skills.


    • Focused:
      Pictor is often so intent on taking in the details of the world around him that he will not pay attention to normal conversation.


    • Photographic Memory:
      Pictor is known as the greatest painter in the Celestial Spirit World. He is able to create incredibly lifelike pictures with his magical brush.
      (Pictor is able to perfectly recall and paint any scene he has ever witnessed)

    • Realism:
      Pictor may use his brush to paint realistic imagery on any surface, effectively camouflaging or transforming it when it is viewed from one perspective.
      (Pictor may disguise objects to appear as something else from one angle)

    B Rank Spells:
    Name: Gate Key of the Clock
    Rank: B
    Type: Summon

    Damage: 28.5

    Summon HP: 300

    Range: 200

    Speed: 200

    Duration: 6

    Cooldown: 7


    The user activates the Stellar Key of the Clock in order to open a gateway to the Celestial Spirit World and summon the Celestial Spirit Horologium.


    • Automatic Danger Response Mode:
      Horologium, due to his defensive nature, is particularly prone to summoning himself when his user is in peril.


    • Inoffensive:
      Horologium excels in defense but has almost no offensive capabilities to speak of, rendering him almost incapable of being used for attack.


    • Immense Durability:
      Horologium's outer body is extremely tough and can absorb an immense out of punishment.
      (+50% Summon HP)

    • Sheltering Body:
      Horologium may contain a small number of creatures inside his body, effectively sheltering them from damage or environmental hazards.
      (Horologium's body protects from environmental hazards and shields passengers from harm)
      (Passengers may not interact with the outside world while riding in Horologium)

    Advanced Spells:
    Name: Gate Key of the Maiden
    Rank: Advanced User Rank
    Type: Summon

    Damage: Advanced User Rank+100% (B: 105)

    Summon HP: Advanced User Rank+50% (B: 506.25)

    Range: Advanced User Rank (B: 300)

    Speed: Advanced User Rank (B: 300)

    Duration: Advanced User Rank (B: 08)

    Cooldown: Advanced User Rank+1 (B: 09)


    The user activates the Golden Zodiac Key of the Maiden in order to open a gateway to the Celestial Spirit World and summon the Celestial Spirit Virgo.


    • Loyal:
      Virgo is extremely loyal and obedient. She will often act on her own volition to protect her is she has been treated well.


    • Masochist:
      Virgo enjoys being punished which will result in awkward situations and occasionally affect her performance.


    • Earth Magic:
      Virgo's unique earth magic, diver, allows her to create and control tunnels through naturally occurring elements with ease.
      (Virgo may through solid terrain normally and create tunnels up to her spell range)

    • Chain Magic:
      Virgo wears shackles on her wrists. She may use magic to control the chains to extend her attack range or grapple opponents.
      (Virgo may grapple opponents of her rank or lower, immobilizing them)
      (Player opponents may only be grappled with permission)
      (Duration: 1 Cooldown: 2)

    • Combat Expertise:
      Virgo is an extremely skilled combatant who has enormous power for her size.
      (+50% Strength)


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