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    Switching Paper

    Lexa Grimoire
    Lexa Grimoire

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    Switching Paper Empty Switching Paper

    Post by Lexa Grimoire on 3rd December 2015, 9:01 pm

    Steal the famous fudge recipe:
    Job:Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe!
    Player Requirements:D or C rank wizards, 1-4 team members, 150 word min per post, 5 post minimum (Dark Mages/Guildless Only)
    Job Requirements:D or C ranked wizard, Dark mage, no moral objection to thieving, recipe card must be intact and the employee must never speak of the job again if either of these terms are breached the contract is null and void, payment cancelled.
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description:Chef William Dorvald would like a wizard to steal his rival's secret fudge recipe while he is away for the week and is willing to pay top dollar for silence on the subject and a speedy delivery.
    Reward: 1,000 jewels on delivery, 1,500 if presented in 5 posts (before the rival gets back).

    "Ummm... M-miss, I- I- I mean L-Lexa..." a shy, somewhat scared voice softly called from across the room as Lexa Grimoire was at her desk finishing her reports from her last job. "Yes Lil?" she responded, sounding as chipper as ever. Lillian, the small girl with pure white hair and crimson eyes approached Lexa hesitantly, still not too trusting of her older step-sister. She handed Lexa a letter from Chef Dorvald in peace village, describing that the recipe he had her steal before was stolen back by one of his opposing chef's lackeys and he needed her to get it back. Lexa got up from her seat and grabbed Lillian by the shoulders, causing her to cringe for fear she was about to be reprimanded. Lillian squeaked out "I'm sor-" but the rest was muffled as her face was pulled into Lexa's chest with her arms placed against her. She wanted to push Lexa away, thinking it was some strange attack but then relaxed as Lexa's warmth soothed away the thought. Eventually, Lillian slid her arms around Lexa and returned the hug, albeit she was still shaking from unwarranted fear for her life. Lexa shifted her hand to Lillian's white silky hair and began gently rubbing her head, saying "Great work" with a loving, motivational tone. The small, shaky child was released from the hug and Lexa walked to her closet to pull a pair of fresh socks, as well as the holster for her weapons. Lillian stood clasping her hands nervously at her skirt trying to muster the strength to speak, but couldn't find it in her to do so. Meanwhile Lexa pulled the pair of black swords with violet markings from the closet, sensing their master's power the blades began to glow a very distinct purple in her hands. She took a few steps back, spinning the blades and giving them a quick flick to throw off any stray dust that may have collected on them over night, and then spun them while moving the two blades to her back and gingerly sliding them into their respective sheathes. Lexa turned to leave, saying "I'll leave the room to y-" her caring voice sounded through the room, cutting off at the sensation of a gently hold at the base of her shirt. "I- I'm so sorry!" the small child said nervously, having just realized she touched Lexa without permission. Lexa turned around and gently placed her hand at the side of Lillian's face, feeling the smooth, soft skin while smiling. Lillian winced, confusing the motion for an attempt to slap her. "If you get dressed quickly, you can come with me. It'l be a quick job, but you need some sunlight." Lexa said with a generous, warm smile on her face causing Lillian to light up like Crocus during the grand magic tournament. The girl quickly walked over to her wardrobe, located next to Lexa's and grabbed her outfit; changing in front Lexa with haste. Once she had her clothes on, Lexa tossed her a pair of wooden wakazashi. It startled her, causing Lillian to fumble them slightly and accidentally let one hit the floor with the other barely being held on at the edge of her tightly gripped hand. "We'll be training on the ride over naturally." Lexa said with a devious grin that also felt warm and inviting on top of menacing.

    During the trip, Lexa showed Lillian basic fighting stances and went over the simplest of ways to use the wakazashi. They didn't do any actual fighting, Lexa knew her young study would never stand a chance against her at the child's current level. The ferry ride ended the two at Hargeon port, from there they caught a ride to peace village. During the ride, Lexa pulled out a small card she'd ordered custom made to look exactly like the one she was stealing. The difference is a single ingredient was missing from this list. Upon arriving at Peace Village, Lexa walked with Lillian to the restaurant her contractor was running and burst into a cloud of light. She reappeared almost immediately, sitting across the table from Lillian when Chef Dorvald walked over with a suggestive look on his face. Lexa said "S'cuse me, but would you mind bringing me a new napkin please?" with an innocent voice, hiding the freshly stolen recipe in the one she gave the chef. "Absolutely young lady, I'll be right back. Before I go, would you be having the same meal you had on your previous visit?" he replied courteously. Lexa nodded with a smile, gesturing to Lillian to give her order. The chef walked away, coming back after twenty or thirty minutes with a large platter that had two plates and a set of beverages. As he placed them on the table, a small paper envelope fell from his sleeve containing Lexa's payment. Just like last time, there was no charge for the meal and Lexa was paid in full; with that, the two girls returned to Black Rose Guild Hall.

    150 words x 5 posts = 750 words.
    Word Count: 842/750


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