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    Bull Riding of the Roses

    Inkormine Talea
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    Bull Riding of the Roses Empty Bull Riding of the Roses

    Post by Inkormine Talea 15th September 2018, 6:50 pm

    It was late, Inky had been meaning to leave town today but he got so distracted by that nice old lady that ran the potion shop that it had gotten late and he wouldn't get back to the guild hall before sundown anyway. So he went looking for a place he could rest for a few hours until the moon came out and he left, but there werent many places for that. Inns catered for all night and most other places didn't like loiterers. So it was that he ended up in the Brass Barracuda, one of the bars that had just opened up for the night. There was a little misunderstanding with the bouncer and the barkeep, but the bouncer backed off with a warning about causing trouble after seeing the guild mark and that Inkormine had jewels, and the barkeep just shrugged at the spider legs and said new customers paid for the first drink up front. "Would it be okay if I stayed for a few hours?" Inky asked the man, leading to a raised eyebrow. "If your intending to just sit... er, stand, there, just taking up space, then no way." Inky sighed, starting to turn before there was a 'Thunk!' of mug on bar. "I didnt say no, you hear? Long as you buy a couple drinks, I dont care what kind, you can stay all night if you want. As long as you dont pass out." Inky smiled a bit, turning back to the man and nodding. "Thank you. I definitely will." The barkeep nodded and moved away down the dar to where another man, giving Inky a side-eye, had just sat down. "What are you having?" "Hey man, is the, uh" The guy gestured at Inkormine, "it's not gonna like, eat anyone, right?"

    Inkormine sighed again and turned as the barkeep said, rather sharply, "Why not ask him yourself John? He's been a better customer then half the folk that come through here already." He paused at that, the man had stood up for him? That was unexpected, and the other man, John, seemed to think so too. "Hey hey, alright man, my bad." John stood up hastily, setting down a handful of jewel. "Whiskey shots until that runs out, okay man?" He asked, then hastened away from Inkormine ads the bartender scooped up the jewel and turned to Inky. "Sorry about that, John can be a handful. Don't take him too personally, he's sharp with anyone knew he meets." Inky nodded, brooding a little as people started coming in and actively avoiding him immediately, and the bar started getting rowdy.

    The barkeep eventually swept by with several mugs in hand and paused at Inkormines corner to drop them in a sink. "Hey man, dont just brood all night, it's not good for you. I guarantee someone in this crowd would be willing to at least talk to you. Get a drink, mingle, find someone who isnt too drunk to talk with while your here." The man said, reminding Inky of his promise, as was likely part of the intention. "Well, lets start small, can you get me a pumpkin juice?" Inkormine asked, leading to a laugh from the barkeep. "Pumpkin juice is an odd one, you from down south in the desert? I actually have some, let me get it." Imky paid and got himself a glass of pumpkin juice. It wasn't the best he'd had, but a little taste of home's pumpkin patches from the drink stand tucked away near the sunstone pit helped with the subpar drink. He was only a few sips in when there was some kinda uproar about a mechanical bull, and a few sips later when a familiar, and unpleasently drunk sounding, voice sounded off. "How about you, spider boy?! Think you can outlast John 'the Rider' Bronston on this mechanical bull?" This sounded dumb, and he just ignored it and took another sip of juice.

    "Oh what, is the big spider a big CHICKEN?! Yeah fine, just sit there and drink your stupid juice." The man turned to start exhorting the latest person to have fallen off when everyone stared behind him at Ink standing. He didnt like this guy, didnt like his comments, and didnt like him insulting his drink choice. Maybe pumpkin juice is a little odd but lots of people in this town were so insufferably RUDE! "Tell you what, I beat your stupid challenge, and you stop hassling me." The drunk man turned on the irritated spider and seemed remarkably pleased with himself. "Yeah sure, like you even can beat me!" "Whats your challenge?" John pointed to the brass mechanical bull in the center of the open space on the floor. "Stay on that for at least three minutes and you'll beat everyone here." Inkormine stared at it for a moment. What, seriously? "Right." Inky said, skittering over there and climbing onto the bull. The thing quickly picked up speed but failed to dislodge Inkormine for the full three minutes, and then he climbed down to the mostly silent bar and the confused man. "But, how did you-?" Inkormine put a finger on the mans lips and walked past. "Think about it John." He said, grabbing his juice and just... walking up the wall like it was nothing, settling on a rafter where he could drink in peace.

    Job Complete!

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