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    Paper Airplanes Are Gliders ❈ Solo Empty Paper Airplanes Are Gliders ❈ Solo

    Post by Eireen 3rd November 2018, 1:46 am

    Eireen strode down the streets of Fiore’s capital, leaving the post office behind her.  She had left just as she had entered clad in her jacket, t-shirt, and jeans, minus of course the envelope tucked into said jacket’s pocket.  It was a wonder how little these people really pay any attention to much of anything, didn’t they even attempt a background check?  Her name wouldn’t be found anywhere at all.  “That’s only because you made sure to erase your existence from the world, although you didn’t nearly do as good of a job you could’ve…” “Oh my dearest Chance!  You are the only thing to keep me sane in this ever changing world in which I do nothing but kill!”  Eireen said internally with an over dramatic tone.  But then again, plenty of other people would’ve probably meant what the pink haired woman had said, but Eireen wasn’t the type to be bothered by her lack of remembrance in the world.  It wasn’t like she could really die, and she wasn’t entirely alive in the first place.  She was simply a force to enact the world’s will, not an actual person.

    “Anyways, why did you go through the trouble of stealing an invitation to our target’s housewarming party if you could’ve just snuck in?” “It’s way more fun this way,” Eireen replied, “But now let’s take a look at this guy’s new house.  I have to memorize it for my task.” And with that the reaper made her way to the address printed on the back into one of the posh neighborhoods of Fiore’s capital to her target, Mr. Silverspoon’s, house.  Well, it was more of a manor than anything, but who cared?  Eireen requiped on Ivory Python several blocks away before moving in, entering the house through a open window on the second floor.  Of course, she noted that three guard dogs were laying in the expansive lawn in front of the house.  But, she would avoid them altogether under the guise of a guest so it was no problem.  Sneaking around Silverspoon’s house a bit more, she needed to be aware of any threats before that night after all.  It would be silly to just go in there blind with no idea what was waiting for her!  “But now you’re basically proving you can get in here at anytime, why did we need to get an invitation?  Do they even check if you have one before letting you in?  I’m sure if you just shifted into something fancy…”  “Chance  What did I say about interrupting me?” The ethereal presence sighed, “Whatever, just make sure you do your job, okay?”

    And eventually, Eireen had explored every inch of Silverspoon’s new house.  Luckily, no one had been home at the time so her exploring had been unhindered.  However, she felt as though something was missing.  But she soon found it in a display case: a pristine silver spoon with intricate markings.  And right below it was a box, full of equally yet each uniquely intricate spoons.  “Ah, this is the Silverspoon’s family’s prized heirlooms.  It’s been around for years and-”  “...I need it.”  Eireen said aloud, pressing her hands against the glass. “You don’t need it, you want it.  Now, wait until tonight after the chaos of people finding the blonde idiot dead, okay?  People will be too panicked to stop you." The pink haired woman let out a sigh of disappointment before turning away towards the manor’s exit.  “How much do you think it’ll sell for though?”


    Eireen gazed up at the sky, and unlike the night before several stars dotted the dark blanket of the sky.  And also unlike the previous night, the reaper was adorned not in casual clothing to help her blend in, but a tight fitting red dress with a suggestive slit meant to draw attention to herself.  And it seemed to work because right when she approached Silverspoon’s door, the security guard standing there didn’t even wait before checking her invitation and just let her right in.  “I told you, Eireen.” Chance chided over and over again, and they though the reaper was annoying when she was right.  The ethereal got all naggy and complained whenever such instances occurred, but that's why they were paired up.  They provided Eireen with information and made sure she did things efficiently.  But soon, the reaper found herself right where she wanted.

    “Mr. Silverspoon?” “Please, call me Laurence.” The man said in the usual silky tone he used with Eireen, although the effort he put into it made her want to laugh out loud.  They were sitting side by side in a private room, Silverspoon with his arm wrapped around Eireen’s shoulder.  “Alright then, Laurence, do you remember your little stair accident two days ago?”  Silverspoon’s previously cool eyes now only expressed confusion, it was clear he in fact did not recall the experience.  “Oh c’mon, let me jog your memory: you nearly forgot to tie your shoes before going down the stairs.  Fate meant for you to forget, walk down until the 4th step, trip, and fall head first into your family heirloom’s display case.  You would die from the shock of the impact, and by the time the guard found your corpse it would be far too late.”  As Eireen spun the recollection, Silverspoon’s eyes widened, retracting his arm away from the woman.  “Now, do you know what that means?  You evaded fate, but you won’t be avoiding me~!”  She cooed sweetly.  “SOMEONE H-”  A unshot rang through the entire residence, the wealthy man having a hole right through his abdomen.  “Don’t tie your shoes.”  The reaper said flatly, the Twin Blossoms in her grasp. “Well, I guess that’s that, huh?”  “I’m taking the spoons, remember?”  “Oh right, you’re actually following through with that?” But Eireen didn’t respond, she just moved right out of the room, and halfway down the hallway the manor’s guard rushed pass her and into the room, most likely prompted by the gunshot.  And as the woman joined the rest of the guests, she found that the posh gathering had devolved into madness.  People were running everywhere, people were breaking everything, and general mayhem ensued.  So, it was simple for Eireen to collect her prize and leave that cursed party.

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