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    Spider Scuttle


    Spider Scuttle Empty Spider Scuttle

    Post by Guest 15th September 2018, 7:50 pm

    The young spider girl had heard that this was a place to go to in order to get your passport. She hadn't known what sort of item that was until someone told her. Now that she knew? It felt important to get it. The line to get the item was long, a lot of people were noisy. The noise actually helped her get a good idea of what everything around her looked like, shape wise. It also helped her see when a lady behind her was going to try to push at the child. Did the woman think she was a pushover just because she was young? The spider didn't hit the lady, but ashe did move a bit and position some of her legs so the woman would fall over instead of push. "Wait your turn like everyone else." The blond spoke, pouting a bit with the words. Yes, everything was noisy, it was crowded, but everyone wanted to get there and everyone had stuff to do! Some random lady wasn't all that more special than everyone else. She heard the woman yell a bit to try to scold Song, but the young girls response was to simply turn and stick her tongue out for a moment. It wasn't the most mature thing to do, but it wasn't like that woman was acting adult either! "You're acting my age but you look twice it." The child grumbled. Of course nobody likes a child being right, but not having any good reasons to stop didn't mean she would either. What got that woman to stop?

    Something the desert spider couldn't see, strongly disapproving expressions aimed at the woman in the line that was trying to pick a fight with a blind child just to get ahead in line. After that she ran into no more issues from anyone in the line. This gave the youth to look around the nearby scenery wide eyed. Everything looked so interesting here. The world was so amazing, she wanted to discover everything that she could. The lines wait wore a lot of people out with boredom and frustration. She had waited longer to wait her turn for other things, so she had no idea why everyone was in such an exasperated rush. When it was her turn, they asked if she needed help filling the paperwork out. "Thank you, but I can do it." She was given a sceptical look, not like there was any point of giving a blind girl looks that she couldn't see. She felt over the paper she was handed before taking the pen she was handed and starting to fill it out. It was easy to fill it out after she knew where all the ink was and what it all said. It probably took her a little extra long, but never the less the little lass accomplished filling the form. After she handed the paper over, she was approved for a passport before being handed one. She held it up, feeling slight glee in it all before finally leaving the line. With that accomplished, she tucked the item away before walking off to do something else.

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