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    You Call This Wine? (Job)

    Nimue Blackwood
    Nimue Blackwood

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    You Call This Wine? (Job) Empty You Call This Wine? (Job)

    Post by Nimue Blackwood 19th October 2018, 11:03 am

    When she had heard there was a wine testing job in Rose Garden, Nimue had jumped at the opportunity. She didn't have to get her hands dirty, and instead could relax and drink some hopefully fine wine. She had forgone her usual combat or everyday outfits in favor of a more expensive dress, seeing as this was a nicer restaurant. Even if it turned out the wine was shit, surely she could find a place with refined tastes somewhere in this city, right? Rose Garden was rather well known as a shopping city, and surely she could spend some time here as she wanted.

    Her approach to the restaurant in question was quick, with light footsteps and a rather cold demeanor. She remained professional even when she showed her ID and was escorted to the place where she would be testing the wine. A single glance at the owner of the place conformed her suspicions: the wine was unlikely to be as good as she had hoped from his tense expression. Somebody who truly believed they had created a wonderful wine would not be wringing his hands nor biting his lip in such a manner. No, this wine wouldn't be good at all. But she still had to test it if she wanted to complete this job. The wine in question looked good enough, but the aroma was less appealing. Still, she put the glass to her lips and grimaced as the taste hit her. No, this had been poorly brewed and aged incorrectly. It wasn't even red wine, but white instead. White wasn't her favorite, even less so when it tasted so poorly. In her mind, Nimue lamented that she had travelled here to taste subpar wine. Who knew if the free meal here would even be worth it? If the food was anything like the Wine, this place was far more expensive than it deserved to be.

    Meanwhile, the owner had seen her expression and already knew what she would say. But still, Nimue's words were cutting and cruel, as she spoke the brutally honest truth. "Do you really call this wine? This is the kind of swill I would expect to see in a dirty bar, not a high class restaurant." She remarked, a delicate eyebrow raised as she awaited a response. And a response she would get, though it would take a minute of surprised staring before the man collected his thoughts enough to speak.

    "This wine was a prototype, mademoiselle. This job was a test to determine if i needed to refine my brewing methods at all, or if it was good enough to serve as is. I am relieved to hear your thoughts on the matter, as it tells me that I still need work. I take it my reputation would suffer, if I served this wine here?" He asked, looking up at the blue haired woman. She only nodded, her expression completely devoid of emotion besides her obvious distaste for the wine. "I see. Well, I thank you for your services, Madam Blackwood."

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